Wrong to cancel Lowell bus service

On June 4, parents of Lowell Elementary (and probably other Everett schools) were notified that bus service to the historic Lowell neighborhood will be discontinued in the coming school year.

The offender map at www.familywatchdog.us/Search.asp shows more than a dozen offenders within the canceled bus route convicted of “rape of a child.” Adding insult to injury, the notification was not sent out until after the deadline for applying for a variance to attend a different school had passed (June 1). Had I been notified sooner that for my children’s safety I’d need to arrange transportation to school other than the bus in the next school year, I’d have applied for a variance to another school that would be better suited to my family’s needs, including health concerns, better start times and others.

A full half mile stretch of the walking route has no raised sidewalk, keeping it from being a “safe” walkway. Having personally abandoned walking that route when my children were small because drivers seemed too willing to swerve into and/or park in the dedicated “pedestrian path,” there’s no chance I’d allow my 6-year-olds to walk that route to school.

An alternate route is available with raised sidewalks — one that would have the children walking up S. 3rd Avenue and across the 41st Street interchange over I-5, then up 41st to Colby to the Interurban Trail, then to 52nd Street. Both routes leave me with visions of children playing on the freeway, and both are unacceptable, and I’m disgusted that this is the best solution the Everett School District can come up with.

Kristol Jones