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Global Warming

U.S. oil field linked to global uptick in air pollution

WASHINGTON — An oil and natural gas field in the western United States is largely responsible for a global uptick of the air pollutant ethane, according to a new study.

Date: 04/30/2016 | Nation & World

Global warming could deplete the oceans’ oxygen levels

In the long list of troubling climate change scenarios, there’s one that gets relatively little attention, but definitely has enormous potential consequences.It goes like this:

Date: 04/28/2016 | Nation & World

Join a growing movement

April is all about trees, so do your part and plant a native one

Date: 04/28/2016 | Home and Garden

Half of U.S. conservatives say climate change is real

NEW YORK — The percentage of conservative Republicans who consider global warming a threat shot up 19 points in two years, to 47 percent, according to public opinion researchers at Yale University and George Mason University. Overall, 56 percent of Republicans agree that it’s happening. Including...

Date: 04/27/2016 | Nation & World

Scientists just lost a key tool to observe melting Arctic

Earlier this month, a U.S. satellite known as F17 — which was primarily used for meteorological measurements — experienced operational failures that compromised the integrity of its data. And while there are similar satellites in orbit that can take over the data collection for now, they’re old...

Date: 04/25/2016 | Nation & World

175 nations sign historic accord on global warming

NEW YORK — In a striking declaration that the world is finally ready to change its polluted ways, global leaders gathered at the United Nations headquarters to sign the historic Paris climate accord, an agreement that is seen as the blueprint for rescuing the planet.

Date: 04/23/2016 | Nation & World

Up to 170 states poised to sign landmark climate agreement

UNITED NATIONS — As many as 170 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change Friday as the landmark deal takes a key step toward entering into force years ahead of schedule.

Date: 04/22/2016 | Nation & World

Senate energy bill powered by compromise

The timing is coincidental but no less appropriate: During National Parks Week and a couple of days before today's observance of Earth Day, the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive energy bill that accomplishes more than any previous energy legislation in nearly a decade.

Date: 04/22/2016 | Editorials

Earth’s hot streak continues for a record 11 months

WASHINGTON — Earth’s record monthly heat streak has hit 11 months in a row — a record in itself.

Date: 04/19/2016 | Nation & World

Ted Cruz promises to roll back the ‘war on coal’

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Republican candidate Ted Cruz promised to roll back what he calls President Barack Obama's ‘war on coal' if he's elected president.The Texas senator made the pledge in a speech to the Republican State Convention in Casper on Saturday.

Date: 04/16/2016 | Nation & World

There’s no scientific debate about climate change

It’s a well-known and widely cited statistic: 97 percent of scientific experts agree that human-caused climate change is real. The consensus has been supported by numerous studies — and yet the idea that the statistic is made up, or wrong, is still a common position among climate doubters and a...

Date: 04/15/2016 | Nation & World

Uncertainty about climate change is not our friend

For a long time, there's been one key part of the Earth system that, just maybe, could help us out a little bit with our global warming problem: Clouds.Clouds are central to the climate because their white surfaces reflect sunlight back to space, keeping the planet cooler...

Date: 04/08/2016 | Nation & World

Clean energy advances validate U.S. investment

So much of America's future is at stake in the 2016 presidential election. But let's focus for a moment on just one area — energy and the environment — where the Obama administration has made startling progress that could be reversed if either of the GOP front-runners...

Date: 04/07/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Scientists: Urgent to combat changing ocean chemistry on West Coast

SEATTLE — Global carbon dioxide emissions are rapidly altering ocean chemistry along the West Coast and urgent regional action is needed, a panel of ocean scientists said in a report released Monday.

Date: 04/04/2016 | Northwest

Judge says climate change threatens snow-loving wolverines

BILLINGS, Mont. — The Obama administration brushed over the threat that climate change poses to the snow-loving wolverine when it denied protections for the elusive predator also known as the “mountain devil,” a federal judge ruled Monday.

Date: 04/04/2016 | Northwest

‘Severe’ coral bleaching damages Great Barrier Reef

Scientists have declared that key portions of the Great Barrier Reef - over a thousand miles long and the "largest living structure on the planet," according to Australia's Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority - are now seeing the worst coral bleaching in recorded...

Date: 03/30/2016 | Nation & World

Drastic year could lead to ban on coastal salmon fishing

OLYMPIA — State, federal and tribal officials may bar salmon fishing off Washington’s coast this year in anticipation of another bad year of returning coho salmon.

Date: 03/15/2016 | Local News

Oregon governor signs landmark anti-coal bill into law

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed one of the nation’s most aggressive pieces of pro-climate legislation into law.The measure signed on Friday makes Oregon the first state to eliminate coal from its energy supply by legislation, which will happen in phases through 2030.

Date: 03/11/2016 | Northwest

Northwest interests on the menu as Obama, Trudeau meet

Considering one of the topics that President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could discuss during the Canadian leader's visit to Washington, D.C., later this week, it would be appropriate if Thursday's state dinner menu featured Columbia River salmon and wine from a...

Date: 03/08/2016 | Editorials

Barbarians are at the gate, and Obama fiddles

State of the world, Year Eight of Barack Obama:(1) In the South China Sea, on a speck of land of disputed sovereignty far from its borders, China has just installed anti-aircraft batteries and stationed fighter jets. This after China landed planes on an artificial island it...

Date: 02/26/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Paying costs of getting around

The money isn't in hand — that will have to wait for Congress to complete the federal budget process before October — but two transportation projects in Snohomish County are in line to receive federal funding that represents confidence in their value and necessity to...

Date: 02/14/2016 | Editorials

Surpreme Court freezes President Obama’s global warming plan

The Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked a key part of President Barack Obama's ambitious proposal to limit carbon emissions and reduce global warming while the plan is challenged.The court granted a stay request from more than two dozen states, plus utilities and coal...

