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Opinion columnists

  • Eugene Robinson:  Surgeon, heal thyself of your crackpot ideas   Oct. 13

  • Froma Harrop:  Ecotourism should tread lightly on environment   Oct. 13

  • Kathleen Parker:  Paul Ryan would gain nothing as House speaker   Oct. 12

  • Jeffrey Zalles Special To Washington Post:  Enlist NRA in effort to license sale of ammo  Oct. 11

  • Marko Liias:  We can join fight to stop poaching of endangered species   Oct. 11

  • Johann N. Neem:  Where our notions of public, charter schools come from  Oct. 11

  • Carol MacPherson:  Does your carriage come equipped with GPS?   Oct. 11

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Conservative cause sabotaged from within   Oct. 11

  • Dana Milbank:  Solving chaos in House may be up to voters   Oct. 11

  • David Ignatius:  More intel would give U.S. more options in Syria, Iraq   Oct. 11

  • Eugene Robinson:  GOP has only itself to blame for chaos   Oct. 11

  • Kathleen Parker:  Exhibit of black artist’s work is what Baltimore needs   Oct. 11

  • Dorothy Schroeder:  Children understand gravity of lockdown drills — do we?   Oct. 10

  • John Robert Hill:  Our responsibility to watch for dangers   Oct. 10

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Obama won’t own up to his only option on guns  Oct. 9

  • Dana Milbank:  Freedom Caucus wants a speaker that follows its lead  Oct. 9

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Don’t count grammar fans among Trump’s supporters   Oct. 9

  • Dana Milbank:  Kasich may be too reasonable for GOP’s base   Oct. 8

  • Froma Harrop:  House GOP not through taking hostages   Oct. 8

  • David Ignatius:  It’s ‘iffy,’ but talks progress in East Asia   Oct. 8

  • John Burbank:  Make voter registration automatic   Oct. 7

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Where are effective proposals to stop mass shootings?   Oct. 7

  • Dana Milbank:  Speculation only thing certain about Biden’s run   Oct. 7

  • Eugene Robinson:  Obama’s plan in Syria favors caution, not ego   Oct. 6

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Relaxing law on property crimes a gift to shoplifters   Oct. 6

  • Froma Harrop:  Dark corners of social media encourage bloodshed   Oct. 6

  • the Chicago Editorial Board:  Honor an Oregon town and its dreamers   Oct. 5

  • Dana Milbank:  Trump won’t win because Americans won’t let him  Oct. 5

  • Natalie Wexler Special to Washington Post:  Where Common Core helps and hinders students with writing  Oct. 4

  • Jared Kink:  This is what Legislature needs to hear on school funding   Oct. 4

  • Christina Robertson:  Consider the ideas, direction of residents   Oct. 4

  • Kathleen Parker:  Kevin McCarthy’s gaffe hands Clinton a pass   Oct. 4

  • Eugene Robinson:  Voters looking for big, bold solutions from candidates   Oct. 4

  • The Editors of Bloomberg View:  Boehner’s successor will still have an unruly caucus  Oct. 4

  • the Chicago Editorial Board:  GOP must choose: Govern or make noise  Oct. 4

  • Carol MacPherson:  Clean diesel claims sounding just a bit fuelish   Oct. 4

  • Brendan Williams:  Medicaid’s nursing home wage rates unfairly based on location   Oct. 3

  • The Sacramento Bee Editorial Board:  College shooting achingly familiar   Oct. 3

  • the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board:  Signs of water boost hope for life on Mars   Oct. 2

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Putin’s plans in Syria clear to all but Obama   Oct. 2

  • Dana Milbank:  Despite Warren’s wins, money still trumps populism   Oct. 2

  • Froma Harrop:  Negotiating drug prices could save $16B   Oct. 2

  • David Ignatius:  Obama misjudged Putin; Putin may have misjudged Syria   Oct. 2

  • Jeff Swanson:  We must work together against violence   Oct. 1

  • Kathleen Parker:  GOP toasts Boehner’s exit with weak tea   Oct. 1

  • Debra J. Saunders:  If one state won’t execute a killer, another one will   Oct. 1

  • Dana Milbank:  House GOP has little to show for campaign against Planned Parenthood   Oct. 1

  • Sid Schwab:  Dissecting Ben Carson’s take on Constitution   Sep. 30

  • Dana Milbank:  ‘Mis-speaker’ McCarthy may garble more than langauge  Sep. 30

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Shed a tear for Boehner’s departure   Sep. 30

