Wright will work for all residents

The newly aligned 39th legislative district has an amazing candidate running for State Representative Position 1.

Linda Wright will be a champion for residents of the 39th and all of the citizens of Washington. I have known Linda as a compassionate caregiver for her disabled mother-in-law, a responsible business owner, a valuable member of her Union as a steward, officer and bargaining team member, an advocate for the homeless and friend and listener to children on her school bus.

Linda’s tireless efforts to make things better for Washingtonians have included working to change state contracts that hurt those they were intended to help. Linda is proud to have worked to communicate with senators and representatives about the importance of entering into contracts that don’t overcharge the poorest and most vulnerable for access to needed services. She’s testified about the importance of levy equalization for schools, retaining collective bargaining rights for health care benefits for state workers, and to close tax loopholes that have cost our state millions in tax revenue. She carefully investigates issues and considers impact on children, seniors, workers, communities and the environment.

Research on the incumbent and Herald Editorial Board endorsed candidate, Dan Kristiansen, shows a lengthy candidacy with few results for his constituents. With most recent significant accomplishments in 2004 (The Herald, Oct. 18) what has happened in the last eight years? It seems time for the 39th to change course.

Please join me in casting your ballot for Linda Wright. Your future will be in the right hands.

Colleen Bradley