Why no ‘birthers’ protesting Cruz?

The “birther” wing of the tea party has waged an unsuccessful — sometimes embarrassing — campaign to demonstrate that Obama is ineligible to serve as President. They argue that Obama was born in a foreign nation to an American mother and a foreign national father, and, that this violates the eligibility criteria contained in the Constitution.

Ironically, the scenario and arguments they presented against the President are now applicable to the current darling of the tea party, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Nobody disputes that he was born in a foreign country to an American citizen and her foreign national husband. According to the news reports, Sen. Cruz only recently renounced the Canadian citizenship he earned by virtue of his place of birth.

I am anxiously waiting for Donald Trump, Orly Taitz, et. al. to argue that Cruz cannot enter the 2016 Presidential race because he is ineligible to serve. If they don’t reject his possible candidacy, or try to reshape their arguments to support Cruz, it will just confirm my suspicion that opposition to Obama, and not reverence for the Constitution, motivates the birthers.

Francis J. Lynch


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