Who will pay for unwanted kids?

Regarding the Sunday letter, “‘Pro-life’ protects most vulnerable”: I know it is impolite to answer a question with a question, but, I feel I have to ask the writer, when does the egg and sperm that happen to meet, by force, accident, or ignorance, became his child? Is it at the point that incubation begins? When the producer of the unwanted, or unable to be care for, or unloved embryo, realizes she has no choice?

If we are going to take the choice from the person, and hand it over to the people, we’d better all start saving our nickels and dimes. It costs a fortune to raise a child that is loved and wanted. Look into the cost of the Foster Care System, and public services for this child the writer seems to believe the world will care for. Do we add it up, and divide the cost between the “pro-abortion” and the “people who really love children”? No one is “pro-abortion”, that is said in ignorance. We are “pro-constitution,” “pro-choice” American women.

Tracy Anderson