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Opinion columnists

  • David Ignatius:  U.S. will need Turkey, Kurds as its partners   May. 30

  • the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board:  Supreme Court speaks out for fair trials   May. 30

  • Stephennie Mulder Los Angeles Times:  A busted Maya theory unearths a media flaw   May. 29

  • Charles C. Haynes:  Political rhetoric drives attacks on Muslims   May. 29

  • Garrison Keillor Washington Post:  Getting through next six months   May. 29

  • Kathleen Parker:  ‘Post-racial’ hopes for Obama were media’s doing   May. 29

  • Dana Milbank:  Clinton isn’t crooked; she’s hunkered down  May. 29

  • Bloomberg View editors:  TSA’s awful airport lines reveal deeper problem   May. 29

  • Michael Neeley :  ‘Low-barrier’ housing plan is too costly and open to abuse   May. 28

  • Tom LaBelle:  Three changes to county’s charter would let sunshine in   May. 28

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Vietnam brings out realist in Obama’s policy   May. 27

  • Dana Milbank:  Ryan’s choice on Trump could determine GOP’s future   May. 27

  • Kathleen Parker:  In digging up Foster rumors, Trump buries the truth  May. 26

  • Froma Harrop:  Bureaucracy isn’t causing airport waits; budget cuts are   May. 26

  • Dana Milbank:  The GOP’s last desperate hope to find scandal   May. 26

  • Bloomberg View editors:  Impeaching IRS chief will solve nothing   May. 26

  • Sid Schwab:  Donald Trump for president? Are you serious?   May. 25

  • Froma Harrop:  Rent’s too damn high? Move and telecommute   May. 25

  • Dana Milbank:  Would Trump's taxes crown him 'welfare king'?   May. 25

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Sanders bank plans too vague to succeed   May. 24

  • Debra J. Saunders:  After Ferguson, it’s not easy to be a cop or a police chief   May. 24

  • David Ignatius:  Despite military gains political problems persist in Mideast   May. 24

  • The Washington Post Editorial Board:  Candidates should reconsider trade deal   May. 24

  • Kathleen Parker:  Lesser of two evils remains a better choice   May. 23

  • Bloomberg View editors:  Doctors have right, duty to discuss gun safety  May. 23

  • Ron Young:  It’s time to end nuclear threat   May. 22

  • Jonathan Bernstein Bloomberg View:  For best results, don’t waste money on Trump or Clinton   May. 22

  • Carol MacPherson:  Bad movies shouldn’t trump bad traffic   May. 22

  • Eugene Robinson:  Sanders’ backers risk President Trump   May. 22

  • Dana Milbank:  Trump as fickle on policy as he is with women   May. 22

  • Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk News Service:  Does Facebook conspire against conservatives?   May. 22

  • Sid Roberts:  Regional fire authority could help Lynnwood repair roads   May. 21

  • Gabe Mandell:  On behalf of children, court orders clean air rule by state   May. 21

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Clinton needs Sanders to fight shrewd Trump   May. 20

  • Froma Harrop:  Bernie’s apology raises issues of self-pity, white privilege   May. 20

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Bernie Bros giving Democrats a taste of GOP’s turmoil   May. 20

  • Dana Milbank:  Get Congress back to work — not fundraising   May. 20

  • Dana Milbank:  Sanders’ fight now against his adopted party   May. 19

  • David Ignatius:  FBI shows little understanding of job of diplomacy   May. 19

  • Bloomberg View editors:  A slightly radical idea to expand Medicare   May. 19

  • John Scearcy:  Do more to enhance safety of prison staff   May. 18

  • John Burbank:  Obama rule assures better pay, more jobs   May. 18

  • Kathleen Parker:  Admitting to errors might do Hillary some good   May. 18

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Congresswoman stands ground in face of unpopular quote   May. 18

  • Eugene Robinson:  Trump’s minor cons matter because of job he seeks   May. 17

  • Froma Harrop:  Numbers increasingly figure in to our self-worth   May. 17

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Finding the right response to treat pain   May. 17

  • The Washington Post Editorial Board:  There’s much to learn from Trump’s taxes   May. 17

  • David Ignatius:  Syria may be using chemical weapons again   May. 16

  • The Orange County Register Editorial Board:  News censorship trending on Facebook?   May. 16

