Where’s layoffs by the numbers?

I was reading Sunday’s paper and saw the section “Behind the scenes at Boeing” and alongside it was “Jobs by the Numbers.”

“Jobs by the Numbers” just got this knee-jerk reaction from me; is someone paying The Herald to write these articles? The numbers here are so incredibly incomplete it boggled my mind.

“61,243 Boeing Commercial workers.” Well, that’s one division of Boeing, what about all the fine people at Defense, Space and Security who provide, among other things, all the computer support?

“25,000 Boeing Machinists in Puget Sound.” OK, that’s a union at Boeing, a big one, particularly in Puget Sound. What happened to all the non-union people in Washington state? What happened to all the other unions? Wait, one more (wowsers, two total) is listed below.

“20,311 Boeing Engineers and technical workers represented by SPEEA in the Puget Sound region.” OK, another union. Need I ask, what happened to the other unions and non-union workers?

As near as I can tell from the numbers given, you are focusing on the average workers at Boeing and not at all on the thousands of people who are not in one of the groups listed above.

Another round of layoffs ended last Friday with Boeing employees getting their pink slips. Thanks for all your work, but we need all our money for the 787 program. How’s about honoring their behind-the-scenes work?

Garry Klouzal