We’re still not done with Harry Potter

What’s French for “You’re grounded, buster”? A French teen is in trouble for his unauthorized translation of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” The official French translation won’t be out until Oct. 26, so his illegal transmutation appears to be an innocent attempt to meet demand of French Potter fans for the book.

You have to give the kid some credit; imagine having to figure out whether Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans get the masculine “le” or the feminine “la” article.

Toy workshop for sale. Cheap. Canada now is making a claim for the North Pole, following Russia’s recent planting of an underwater flag.

Poor Santa. Global warming’s not enough of a threat to his livelihood. Now he has to contend with bickering neighbors.

Always room for Jell-O. A new study suggests that kids who eat diet foods may actually be conditioned to eat more at meals.

As usual, the theory was tested on rats, who got before-meal Jell-O snacks that were either artificially sweetened or high in sugar.

The study’s fatal flaw, of course, is that Jell-O should either be served as a salad or a dessert.

— Jon Bauer, Herald staff

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