A $7 billion windfall from the sale of roughly half its stake in a Chinese company has given embattled Yahoo something to brag about after years of what The Associated Press diplomatically describes as “mortifying missteps.”

The Buzz presumes they’re talking about the time Yahoo paid $3.6 billion for Cro-Magnon-era Internet outfit GeoCities. That’s like dropping 50 grand for your brother-in-law’s 1994 Chevy Lumina.

El Web 1.0: Cubans must make do with the Western Hemisphere’s slowest Internet speeds, even after an undersea fiber-optic cable was purportedly strung to the island nation from Venezuela. For example, an episode of “Mad Men” takes nearly two days to download.

So far the Cuban government has refused to acknowledge the problem’s existence. Of course, it could always just point out that Cuban web speeds are plenty fast enough for GeoCities pages.

Ouch: Facebook’s stock plunged by 11 percent Monday, which means CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost more than $2 billion on paper.

The Buzz can just imagine the conversation between Zuckerberg and his brand-new wife: “Say, honey, I had a little setback at the office Monday, and now it looks like we’re gonna have to put off buying Madagascar for a few months.”

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff