We’re on course to lose this country

In the 38th and 19th legislative districts where I pay property taxes and have 12 grandchildren who live in Snohomish County, our state senator and representatives voted yes to gay marriage, so freedom is not denied they stated! It is my belief that all of our representatives’ talk about freedom is hollow. This vote will change the curriculum in our schools, it will force the government to coerce others to accept what runs counter to their religious beliefs and what is not natural to them. It will get between a parent and a child.

Interracial marriage was a civil rights issue and was made legal in all states 40-plus years ago. Gay marriage is not a civil rights issue.

It has been 40-plus years into “Roe v Wade” and no solution and now our leaders by their vote for gay marriage want to change the norms of 2,000 years!

We will lose this country if we do not get our families back together, and that will surly happen if those we elected don’t care about how they weaken families by what they do or fail to do.

By what standard do they clam to be a State Senator or Representatives?

Hugh Fleet

South Bend