What’s behind Lovick’s veto?

What is the real reason John Lovick vetoed the 3-2 council decision to keep the county’s tech department under the county auditor?

Money? Power?

It appears the continuing work of Carolyn Weikel to “mend fences with other county departments, improving the way the county handles public records requests and examining data-storage costs” is disregarded by Mr. Lovick and deemed not necessary.

Is it not possible for the executive’s office to work in support of the council members for the betterment of Snohomish County?

The leadership crisis under Reardon has not passed, as Mr. Lovick states or these steps to improve processes in our government would not be deemed necessary.

Well, when elections for the County Executive and council members who choose not to work as a team come again, we know what we can do.

Carleen Lorenz