Wonderful article captured relationship

We truly hope that Herald subscribers and Internet users had a chance to read the inspiring Oct. 19 article written by Eric Stevick headlined “He found a friend.” Eric’s article did a wonderful and outstanding job of capturing the very special relationship between the Cascade High School varsity player, Steven Gallardo, and his little Bruin Buddy, Lucas Jaregui. This is not surprising since Eric did such thorough research for this article by visiting Lucas and his parents, talking with Coach Cronin, Steven and myself, and even taking the time to attend the football game between Cascade and Jackson high schools. Eric wanted to witness first-hand the amazing transformation that has taken place with Lucas through this program and the bond he has formed with Steven.

This football season goes far beyond the wins, losses and field of play for Steven and the other players on the team. The buddy program has put into perspective the true and important meaning of life — it’s about the lasting and meaningful relationships and friendships that you form along the way.

Thank you, Eric, for taking the time and effort to research and write this article. The Herald is fortunate to have you as part of their staff.

Don, Jan, and Megan Jensen