Where’s diet for fat government?

It occurred to me while watching the evening news, how interesting (and unexplainable) it is that our modern liberal (you know who you are) feels it completely normal, and in fact a prerequisite of being a liberal “thinker,” to give advice and pass legislation regulating the public’s food intake to prevent and reduce obesity in America.

Then, on the other hand, they seem completely oblivious to the obesity they continue to foster within the corpulent organ most often chosen to foist their views of utopia onto the American citizen … the federal government.

Case in point: The current budget issues we face in the United States. There is no debate on whether or not our budget (or lack thereof) needs radical revamping. The question most bandied about revolves around how much more money we should borrow to feed the rotund, glutinous, slovenly beast most often proffered as our savior on earth.

Konrad Lau