Workers, citizens deserve day of rest

Monday, I rose early, going about my household chores realizing it was Labor Day. However, promptly at 7:30 the hammering began as they are erecting houses close by; putting them up within a few days. I thought about those workers and it reminded me how much I appreciated the union my husband belonged to. It was a union that worked with the company fairly. If not for both the union and the company, we would not be surviving on his pension, a benefit negotiated by the union and the company.

I thought about those who work for minimum wage or work two or three jobs just to provide for their families and the more I thought about it, the angrier I got listening to that man hammering to get those houses up on a day when he should have been relaxing with his family or friends instead of disrupting the neighborhood for one day. After all, he also worked Sunday and Saturday. I thought to myself, “There should be one day when we didn’t have to listen to that endless pounding.” Well, that’s what it’s come to. Some who became wealthy and hire others so they can gain more wealth have forgotten those who made it possible for them to have that wealth.

Surely we can all appreciate that every human needs a break to replenish their spirit and have reason to appreciate those they work for. Because of that appreciation a man will work even harder when treated with respect and not used in a selfish way. Yes, I know there are those who work in service jobs and most get paid a respective wage, but who will speak for those who are taken advantage of? I want to thank my husband’s union and his employer. Though our benefits will never go up, at least they are there for us.

Mrs. Donald Ross