Workers’ stories reflect past might

Regarding the series, “The Last Smokestack: Kimberly-Clark closure ends a chapter of Everett History”:

I’ve read every single Kimberly-Clark employee’s story over the past few days in The Herald. This may sound corny to some, but the stories made me cry. For them, and for our country.

Thank you, each of you: you were part of what once made the United States of America the most powerful and wealthy country in the world.

Having been born in 1939, I was fortunate enough to see the strength and power and unity of the United States: militarily, economically, morally. We are losing that power now, and it is the saddest loss I have seen in my lifetime.

Truly, my heart breaks each time I read about another company and business closing its doors and the employees losing their livelihoods.

God bless each of you; my prayer is that some way, somehow, you will persevere and find the strength and good old American know-how and ingenuity to carry on successfully in your lives.

God help this country if we continue down the failed path of the past few years.

Patricia Mattison