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Opinion columnists

  • Kristina Rizga Los Angeles Times:  Give teachers greater role in deciding how to teach   Aug. 30

  • Bob Inglis and Mark Reynolds Philadelphia Inquirer:  A climate solution GOP can advance   Aug. 30

  • Eugene Robinson:  Trump and the 5 stages of ‘Good Grief!’   Aug. 30

  • David Ignatius:  U.S. drone attack on al-Qaida group impresses Syrian moderates   Aug. 30

  • Jim Hightower:  Tax breaks not how to win better pay for workers   Aug. 30

  • Dana Milbank:  Nevermind the rest of us; does Jeb understand what he’s saying?  Aug. 30

  • Carol MacPherson:  Deep fried selfie sticks on the food concourse   Aug. 30

  • Darin Leonard:  Keep focus of youth sports where it belongs: on the kids   Aug. 29

  • The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board:  Honoring Jimmy Carter’s quiet courage   Aug. 28

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Putin exploits Obama’s failure to challenge him  Aug. 28

  • Dana Milbank:  GOP field’s response to Trump’s hatred much too timid   Aug. 28

  • Dana Milbank:  Clinton should beg Biden to run against her   Aug. 27

  • Froma Harrop:  Are we spending wisely when it comes to wildfires?   Aug. 27

  • Susan Johnson:  Give kids healthy start to school year   Aug. 26

  • John Burbank:  State income tax would fix school funding and much more  Aug. 26

  • David Ignatius:  China’s market woes make it trickier to negotiate with   Aug. 26

  • Dana Milbank:  Walker learns there’s no room to the right of Trump  Aug. 26

  • Eugene Robinson:  Markets’ fall a reminder: It’s the economy, stupid  Aug. 25

  • Froma Harrop:  American talent for improvising again a life-saver   Aug. 25

  • Debra J. Saunders:  What’s hidden behind words that obscure?   Aug. 24

  • Kyle Dickman Los Angeles Times:  We can’t prevent fires, but we can learn to live with them   Aug. 23

  • Scott Young:  School safety requires a range of responses   Aug. 23

  • Jim Hightower:  Every diploma shouldn’t come with huge debt   Aug. 23

  • David Ignatius:  Failure of U.S.-supported Syrian rebels recalls Bay of Pigs fiasco   Aug. 23

  • Eugene Robinson:  Trump has the GOP field flummoxed   Aug. 23

  • the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board:  How to get to ‘Sesame Street’? Pay a premium  Aug. 23

  • the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board:  Yellowstone park officials execute a grizzly for being a bear   Aug. 23

  • Carol MacPherson:  Seahawks uniforms still score negative points   Aug. 23

  • Tom LaBelle:  Turn out the lights so we can the see night sky’s spectacles   Aug. 22

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Trump again pulling GOP into a harmful debate  Aug. 21

  • Dana Milbank:  Conservatives ignoring value of contraception in reducing abortions  Aug. 20

  • Froma Harrop:  What’s behind audience members’ boorish behavior?   Aug. 20

  • Sid Schwab:  GOP field clear about its slim range of topics   Aug. 19

  • David Ignatius:  Trump, Putin share reliance on selling confidence   Aug. 19

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Allow cities to set limits for homeless camps   Aug. 19

  • Eugene Robinson:  Clinton has only herself to blame for email flap  Aug. 18

  • Froma Harrop:  Education, not taxation best way to address sugar   Aug. 18

  • David Ignatius:  How long can China straddle line between capitalism, Communism?   Aug. 17

  • Kathleen Parker:  Taking time off to think, because, thankfully, I still can  Aug. 17

  • Rick Hegdahl:  Public lands benefit everyone   Aug. 16

  • Cheryl Roberts :  Free college helps build strong, globally competitive middle class  Aug. 16

  • David Ignatius:  Turk, Kurdish tensions could complicate fight against ISIS   Aug. 16

  • Eugene Robinson:  Brother's policies hurt Jeb more than Bush name   Aug. 16

  • David Sirota:  Charles Koch, now a critic of corporate subsidies, heel thyself  Aug. 16

