What’s in Bieber’s legal briefs?

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Reviewing the evidence at hand: A Florida judge is having to determine if video of Justin Bieber at a Miami Beach police station following his arrest for drunken driving should be released to the public. The video includes images of the pop star urinating for a drug test. A lawyer for the Miami Herald is battling Bieber’s legal team for release of the video.

Leave it to lawyers to waste time arguing over such a small thing.

High stakes, indeed: President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper have bet a case of beer on the outcomes of the men’s and women’s hockey games at the Sochi Olympics.

The winner gets the beer; the loser gets Bieber and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Is Bertha Good to Go? Once the state has completed the Highway 99 tunnel beneath Seattle, drivers will be charged a $1 toll during most of the day, increasing to $1.25 during peak hours.

With the tunnel boring machine now idled for months because of mechanical problems, Bertha’s toll is going to add up to some real money.