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Assumptions galore about adultery website

To the thousands who've been outed as users of the Ashley Madison adultery website: You deserve sympathy. Your greatest sin was trusting a website to protect your identity — especially one that would have rated a 10 as a juicy target for hackers.The second sin, for...

Date: 09/01/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Epix movies to jump to Hulu from Netflix

LOS ANGELES — Hulu will expand its library in October as part of a new deal with cable network Epix.The news came just after streaming giant Netflix announced that it has decided against renewing its agreement in the U.S. with Epix.

Date: 08/31/2015 | Business Wire

Clinton not the only one with email problem

Does Hillary Clinton have a serious legal problem because she may have transmitted classified information on her private email server? After talking with a half-dozen knowledgeable lawyers, I think this "scandal" is overstated. Using the server was a self-inflicted wound by...

Date: 08/31/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Keeping public records public

You would have thought that for something that has been widely used for more than 25 years, we would have figured out how government officials could keep public, political and personal email and other electronic communication separate.Maybe we're too busy deleting spam.

Date: 08/30/2015 | Editorials

Audit criticizes security at Oregon data center

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon technology managers never resolved known security vulnerabilities at a state data warehouse that stores a trove of sensitive information about Oregonians, state auditors concluded in a report released Tuesday.

Date: 08/25/2015 | Northwest

WSU trying to stop hacking attempt

PULLMAN — Washington State University administrators say they are trying to stop a sophisticated hacking attempt they discovered more than a month ago.

Date: 08/23/2015 | Northwest

Selling music, reaching out to fans on Twitter

ATLANTA — From Kanye West to Taylor Swift to Rihanna, more and more musicians are debuting audio, photo and video content on Twitter to boost marketing efforts without spending big bucks.

Date: 08/14/2015 | Life

AT&T, as new owner of DirecTV, offers TV-wireless package

NEW YORK — AT&T is unveiling a new package that combines traditional TV and wireless services as it seeks to broaden its offerings following its $48.5 billion purchase of satellite TV company DirecTV about a week ago.

Date: 08/03/2015 | Business Wire

YouTube creators want to branch out

ANAHEIM, Calif. — When 29-year-old YouTube star Meghan Tonjes launched a podcast with crowd-funding site Patreon a year ago, it was one of dozens of things the singer-songwriter was doing to grind out a living online. Today, it’s paying her rent.

Date: 07/29/2015 | Business Wire

AshleyMadison site for extramarital affairs hacked

AshleyMadison, the dating website designed for those who want a little extramarital action, was hacked over the weekend by a group that threatened to release the personal information of its estimated 37 million users — unless the site took itself offline.

Date: 07/20/2015 | Off the Wire

Photo sites remain offline in wake of possible hack

NEW YORK — The online photo websites of Rite Aid, CVS, Costco and Wal-Mart Canada remain offline in the wake of a possible data breach at the company that hosts all four sites.

Date: 07/20/2015 | Business Wire

Netflix to execute 7-for-1 stock split next month

SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix will execute a seven-for-one stock split next month in a widely anticipated move designed to make the Internet video service’s shares more affordable to a bigger pool of investors.

Date: 06/23/2015 | Business Wire

Showtime price trimmed to $9 in deal for Hulu subscribers

LOS ANGELES — The price of Showtime is being trimmed to $9 a month for Hulu subscribers in a deal that will make it the first premium pay TV service offered through Hulu.

Date: 06/23/2015 | Business Wire

Leveling the showroom floor

Most of us would probably say that we want to see the downtowns and small businesses in our communities thrive. They provide jobs. They provide goods and services we need. And it's enjoyable to buy something from someone you become familiar with, an exchange that adds to our sense of...

Date: 06/15/2015 | Editorials

With ICANN in charge we are no longer masters of our domain names

The U.S. government wants to relinquish control of the Web. But the alternative really dot-sucks.Going back almost to the days when Al Gore invented the Internet, the federal government has been in charge of online addresses through its contract with the California-based...

Date: 05/17/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Little recourse against faceless commenters

Three female professors at Eastern Michigan University were shocked to learn that some young scholars in their lecture hall had been on their cellphones attacking them with lewd public posts, complete with imagery. It was all done anonymously, courtesy of an unusually obnoxious social media app...

Date: 05/12/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Googling on mobile devices surpasses PCs for 1st time

SAN FRANCISCO — Google’s influential search engine has hit a tipping point in technology’s shift to smartphones. More search requests are now being made on mobile devices than on personal computers in the U.S. and many other parts of the world.

Date: 05/05/2015 | Nation & World

Not easy to tell experts from frauds online

There's been some tense back-and-forth over the Canadian mother who said she had stopped opposing vaccinations after all seven of her kids came down with whooping cough. Some say we should loudly thank Tara Hills for publicly disowning her anti-vax campaign. Others — me, for...

Date: 04/24/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Multistate investigation announced into Premera cyberattack

OLYMPIA — Washington state’s insurance commissioner announced Tuesday a multistate investigation into this winter’s cyberattack on Premera Blue Cross.

