Wolken by far the best candidate

Mark Wolken is by far the best candidate to fill our Port Commission’s No. 2 seat. Wolken understands, for example, that the Collins Building is a community issue these days that needs to be managed very carefully.

Unfortunately, that building was constructed in way that does not come close to what we consider safe and sound these days. Engineering work has indicated this very clearly. As a construction professional, I can see this at first glance. But some want to save the Collins Building, regardless of the cost. But how much will that be?

It will take another engineering inspection to double check the first one, and that is what Wolken favors. It is not all that hard to find out what can, and cannot, be done with a building. Seems this is worth the effort to do some homework, and not just launch criticism and lawsuits.

Mark Wolken has always done his research, and has always encouraged others to do the same. Wolken also is much in favor of having a five-member port commission.

One of his other top priorities is to make the best uses that we can with our deep and large bay. That means to be environmentaly responsible, while also balancing projects and beneficial changes that bring more jobs, along with public use and community needs. This is the type of work that Mark Wolken has been doing successfuly for decades now, and we much need his expertise for our port at this time. Please vote for Mark Wolken.

Ken Cox