What’s the Mater?

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

It’s a stalled world, after all: Disney has finished its remodel of its California Adventure theme park in Anaheim with a 12-acre attraction based on the animated Pixar “Cars” movies.

Visitors to California who are uncertain about how to tell the difference between 12 acres of “Cars” characters and a California Interstate just have to remember: If the vehicle you are in is moving, you’re on a thrill ride.

Two-ply fire: A tractor-trailer hauling 10 tons of toilet paper caught fire on an Ohio highway and blocked traffic as fire crews battled the blaze.

No one was injured, but traffic was blocked for hours as firefighters wiped up. Further delay was caused by a disagreement over whether the water should be sprayed over or under the rolls.

Bitter Former Sonic Fan Thought for the Day: A basketball that was carried away in last year’s tsunami and washed ashore this spring in Alaska has been returned to a middle school in Japan.

If the Seattle SuperSonics are found washed up on some Oklahoma City street, please return to: The Wheedle, c/o the Space Needle, Seattle.