Whatever floats your boat

In your work, is it possible to “pitch a perfect game”? Or is that one of the reasons we like sports so much? Perfection is possible? Regardless of the field, those at the top deserve to be King or Queen for a day, throwing their work-equivalent- combo of nasty change-up, slider and fastball with equal, unhittable precision.

In our case, we’ll go down swinging at the headlines:

•”Hot dog! Seattle gets its first floating food truck”: Oh, Boy! Oberto? No, no one is selling beef jerky from a hydroplane. The hot dog boat, with a professional grill and refrigerator, operates near the UW Waterfront Rec Center or the Arboretum and has tried out the South Lake Union waterfront park. It ties up to a buoy and take orders from any manner of water-going vessels that happen by. Hankering for a veggie burger while paddleboarding? You’re set.

Fast-food-at-sea is such a dandy idea, some marine biologists are trying to persuade the hot dog boat operators to set up shop further afield, in an experimental effort to wean sea lions from their taste for salmon, and turn it to the more plentiful bratwurst-on-a-bun.

•”Hot tub boats to give Seattle folks scenic soaks”: After a idyllic day of kayaking and hot dog eating on Lake Union, doesn’t sitting in a hot tub, in a boat, surrounded by water, sound absolutely perfect? Only if there is an adjacent restroom boat, perhaps named “Physiology.”

Your ad here? NY brothers promote toilet-paper ads”: Bryan and Jordan Silverman are creators of toilet tissue printed with ads, and sometimes with coupon codes that can be read by cellphones. Sounds like a perfect platform for the hot dog and hot tub boats to advertise, right there in the restroom boat.

New Alaska cruises target hard-core outdoorsy types”: Passengers pay to paddleboard along side the ship, and depending on just how hard-core they are, can sign up for extras, such as being denied dessert and use of the hot tub.

Denard Robinson says he can beat Usain Bolt in 40-yard dash”: The Michigan quarterback apparently decided to go straight for the braggadocio title.

Ryan Lochte ‘always looking’ for the perfect girl”: Perhaps the Olympic swimmer’s very talkative mother could set him up with the extremely talkative U.S. women’s soccer team goalie, Hope Solo, and they then can sail off into the sunset on their catamaran, perhaps named “Publicity Seekers.”

Fisker recalling Karma sedans to fix fans after Woodside fire”: Is it time to recall the name of the troubled $100,000, battery-operated car, or just add “bad” before it?

Throw your good stuff this week, even if it rocks the boat.