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August 1  |  Jon Bauer, Herald writer
This may hurt a bit: Zimbabwe officials say they intend to seek the extradition of the Minneapolis dentist who killed a lion that was lured out of a national park. The dentist has reportedly returned home but has not reopened his office.

Among patients now sitting in his waiting room are Simba, Aslan, Lambert, Alex, Leo, the MGM Lion and, most notably, the Cowardly Lion.

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July 31  |  
Beats Hellfire missiles: Facebook is working on a solar-powered drone with a 140-foot wingspan that would broadcast Internet signals to regions too remote and impoverished for conventional broadband networks (Page A9).

Unfortunately, drones can't beam down things like safe drinking water, basic health care and honest government.

Surfing the vast cultural wasteland: In the new TV series "Proof," Jennifer Beals plays a brilliant surgeon who...

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July 30  |  
Millennials, the 18-to-34-year-old generation, are increasingly living in their parents' homes, according to a new survey.

Since 2010, the percentage of millennials moving back in with their folks has increased from 24 percent to 26 percent — with a corresponding rise in the frequency of Sallie Mae student loan collection calls during the dinner hour.

Don't forget the lingonberry jam: There's big news at Ikea. Along with its...

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July 29  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
Out the Windows: Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system debuts today and more closely resembles Windows 7 than its last update, Windows 8, the tile-like design of which alienated some.

And if you're wondering what happened to Windows 9, it was sent to the Isle of Misfit Microsoft Products, along with the Windows Phone, Zune, Clippy and Steve Ballmer.

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July 28  |  
Swan diveWe’re a little amused: London’s annual swan census is underway. Swans, considered royal property, are plucked from the Thames, weighed and measured, then released (Page A4).Sounds like tough work, but it beats the daily Royal Corgi Census, in which workers follow Her Majesty’s corgis, pluck up and then weigh and measure their droppings.

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July 27  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
It is a small world

Five-eighths, to be exact: As Disneyland celebrates its 60th anniversary, consider some trivia: The trains that circle the park are built to five-eighths scale, and forced perspective make the buildings on Main Street appear taller than their actual height (Page B4).

Some other facts: U.S. airlines copied Disneyland's design for the trains, building the seats to five-eighths scale, too. Forced feeding of corn dogs makes...

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July 25  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
Channel-surfing the vast cultural wasteland: No sooner had we survived the third — dare we hope, final — Sharknado movie, than had the Syfy channel graced us with "Lavalantula," about fire-breathing tarantulas that emerge from volcanos. It airs tonight at 9.

Here's a fun game to play with the kids on long drives: Syfy movie producer. Take an animal from the...

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July 24  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
From the Department of Research That Surprises No One: Researchers have added a sixth taste to what our taste buds can distinguish. Along with sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami, they now say that fat is a flavor.

‘Well, of course, it's a flavor," said the nation's movie theater concession staff as they opened a fresh barrel of "Real Fat Flavor" to douse...

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July 23  |  
Fix it again, Tony: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has released a software update for thousands of its vehicles after Wired magazine posted video proof of two professional hackers taking control of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee while it was driving.

If only the hackers used their powers for good — as in taking control of a 70 mph left-lane camper on I-5 north of Marysville and moving the car to the middle lane where it belongs.

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July 22  |  
And with plenty extra to light their cigars: Apple reported more than $10 billion in net income for the latest quarter Tuesday on sales of nearly $50 billion.

Although investors were disappointed because the report suggested the Apple Watch isn't exactly flying off the shelves, that's still a lot of money, In fact, Apple makes so much money that The Buzz proposes a new metric for reporting its earnings: How many plutocrats could bathe, Scrooge...

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July 21  |  
Surfing the vast cultural wasteland: The "Sharknado" movies have worn out their (exceedingly limited) welcome, says Associated Press TV critic Frazier Moore.

The third in the series, premiering Wednesday on Syfy, is subtitled "Oh Hell No!" — an exclamation that also applies to the casting of conservative firebrand Ann Coulter as the vice president.

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July 20  |  
And calls it black: Donald Trump says he will neither apologize for nor stop saying whatever he wants to say about anything, after his disparaging comments about Sen. John McCain's military service Saturday caused an uproar. The reality TV star went on television Sunday to say of McCain, "He's on television all the time, talking, talking. Nothing gets done."

Looks like the surgical team that grafted that thing onto Trump's scalp inadvertently...

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July 18  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
Call me a dwarf, will ya? NASA geologists, reviewing images from the New Horizons probe, are struggling to explain how Pluto got its elephant skin-like surface. One theory is that it's caused by heat from the dwarf planet's interior.

And the only explanation for the heat is the boiling rage Pluto felt when it was demoted from the planetary varsity team.

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July 17  |  
But no stampedes at store entrances: says it sold more stuff during its Prime Day event Wednesday than on last year's Black Friday, despite complaints on social media that the products on offer were less than scintillating.

Top brass at the Seattle-based company say they'll definitely do Prime Day again. Good thing Amazon's not a brick-and-mortar store; otherwise, we might see stampedes for doorbuster deals on Tupperware, shoe horns and dietary...

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July 16  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
And all four railroads: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in federal financial disclosure forms, has set his personal fortune at $10 billion, though some have doubted earlier accounts of his wealth.

