Will GPS show how route made longer?

I so much enjoyed the Oct. 24 article in the paper about GPS and buses. (“Community Transit’s GPS to let riders track buses.”)

The last bus change took away any and all buses which would enable me and most of the elders in Lynnwood to get to doctors in and around Swedish Hospital campus. No matter our protests, we now have to go to Brier to get to Swedish and then go to Ash Way Transit stop to come home to Lynnwood. Now, with the expenditure of a mere $10 million dollars, we can use GPS and it will tell us there is no bus coming anymore, I suppose. That will be a real help. I know they are almost ready to give us one bus to the Lynnwood Transit, but then, we will have to go to the college and walk several blocks to get to the area of Swedish. Way to go, Community Transit.

Margaret Ford