Would miracles be limited to us?

I find it amusing that The Herald’s “View” and Pastor Jensen’s letter are on the same page. (“Why ET isn’t phoning us” and “Life-giving planet requires miracle.”)

I find the letter’s viewpoint limited at best. If an all-knowing “God” created the universe, why are we so “special” that we are the only planet to have life? I would think an “all-knowing” God would create all types of life in all kinds of environments. Why not? He created the entire universe and its complexity. To limit our “God” to only “man” seems rather narcissistic to say the least.

Wouldn’t an “all-knowing God” know all kinds of possibilities and want to expand on them? After all, all living things, plant or animal, respond to their environment, so hasn’t “God” in his grace given all living creatures and things that ability? Why do the current purveyors of “religious” thought limit God’s will to only their limited ability to understand the universe? If God created the universe and we are a creation of the “Big Bang,” why are we the only life in said universe? Obviously we think that “God’s grace” is limited. So with that thought God must be very selfish. The God I grew up with was all-knowing, all-loving, all-giving and forgiving. I myself don’t find the science of evolution and religion to counter each other. After all, “God” created it.

As to the “moral disintegration” of our society, I only find the limits of mankind’s thought process and religion to be the disintegration of the “Word of God.” I feel sorry for Pastor Jensen that he is so limited in his understanding of the possibilities of the universe and the love and life given to us. If God created all things in his image, then he created the love between all, no matter what sexual orientation. I would think his homophobia is a product of the devil rather than the “love” of God.

Stuart Clift

Lake Stevens