Date: 03/24/2015 | Northwest

Microsoft to microbrews

Two techies use their skills to promote their love of beer

Date: 03/22/2015 | Hops & Sips

Expand access to computer sciences

There are 20,000 open computing jobs in Washington state. And yet there were only 1,200 computer science graduates at the university level here last year. Only 260 high school girls took the Advanced Placement computer science exam last year, along with just 48 black or Hispanic...

Date: 03/14/2015 | Commentary

Clinton secrecy only raises more suspicion

The Hillary Clinton email controversy is a reminder of one inescapable fact: She comes with baggage. Not the kind that fits in the overhead bin, either. I'm talking steamer trunks.How could anyone serve four years as secretary of state with no official email account, instead...

Date: 03/10/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Net neutrality had fewer foes than assumed

Net neutrality won the day in Washington, and that wasn't supposed to happen. Republicans indignantly opposed regulating Internet service, currently dominated by a few cable giants. Texas Republican Ted Cruz called it "Obamacare for the Internet" (in his world, fightin'...

Date: 03/03/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Man starved, killed small pets found online, prosecutors say

OLYMPIA — An Olympia-area man accused of starving, torturing and slaughtering small pets that prosecutors say he purchased through online ads has been ordered held on $150,000 bail.

Date: 02/24/2015 | Northwest

Government can poke through old emails

WASHINGTON — If you've been remiss in cleaning out your email inbox, here's some incentive: The federal government can read any emails that are more than six months old without a warrant.Little known to most Americans, ambiguous language in a communications law passed...

Date: 02/15/2015 | Nation & World

Regulate the Internet as the public utility it is

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler finally confirmed Wednesday his proposal to protect high-speed Internet service for all Americans. He will ask the commission to reclassify it as a public utility under Title II of the Communications Act.This regulatory...

Date: 02/08/2015 | Commentary

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ copyright enforcer files 5 Oregon suits

PORTLAND, Ore. — The people who own the rights to the film “Dallas Buyers Club” have a recurring role in U.S. District Court.

Date: 02/02/2015 | Northwest

Cantwell hosts net neutrality forum in Seattle

SEATTLE — Sen. Maria Cantwell says proponents of “net neutrality” need to be “loud, just like the Seahawks fans” in the run up to an expected federal decision on the issue.

Date: 01/19/2015 | Business Wire

Cyber plans sound familiar

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Tuesday that recent cyberthreats to Sony and the military’s U.S. Central Command are reminders of the serious threats facing the nation. But an Associated Press review shows that some of his plans are retreads from years past.

Date: 01/13/2015 | Nation & World

Amber Alerts coming to Facebook

NEW YORK — Facebook users in the U.S. will soon receive Amber Alerts to help find missing children who may be located near them.

Date: 01/13/2015 | Business Wire

A few things to work on in 2015

With the new year begun, it's customary to make a few resolutions. Typically, the custom applies to resolutions for oneself, but we'll make an exception here and recommend a few resolutions for others.Resolved: Those running for office should stop making...

Date: 01/01/2015 | Editorials

Maybe letters to Santa are better in crayon

"I sent my Christmas list to you in Google Docs. Can you help me edit it and then email it to Santa?"Sigh. The days of scrawled letters to Santa with crayons, smiley faces and Unabomber-like scribbles with serial numbers and price lists and naked greed mellowed...

Date: 12/25/2014 | Commentary

Hacked emails prove the value of discretion

It seems there is something to offend everyone in the upcoming Hollywood comedy "The Interview." At this point, I'm guessing, most wounded of all may be the Sony Pictures executives who greenlighted the film.Let me first note that Hollywood actor-auteur Seth...

Date: 12/17/2014 | Opinion Columnists

Sony’s ire better directed at N. Korea and not media

The intelligence was obtained illegally. The hackers presented a threat to workers and their families. Foreign operatives likely were behind the document theft. Any news organizations that report this ill-gotten information are, if not un-American, surely "morally treasonous and...

Date: 12/17/2014 | Opinion Columnists

Some of the shine is off the Uber brand

Some Uber customers are reportedly deleting the car-hailing service's app from their cellphones. Here is the reason, which may come on top of other reasons:An Uber exec talked about hiring an investigative team to find dirt on journalists writing unflattering things about...

Date: 11/25/2014 | Opinion Columnists

Uber veep’s remarks confirm its bullying reputation

When Uber hired onetime Obama whisperer David Plouffe, CEO Travis Kalanick wrote: "We are in the middle of a political campaign and it turns out the candidate is Uber. Our opponent — the Big Taxi cartel — has used decades of political contributions and influence to...

Date: 11/21/2014 | Opinion Columnists

How do software bugs go unpatched for years?

On Tuesday, Microsoft patched a critical bug affecting Windows that researchers say could potentially allow hackers to remotely control users’ machines. But the bug wasn’t some recent mistake. The IBM researchers who found it say it has been around for nearly two decades, highlighting the...

Date: 11/12/2014 | Business Wire

Keep flow of information open

Let's just get this out of the way: net neutrality.Now that you've been lulled to drowsiness, pour yourself a cup of coffee, do a couple jumping jacks, whatever you need to get yourself through this subject, because it does matter to you if you use the Internet for anything...