  • Carol MacPherson:  It’s the craft beer economy, stupid   Aug. 16

  • Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk News Service:  Can white people talk sensibly about race in America?   Aug. 16

  • Charles Farmer:  Support charities, churches that are aiding our veterans   Aug. 15

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Place your bets: Favorites, dark horses are set   Aug. 14

  • Debra J. Saunders:  ‘Sancturary’ laws protecting criminals, not public   Aug. 14

  • David Ignatius:  Need an escape? Let’s go surfin’ now   Aug. 13

  • Froma Harrop:  Inconveniences to voting can’t be allowed to be barriers   Aug. 13

  • John Burbank:  State's top-two primary leaving many without a voice   Aug. 12

  • Kathleen Parker:  Trump is the Honey Badger candidate; he don’t care   Aug. 12

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Fox News practiced actual journalism in GOP debates   Aug. 12

  • Eugene Robinson:  Candidates' rough edges, not issues, are driving polls   Aug. 11

  • Froma Harrop:  GOP’s pot just calling the kettle Trump   Aug. 11

  • Dana Milbank:  Media not the sparring partner Clinton needs   Aug. 10

  • Pete Soverel, Kurt Beardslee, Rich Simms and Bill Bakke:  Set aside three rivers for wild steelhead   Aug. 9

  • Eugene Robinson:  Trump shows at debate why he’s leading pack — for now   Aug. 9

  • Carol MacPherson:  Horses bridle at comparison to humans   Aug. 9

  • Kathleen Parker:  Fiorina leaves biggest impression, just by introducing herself   Aug. 9

  • David Sirota:  Clinton’s denials of her trade deal work easily dismissed   Aug. 9

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Trump’s weak loyalty to GOP now very clear   Aug. 9

  • Dana Milbank:  Lessons of 2012 lost on GOP’s candidates   Aug. 9

  • David Ignatius:  Even if he’s right on Iraq, Obama needs Congress, country behind him   Aug. 9

  • the Chicago Editorial Board:  Recycle this! Seattle’s trash-sorting police overreach  Aug. 9

  • Gregg Herken Special to Washington Post:  5 myths about the atomic bomb  Aug. 9

  • Beverly Hoback:  Best work of law enforcement too often goes without notice   Aug. 8

  • Dave Hensen:  Where was city’s concern for downtown parking earlier?   Aug. 8

  • Froma Harrop:  ‘Slob’ hunters, pet attitude toward wildlife are equal threats   Aug. 7

  • David Ignatius:  Strategy against Islamic State in Syria developing   Aug. 7

  • Dana Milbank:  Iran deal a tough sell, even to Obama’s ad guy   Aug. 7

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Public turning against nuclear deal with Iran   Aug. 7

  • Donna Olson:  Fighting homelessness to end panhandling   Aug. 6

  • Eugene Robinson:  2016 election matters for one reason: climate change  Aug. 6

  • Dana Milbank:  Rest of GOP going crazy to counter Trump   Aug. 6

  • Froma Harrop:  Coal isn’t the energy source for 21st century   Aug. 6

  • Sid Schwab:  Why Bernie Sanders is worth a listen   Aug. 5

  • Kathleen Parker:  Trump, others short on details for ‘terrific’ plans to fix Obamacare   Aug. 5

  • Debra J. Saunders:  There’s irony in Zimbabwe’s hunting record   Aug. 5

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Campus rape investigations a police matter   Aug. 4

  • Kathleen Parker:  Videos forcing an honest look at abortion   Aug. 3

  • Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk News Service:  Should Congress end Planned Parenthood’s funding?   Aug. 2

  • Jim Hightower:  Making parks shill for ads heaps insult upon injury   Aug. 2

  • Lillian Ortiz-Self:  We need more than tuition cuts  Aug. 2

  • Eugene Robinson:  GOP debates should be must-see TV   Aug. 2

  • David Sirota:  Walker’s Wisconsin shows what’s wrong with corporate welfare   Aug. 2

  • Dana Milbank:  Abortions will only increase if funding is cut   Aug. 2

  • Carol MacPherson:  Pirates know whether you’re nautical or nice   Aug. 2

  • Jim Sawyer:  We can all agree on gun safety   Aug. 1

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