What happened to my logical party?

How did the Republican Party self-destruct? From its humble beginnings to 1980 it was a party that drew moderate conservatives like me. It was reasonable, logical, and was always able to modify its beliefs, as the Democrats did, also, by the skillful art of compromise, to the benefit of the majority of the people.

Reagan, as governor of California, lowered the taxes on the wealthy, to the detriment of the middle class.

When Reagan became president of the U.S. he lowered the top marginal tax rate on the wealthy from 70 percent to as low as 28 percent. The attack on the middle class was staggering. From this, the gap between the wealthy and the middle class became wider. Reagan inherited a national debt of less than $1 trillion and, after promising to cut this “monstrous” debt, raised it to $2.7 trillion. The Democrats cut his budgets each year, while he fought wars and enabled the Iran-Contra mess. Look it up. He should have been impeached.

Fast-forward to today and you can easily see why California has been in hock up to its neck, just like the rest of the U.S. Deregulation and low taxes for the rich, over 30 years, have accumulated a national debt that has soared beyond our reach to pay it off. About 90 percent of our debt, and deficits, is attributable to the GOP since 1980.

The Republican Party has been captured by Tea Party extremists (Fascists is a better word).

Max W. Don