Date: 11/12/2014 | Editorials

Uber’s ‘surge’ ethic spreading to restaurants

Uber, the car-summoning service, got some flak not long ago for "surge" pricing. Customers complained about its policy of raising prices charged for trips at times of high demand. That might happen on New Year's Eve, in the teeth of a monsoon or, less dramatically, during an...

Date: 11/04/2014 | Opinion Columnists

The future of TV

Sleek mini-consoles meet the demand for downloading

Date: 10/26/2014 | Life

Comcast wins more Internet customers

NEW YORK — Comcast Corp.’s third-quarter net income jumped 50 percent in the third quarter, helped by a one-time tax settlement, growth in Internet subscribers and fewer defectors from its cable service.Its shares rose more than 3 percent in afternoon trading.

Date: 10/24/2014 | Business Wire

Police: Man posed as woman in online sex ad scam

IRVINE, Calif. — Police have arrested a 34-year-old Tustin man for posting an ad on Craigslist in which he allegedly posed as a woman to lure teenage boys into sexual encounters.The Los Angeles Times reported that Irvine police arrested Sherwin Ngo on Friday.

Date: 10/19/2014 | Nation & World

Online reporting available for minor crimes

EVERETT — In many ways, it's simply a matter of time and a sign of the times.The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office and several local police agencies have started using a new online crime reporting website they hope will save victims of minor crimes time while freeing...

Date: 10/12/2014 | Local News

More than the NSA sniffing around your metadata

Why did Bradley Cooper and Jessica Alba fail to record a tip when they paid their cabbies during New York City taxi rides back in 2013? Why was Cooper near a Mediterranean restaurant in Greenwich Village? Why was Alba at a ritzy hotel in Soho?We don't know the answers, but...

Date: 10/12/2014 | Opinion Columnists

App designers, there’s an apt revenue strategy for that

Microsoft’s recent purchase of the game Minecraft for $2.5 billion reflects the changing landscape of the software industry.

Date: 10/06/2014 | Business

App designers, there’s an apt revenue strategy for that

Microsoft’s recent purchase of the game Minecraft for $2.5 billion reflects the changing landscape of the software industry.

Date: 10/06/2014 | Business columnists

How to thwart the scammers

Sometimes, it's just impossible to resist fighting back

Date: 10/05/2014 | Business columnists

More bandwidth solves concerns

Net neutrality is simply a policy that forbids privately owned broadband networks from discriminating in how they provide transmission for producers of any legal content. We've had a successful de facto net neutrality policy in place for the better part of 20 years.So what's...

Date: 10/04/2014 | Commentary

McAfee names Jimmy Kimmel its ‘most dangerous celebrity’

LOS ANGELES — If you're about to Google Jimmy Kimmel, beware.Computer security company McAfee says the talk show host is the most dangerous celebrity to search for online.The company said Tuesday that a search for Kimmel carries a 19 percent chance of...

Date: 10/03/2014 | Entertainment

Prosecutor: Keep extra security for Russian inmate

SEATTLE — A federal prosecutor asked a judge to deny requests for changes in the custody of a Russian man charged with hacking into U.S. businesses, arguing his lawyers have illegally given him access to a cellphone and mail.

Date: 10/02/2014 | Northwest

‘Net neutraility’: Government takes on the Internet

WASHINGTON — Should the company that supplies your Internet access be allowed to cut deals with online services such as Netflix, Amazon or YouTube to move their content faster?

Date: 09/28/2014 | Nation & World

AARP fraud watch network alerts you to scams

There was something wrong with my computer, the caller told me.He said his systems had detected a virus. (My computer had been rather slow lately.) He said he was a computer technician with Microsoft. “How did you get my number?” I asked.“You registered on the site,” he said.

Date: 09/28/2014 | Business Wire

Deen gives her side but it’ll cost you

Paula Deen is ready to tell her side of the story behind the racist remark that set back her career, but you’ll need to pay to hear it.

Date: 09/25/2014 | Entertainment

U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence,’ an uninvited but familiar guest

One danger of artistic longevity is repetition. Then there's the problem of self-parody. In the case of U2, a band with 13 documented and doted-upon studio albums across 34 years, how does an artist deliver surprise instead of lapsing into well-worn tropes, even if they're expertly...

Date: 09/17/2014 | Entertainment

Website helps find soundtrack music from films, TV

Have you ever watched a movie and afterward just can’t get a music track from it out of your head? If you don’t know the title of the music, you can try checking the film’s soundtrack or score release. But what if there is no official release or the release doesn’t include the music in your memory?...

Date: 09/12/2014 | Entertainment

Amazon letting viewers pick which series to green-light

Nobody knows anything in Hollywood. Those words of wisdom from screenwriter William Goldman never ring truer than they do during pilot season, that barbaric ritual in which smug executives look at dozens of sample episodes and decide which ones deserve to become full-fledged series.

Date: 09/09/2014 | Entertainment

Netflix unveils new way to share recommendations

SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix is giving its Internet video subscribers a more discreet way to recommend movies and TV shows to their Facebook friends after realizing most people don’t want to share their viewing habits with large audiences.

Date: 09/04/2014 | Entertainment

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