Trump, R-Lehman Bros., stands by his accounting of his fantastic fortune; he owns hotels on Atlantic and Ventnor avenues and Marvin Gardens and is just waiting for Mitt...

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July 15  |  
Now he could be anybody's grouchy grandpa: "Go Set a Watchman," Harper Lee's (apparently) long-withheld sequel to her beloved classic "To Kill a Mockingbird," arrived in Snohomish County bookstores Tuesday. In it, Atticus Finch, the Southern lawyer who was the personification of virtue in "Mockingbird," turns into angry, bitter segregationist in his old age.

Spoiler alert: At one point in "Watchman," Atticus...

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July 14  |  
Lending Creedence: John Fogerty and his former Creedence Clearwater Revival bandmates are suing each other over the rights to the band name and Fogerty's songs. Fogerty's tour is using the original Revival name, while Stu Cook and Doug Clifford are touring under the name Revisited.

If a deal can be mediated each could be granted a tour under a new name. Still available are Redux, Renegotiated, Relitigated, Reignited and Resigned.

Nice try, Pluto: As NASA's New...

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July 13  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
Grumpy, maybe: The revelation that Bill Cosby admitted under oath in a court deposition that he had obtained Quaaludes to give to women he hoped to have sex with has added to calls that he be stripped of various honors. Disney World, for example, removed a statue of him from its a television Hall of Fame at its Hollywood Studios theme park.

The statue still is being used, however.

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July 11  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
Must be an evil genius behind that minion: Some parents buying Happy Meals at McDonald's are complaining that the toy inside, which promotes the new animated movie, "Minions," curses in at least two of its recorded phrases, though McDonald's insists that the little odd-looking yellow creatures are only speaking gibberish.

It's the second time in recent weeks a problem has...

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July 10  |  
You've got to hide your flag away: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on Thursday signed a bill removing the Confederate battle flag from the capitol grounds and relegating it to a relic room.

The rebel banner's dwindling band of supporters haven't taken a lickin' this bad since Pickett's Charge.

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July 9  |  
Umm, who do you think eats this stuff: Taco Bell says it's launching home delivery service, which is great news for anyone who has ever jonesed for a Crunchwrap Supreme but didn't feel like (or shouldn't have been) getting behind the wheel.

At least it would be a good idea, except Taco Bell is rolling it out in California and Texas — not in Washington Colorado, Oregon or Alaska.

The voice: Harry...

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July 8  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
Now say ‘borscht': As many as 10 Russians have died while taking selfies, prompting Russian authorities to discourage people from photographing themselves while climbing on roofs, posing with guns or hugging tigers.

As he rode shirtless atop a bear and wielding an AK-47, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his people, "Do as I say, nyet as I...

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July 7  |  
Black on the outside, white on the inside and ill-advised all over: The maker of Oreos says a skinny new makeover of the cookie won't be intended to be twisted apart so that kids (and adults) can scrape off the frosting with their teeth.

New Coke-style product redesign launch debacle in three, two, one ...

Umm, about those loans: Despite winning a popular vote against austerity, the prime minister of Greece struck a...

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July 6  |  
No nonstick surface, so use plenty of butter: The summer road work season has begun, as Snohomish County crews get going on chip seal and paving on 107 miles of roadway.

Chip sealing is a cost-effective way to make roads suitable for another seven to 10 years of smooth driving and, on days like today, egg-frying.

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July 4  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
Running low on Tang, too: After two other missions to resupply the International Space Station failed, Russia launched a supply craft carrying oxygen, food, water and other supplies.

We won't say the astronauts were getting desperate, but they were down to the last remaining pages of a Scott Turow paperback that one of them brought up.

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July 3  |  
A mall TV show?But where’s the Orange Julius? PBS broadcasts the documentary, “The National Mall: America’s Front Yard,” at 9 tonight (The Clicker, Page D6).If you don’t tell your pre-teens it’s not that kind of mall, we won’t either.

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July 2  |  
Getting to know you: The United States and Cuba soon will open embassies in each other's capitals, as the longtime antagonists restore ties after more than a half-century of hostilities.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry said the U.S. embassy in Havana will open July 20, which means the State Department has just three weeks to hire a staff of cigar aficionados who also happen to be career diplomats.

Surfing the vast cultural...

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July 1  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
We have our best people working on it: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has launched his campaign to win the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election, joining a field of more than a dozen candidates.

A week after Donald Trump's entry into the race, Christie's campaign launch raised immediate concerns among the nation's joke writers about the dwindling reserve of punch...

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June 30  |  
Plastic? We thought it was a woodland creature: You've seen the last of Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice," as NBC on Monday cut ties with the GOP presidential candidate over his derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants.

The only way this gets better is the plastics fabricator that manufactures The Donald's hair announces that it also is no longer working with him.

Surfing the vast cultural wasteland:...

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June 29  |  Jon Bauer, Herald staff
A museum about nothing: To mark its streaming release of all nine seasons of the sitcom "Seinfeld," Hulu has recreated comedian Jerry Seinfeld's apartment and other scenes familiar to fans, such as Monk's Cafe and the Festivus Pole.

The museum is free but the gift shop is selling items including "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" wedding invitations,...

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