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Opinion columnists

  • Howard Lucas:  VA can't provide records sought in criminal court case   Dec. 20

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Terrorism's lone wolves fed from abroad   Dec. 19

  • Dana Milbank:  Warren may be leading a tea party of the left   Dec. 19

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Climate activists choosing to nibble at the corners   Dec. 19

  • Dana Milbank:  Coal lobby’s new tack: CO2 is good for you   Dec. 18

  • David Ignatius:  Prospects improve for ‘win-win’ cooperation for China, U.S.   Dec. 18

  • John Burbank:  If we can afford tax breaks for Boeing we can afford I-1351  Dec. 17

  • Eugene Robinson:  Hacked emails prove the value of discretion   Dec. 17

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Sony’s ire better directed at N. Korea and not media   Dec. 17

  • Froma Harrop:  Give, but not to those who use coercive means   Dec. 16

  • Scott Rasmussen:  Too many laws lead to abuse of police powers   Dec. 16

  • Sid Schwab:  Direct criticism at those who OK'd torture   Dec. 15

  • Radley Balko Washington Post:  Five myths about policing: Are officers today out of control?  Dec. 14

  • Terry Williams and Brian Bookey:  Cooperative work will meet needs of farms, fish   Dec. 14

  • Dana Milbank:  Foul language has dragged politics down the crapper  Dec. 14

  • Carol MacPherson:  List of texting risks longer than drug ad warnings   Dec. 14

  • Eugene Robinson:  Torture met evil with evil, not justice  Dec. 14

  • Robert Ray:  Counter fear and distrust with respect for each other   Dec. 13

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Interrogation, even if flawed, kept U.S. safe   Dec. 12

  • Dana Milbank:  Sen. Cruz can’t seem to rally House GOP   Dec. 12

  • David Ignatius:  Congress must share blame in torture report   Dec. 12

  • Steve Chapman:  CIA’s abuses, failures in interrogation really shouldn’t surprise us   Dec. 12

  • David Ignatius:  Value in report to Senate is in facing actions   Dec. 11

  • Dana Milbank:  Republicans, Democrats take turns in a game of ‘Grubering’   Dec. 11

  • Froma Harrop:  Is what’s in your glass a clue as to how you vote?   Dec. 11

  • Kathleen Parker:  Women should accept their political differences  Dec. 10

  • Dana Milbank:  New Republic's owner turned respected journal into a 'widget'  Dec. 10

  • Eugene Robinson:  We need sense of urgency on issues of race   Dec. 9

  • Froma Harrop:  Anonymity gets blame for Rolling Stone’s problems with rape story   Dec. 9

  • Dana Milbank:  Obama must seize moment in NYPD death   Dec. 8

  • Dr. Janice Greene:  Why racial strife in America matters in Snohomish County   Dec. 7

  • Eugene Robinson:  Must we sacrifice justice and peace for law and order?   Dec. 7

  • David Ignatius:  Intelligence committee change a blow for adults in room  Dec. 7

  • Dana Milbank:  Clinton a reliable brand but lacks that ‘new car’ smell   Dec. 7

  • David Sirota:  Secrecy over state pension funds raises suspicions   Dec. 7

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Democrats face bigger battles on philosophy   Dec. 5

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Aide’s Facebook post was news because it fit media’s bias   Dec. 5

  • Dana Milbank:  For GOP, it’s all over on executive action except for the tantrums   Dec. 5

  • Froma Harrop:  What does American’s new shopping attitude means for economy?   Dec. 5

  • Sid Schwab:  Look at facts of immigration might surprise   Dec. 4

  • Kathleen Parker:  On Ferguson, view media not as a whole but as parts   Dec. 4

  • Debra J. Saunders:  With a longer work week can Congress do more than nothing?   Dec. 4

  • David Ignatius:  Support sought for U.S. to train 10,000-man force against Islamic State   Dec. 4

  • John Burbank:  We would do well to live by Advent’s four ethics   Dec. 3

  • Dana Milbank:  Less mulling, more action needed from Obama on Ferguson   Dec. 3

  • David Ignatius:  Islamic State might be best attacked from the inside   Dec. 3

  • Froma Harrop:  Obamacare does benefit the middle class   Dec. 2

  • Eugene Robinson:  Why we don’t know how often police kill civilians   Dec. 2

  • Dana Milbank:  Democrats doing their best to thwart party   Dec. 1

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Media pundits didn’t give Ferguson officer a fair trial   Dec. 1

  • Should we raise Washington's minimum wage?  Nov. 30

  • Curtis King:  ‘Greener’ fuels not yet worth the risks   Nov. 30

  • David Ignatius:  Youths eager to help if we set up opportunities   Nov. 30

  • Eugene Robinson:  People in Ferguson reacted to disregard shown them   Nov. 30

  • Cass Sunstein Bloomberg News:  Restaurant calorie counts will change how we eat  Nov. 30

  • The Washington Post Editorial Board:  Putin works to silence all but his own message   Nov. 30

  • Orlando R. Barone:  Save the applause for real achievements  Nov. 29

  • The Washington Post Editorial Board:  Thankful for things that matter   Nov. 29

  • Winonna Saari:  Ferguson shows that racial divide persists   Nov. 28

  • Dana Milbank:  Ferguson prosecutor steered grand jury to its decision  Nov. 28

  • Froma Harrop:  Ballots, not bricks, will change things in Ferguson, elsewhere   Nov. 28

  • Kathleen Parker:  Cosby’s trial by social media raises concerns for all   Nov. 28

  • Tom Purcell:  Conservatives, liberals can find common ground at table   Nov. 27

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Obama should use power granted him to commute more sentences   Nov. 27

  • David Ignatius:  Iran’s choice between being nation or cause   Nov. 26

  • Dana Milbank:  Hagel’s ouster may signal escalation in Iraq, Syria   Nov. 26

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Hagel was wrong choice for Obama to oust   Nov. 26

  • Kathy Nielsen:  Mill Creek council falls short strategically   Nov. 26

  • Eugene Robinson:  Is Hagel’s firing over a bad fit or shift in focus?   Nov. 25

  • Froma Harrop:  Some of the shine is off the Uber brand   Nov. 25

  • Teri McAllister:  Why I choose to give to those on the street   Nov. 24

  • Kathleen Parker:  Pope has sought a change in message, not in doctrine   Nov. 24

  • David Sirota:  More reporters missing on the campaign trail   Nov. 24

  • Bob Heirmen:  Replenish steelhead runs with return to hatcheries  Nov. 23

  • Dana Milbank:  GOP’s choice? They can poke back or legislate   Nov. 23

  • Carol MacPherson:  Not too late to train for traditional foodstuffs marathon   Nov. 23

  • David Ignatius:  Islamic State has already killed many Sunni leaders U.S. is counting on   Nov. 23

  • Eugene Robinson:  Reconciling Cosby’s 2 faces   Nov. 23

  • Tom Murdoch:  What rains carry into streams is making them unfit for salmon  Nov. 23

  • the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board:  Alabama a glaring example of problems with the death penalty  Nov. 23

  • Marie Keller:  Early education, child care need a better investment from public   Nov. 22

  • Nicola Smith:  Lynnwood joining in the efforts   Nov. 22

  • Obama’s deal gives China a pass on carbon   Nov. 21

  • Dana Milbank:  Sen. Booker needs to show courage of his convictions   Nov. 21

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Uber veep’s remarks confirm its bullying reputation   Nov. 21

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