Which toy will be the story?

Mark Carlson, Herald staff

The toy industry has placed its bets on what will be a smash hit with shoppers this year — the Zhu Zhu Pets of 2010.

If we were the wagering kind, we’d lay odds on whichever toy seems most likely to drive parents insane.

Candidates include a dancing Mickey Mouse and a new Fisher-Price toy for toddlers that strongly resembles the Apple iPad, except in one way: there seems to be a reason for its existence.

Bummer, dude: A bill legalizing marijuana has died in the state Legislature.

Lawmakers cited two reasons for killing the measure: to prevent young people from becoming habitual marijuana smokers, and to discourage actor Woody Harrelson from moving here.

At least the bloodlines were pure: Egypt’s King Tut had a club foot and a cleft palate, suffered from various congenital diseases, and his parents were probably brother and sister, new DNA testing and CT scans show.

In other words, the Egyptian pharaoh who lived 3,300 years ago had a lot in common with Europe’s royal families.