Years later, still time for service

On Dec. 12, 2006, the letter “Time to give county airplane service” appeared on the Herald Opinion page submitted by my business friends and myself.

Now the opportunity is controlled by the “local political leaders” which has hurt the need for changes to our airline service in Snohomish county. Andy Skotdal, an active businessman had to check up on the local politician’s “email delays” concerning Paine Field commercial airplane service, per the Aug. 30 Herald article.

To repeat my point: When Everett’s Snohomish County airport was built, it was engineered by Paine and constructed by the best. The use of plane service, other business, and the Air Force has a remarkable history with honorable attention. The history belongs to its people.

Yet, a deal was made near 1979 to make Sea-Tac our only regional ariport. Then, the travelers could get on I-5 at 70 mph. It was fast and easy to get from Everett to the parking garage at the airport.

Now, Snohomish County airport can serve its people as planned, with airplanes. This area is one of the fastest growing in all of the Puget Sound. Also, time consumed and good jobs would support our local economy. The future has the past for Paine Fied to thank for a creative plan.

Gary O. Tapert

Retired Businessman