X-rays can harm hearing aids

I am a young senior who wears hearing aids. When I got my second pair of hearing aids — at great cost and with no Medicare coverage for hearing aids — I read the manual when I got home and it said that when I got X-rays of any kind or any other imaging testing done, it was necessary to remove the hearing aids since these procedures could damage them. The person who sold me the X-rays never told me this. I called them up and told them and they were surprised; they didn’t know!

It’s frustrating that the salespeople are not trained to give this very important information out to the purchasers of such a high-cost item. I’m also frustrated that technicians who provide these services don’t know as well. Every time I go in for X-rays I try and educate them, but now I’m realizing that it’s probably more important that those of us who wear them know this. Even the simple dental X-ray can permanently harm your hearing aids!

Janet Koglin