  • Kevin Mitchell:  Blocking airline a threat to Boeing workers   May. 15

  • Bloomberg View editors:  Let coal die, but help coal workers   May. 15

  • Maia Szalavitz Special to Washington Post:  Prince, like others, sought opioid maintenance   May. 15

  • Eugene Robinson:  Ryan, others will bow to Trump’s base   May. 15

  • Carol MacPherson:  Go ahead and shout, ‘Swung on and belted’   May. 15

  • Dana Milbank:  Newspaper more palatable than Trump’s words   May. 15

  • Froma Harrop:  Plently to ‘Like’ about Facebook, but there are concerns   May. 15

  • Philip M. Falk:  Wrong for district to penalize child for refusing to take test   May. 14

  • Debra J. Saunders:  What if Bernie had gone after Clinton’s ‘damn emails’?   May. 13

  • Dana Milbank:  Trump can thank Palin for birthing his campaign   May. 13

  • Dana Milbank:  Pro-lifers in Congress must fund Zika fight   May. 12

  • Kathleen Parker:  Another voting method might have stopped Trump   May. 12

  • Sid Schwab:  Hecklers and disrupters doing Trump a favor   May. 11

  • Dana Milbank:  GOP shows range of responses, and nonresponses, to Trump   May. 11

  • David Ignatius:  U.S. intelligence chief counting the days and the costs   May. 11

  • Eugene Robinson:  No need to debate Trump; he does that all on his own  May. 10

  • Froma Harrop:  Bernie and his supporters can still tout ideas   May. 10

  • David Ignatius:  Clinton should rebut Trump’s isolationism   May. 9

  • Bloomberg View editors:  U.S. should copy Europe’s vaping ad ban   May. 9

  • Paul Waldman Washington Post:  How deep will Trump’s bite on GOP be felt?   May. 8

  • Scott Lee:  Clinton’s super delegates risk alienating Sanders’ voters   May. 8

  • Bloomberg View editors:  More women will strengthen U.S. military  May. 8

  • Dana Milbank:  Most party leaders deaf to Trump’s vulgarities   May. 8

  • Carol MacPherson:  When will election life cycle finally evolve?   May. 8

  • Kathleen Parker:  Turn out lights; the Grand Old Party’s over   May. 8

  • Eugene Robinson:  GOP’s choice is to resist or collaborate   May. 8

  • Shahrum Ali:  Support for Mukilteo mosque appears politically motivated   May. 7

  • Brian Sullivan and Leonard Kelley:  Letter Carriers Food Drive will supply food banks for 6 months   May. 7

  • Charles Krauthammer:  In Trump, a puzzling hero for GOP voters   May. 6

  • Dana Milbank:  Eating one’s words as haute queasy cuisine   May. 6

  • Debra J. Saunders:  With GOP race over, decision hasn’t gotten any easier   May. 6

  • Froma Harrop:  At least Trump has spared us from Cruz the Culture Warrior   May. 6

  • Dana Milbank:  Trump’s part in hate crimes against Muslims   May. 5

  • Kathleen Parker:  Carly stumbled but Cruz is who fell hardest   May. 5

  • David Ignatius:  What follows 100 years of failure in Iraq, Syria?   May. 5

  • Peter R. Orszag Bloomberg View:  We need more arrests and shorter sentences   May. 4

  • John Burbank:  What we got for Boeing’s $305M break   May. 4

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Anti-Trump Republicans have right to be angry, too   May. 4

  • Dan Milbank:  Fiorina singing a different tune for Cruz now   May. 4

  • Eugene Robinson:  Trump played to base that Republicans ignored  May. 3

  • Debra J. Saunders:  GOP nomination likely to come down to California primary   May. 3

  • Froma Harrop:  Drug firms’ greed so insane Congress finally paid attention   May. 3

  • Kathleen Parker:  Trump should thank his lucky XY chromosomes   May. 2

  • What's behind the appeal of Trump?  May. 1

  • Kim Wyman:  Regardless of party, primary gives everyone a say   May. 1

  • Judy Warnick:  Billboards an unfair attack on farmers   May. 1

  • Debra J. Saunders:  ‘Free’ college would undermine value of education   May. 1

  • Dana Milbank:  Trump playing the ‘man’s card’ intentionally   May. 1

  • David Ignatius:  Kurds will need Iraq Army’s help to take Mosul from IS   May. 1

  • Eugene Robinson:  Warren would help Clinton woo progressives   May. 1

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