  • David Ignatius:  Putin may not fare any better fighting ISIS than U.S. has   Sep. 30

  • Froma Harrop:  Did debt crisis, shutdown teach GOP nothing?   Sep. 29

  • Eugene Robinson:  Fiorina’s anger more calculated than accurate   Sep. 29

  • the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board:  ‘Happy Birthday’ ruling worth celebrating   Sep. 28

  • David Sirota:  Tax tricks giving Microsoft, others a free ride  Sep. 28

  • John Burbank:  We agree on school funding; we can agree on how to do it   Sep. 27

  • Carol MacPherson:  Take two selfies and call me in the morning   Sep. 27

  • Eugene Robinson:  Pope reminds: We are in this together   Sep. 27

  • Kathleen Parker:  Pope Francis inspires us to be better people, a better nation   Sep. 27

  • Dana Milbank:  Congress should listen to pope, Boehner   Sep. 27

  • David Ignatius:  What the pope can teach Xi, Obama, Putin   Sep. 27

  • The Washington Post Editorial Board:  VW deserves severe penalties   Sep. 27

  • James Mann Special to Washington Post:  U.S.’s China policy decades behind the times   Sep. 27

  • Pete Sepp:  Time running out to renew ban on Internet access taxes   Sep. 26

  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board:  Parents must break kids’ fast-food habit   Sep. 25

  • Charles Krauthammer:  As Dems falter, GOP alienates potential voters   Sep. 25

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Push to defund Planned Parenthood is a fantasy   Sep. 25

  • Dana Milbank:  GOP voters still sampling flavors before settling for vanilla  Sep. 24

  • Froma Harrop:  Seek to limit speech and you limit yourself   Sep. 24

  • Dana Milbank:  Have faith that voters won’t tolerate bigotry   Sep. 23

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Democrats better hope Trump is the GOP’s pick  Sep. 23

  • Kathleen Parker:  We’ve got a problem, all right: It’s the ignoramuses  Sep. 23

  • David Ignatius:  Even with complications, helping Kurds fight ISIS makes sense   Sep. 23

  • Eugene Robinson:  Anti-Muslim rhetoric would appall nation's founders   Sep. 22

  • Froma Harrop:  Next president fortunate to have Obamacare to build on   Sep. 22

  • Gov. Jay Inslee:  Visits forge strong trade ties for U.S., China   Sep. 21

  • Fiorina watcher explains her success thus far   Sep. 21

  • Arthur C. Brooks Philadelphia Inquirer:  Success comes to those with positive attitudes   Sep. 20

  • Barton Swaim Special to Washington Post:  How Trump makes language work for him   Sep. 20

  • Alexandra Petri Washington Post:  Unit Two? You’re sticking with that?   Sep. 20

  • Carol MacPherson:  Specific dating sites offer tailor-made soulmates   Sep. 20

  • David Sirota:  GE’s campaign cash clouding judgment on its cleanup of PCBs   Sep. 20

  • Eugene Robinson:  GOP field tries to move Trump aside   Sep. 20

  • Kathleen Parker:  $10 question: To whom do you wish to pander?   Sep. 20

  • David Ignatius:  With few exceptions, GOP field's foreign policy light on policy   Sep. 20

  • Dana Milbank:  GOP field finds its voice to counter Trump   Sep. 20

  • Jacob Gloss:  Tolls on I-405 won't address state's deep budget problems   Sep. 19

  • Jeff Merrill:  Problems ahead for I-405 HOV/toll lanes   Sep. 18

  • Charles Krauthammer:  Putin's moves to fight Islamic State are calculated  Sep. 18

  • Debra J. Saunders:  Look past Trump and you’ll find a strong Republican field   Sep. 18

  • Dana Milbank:  Left out of debates, 16th GOP candidate tweets from sidelines   Sep. 18

  • Dana Milbank:  Treat Trump’s bullying as you would a child’s   Sep. 17

  • Froma Harrop:  Blame wage gap on the gap between employee, employer   Sep. 17

  • Sid Schwab:  Honor 9/11 with shared purpose, sacrifice  Sep. 16

  • Kathleen Parker:  Can we trust someone who wants to be president?   Sep. 16

  • David Ignatius:  History of Iran deal shows Obama’s resolve, persistence   Sep. 16

  • Eugene Robinson:  Despite unforced errors, Clinton still the favorite to win presidency  Sep. 15

  • Froma Harrop:  Sanders’ history on working with minorities is complicated  Sep. 15

  • David Sirota:  White-collar crime prosecutions down but not the crimes themselves  Sep. 14

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