Date: 02/10/2016 | Nation & World

East Coast could be a major ‘hotspot’ for rising seas

New research published Monday adds to a body of evidence suggesting that a warming climate may have particularly marked effects for some citizens of the country most responsible for global warming in the first place - namely, U.S. East Coasters.

Date: 02/03/2016 | Nation & World

Cheap oil isn’t reversing gains of clean energy

It stood to reason that collapsing prices for oil would make clean energy relatively more expensive. That would dampen the public's craving to install solar panels and build wind turbines.Well, let's try to reason again. A lot of opposing forces are shaking the old...

Date: 01/31/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Three minutes to midnight no time to rebuild Trident missiles

A year ago the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved its Doomsday Clock to 3 minutes to midnight, responding to "entirely insufficient" global efforts to check nuclear weaponry and global warming or to address the risks inherent to...

Date: 01/30/2016 | Commentary

Combined weight of climate data impossible to ignore

For those still unconvinced about the reality of climate change, the year that just ended should erase any doubt. Climate data from the air, land and water all reveal an indisputable portrait of a warming world.On Wednesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric...

Date: 01/24/2016 | Commentary

2015 was Earth’s hottest year ever, NOAA and NASA say

WASHINGTON — Last year wasn’t just the Earth’s hottest year on record — it left a century of high temperature marks in the dust.The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and NASA announced Wednesday that 2015 was by far the hottest year in 136 years of record keeping.

Date: 01/20/2016 | Nation & World

Who should we believe: Big Oil or scientists?

I read with great interest Mr. Rash's guest commentary in Saturday's Herald, "There are no climate deniers, only skeptics of doomsayers," and it raised a lot of questions for me that maybe he could...

Date: 01/15/2016 | Commentary

The real sea monster

'Ocean Annie' explains why plastics and oceans don't mix

Date: 01/13/2016 | Local News

There are no climate deniers, only skeptics of doomsayers

In his Herald column of Dec. 31, Jerry Cornfield reiterated the calumny that the media persistently drums into folks, inherently taking up one side of a...

Date: 01/09/2016 | Commentary

Carbon tax should return its revenue to residents

In 2016, voters in Washington may get the chance to enact the first state carbon tax. To make sure they provide a good example for the other 49, they should adopt the smartest policy with the broadest bipartisan appeal: a revenue-neutral tax.Carbon Washington, an...

Date: 12/31/2015 | Commentary

Interview: Climate deal caps a long quest for U.N. chief

UNITED NATIONS — When international negotiators reached a first-of-its kind climate change agreement in Paris this month, the United Nations’ normally low-key leader, Ban Ki-moon, celebrated onstage, arms raised in victory and more exuberant than many had ever seen him before.

Date: 12/27/2015 | Nation & World

Pot-growing operations tax U.S. energy grids

DENVER — Pot’s not green.The $3.5 billion U.S. cannabis market is emerging as one of the nation’s most power-hungry industries, with the 24-hour demands of thousands of indoor growing sites taxing aging electricity grids and unraveling hard-earned gains in energy conservation.

Date: 12/26/2015 | Nation & World

Carbon tax state initiative backers decide to go toward the ballot

SEATTLE — Sponsors of a Washington state initiative to tax carbon emissions has decided to go ahead and put it on the ballot, despite a competing climate proposal.The Seattle Times reported the Initiative 732 campaign made the decision Wednesday night.

Date: 12/24/2015 | Northwest

Last deep British coal mine closes

LONDON — Coal once fueled the British Empire, employed armies of men and shook the power of governments.On Friday, workers at Britain's last operating deep coal mine finished their final shift, emerging — soot-blackened and live on television news channels...

Date: 12/19/2015 | Business Wire

Calif. billionaire backing Washington climate change effort

SEATTLE — Campaign records show that California billionaire Tom Steyer has donated $80,000 to a planned Washington state ballot initiative to tackle climate change.

Date: 12/18/2015 | Northwest

Climate pact is as effective as Obama's Iran deal

Last Saturday, Barack Obama gained the second jewel in his foreign policy triple crown: the Paris climate accord. It follows his Iran nuclear deal and awaits but the closing of Guantanamo to complete his glittering legacy.To be sure, Obama will not be submitting the climate...

Date: 12/18/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Climate pact good news, but it’s just a start

Given the grave danger posed by unchecked climate change, it's understandable that concerned citizens worldwide would want to hail the historic carbon-emission deal inked in Paris last weekend. And, in fact, getting consensus from 195 nations with varying levels of economic and...

Date: 12/16/2015 | Commentary

Paris climate deal an ‘end of the beginning’

"This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Those were Winston Churchill's words of battle-weary comfort when World War II started decisively shifting in the Allies' favor.They could also be...

Date: 12/15/2015 | Opinion Columnists

196 countries approve historic climate pact

LE BOURGET, France — Negotiators from 196 countries approved a landmark climate accord Saturday that seeks to dramatically reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases blamed for a dangerous warming of the planet.The agreement, adopted after 13 days of intense bargaining...

Date: 12/13/2015 | Nation & World

Paris talks and local efforts

Negotiators from more than 190 countries on Saturday approved a far-reaching agreement to slow the emission of greenhouse gases and the advancement of climate change.Regardless of whether the pact is ultimately ratified by those nations, and what it will spell out in the...

Date: 12/13/2015 | Editorials

Climate of uncertainty

Viewpoints: What can we expect from Paris climate talks?

Date: 12/13/2015 | Commentary

Change habits to help our climate

Almost every day there is an article about global warming, and a demand for the government to do something about it. A rational person would tackle the problem by approaching it at a basic level, and that would be cutting demand for the products that cause pollution. But...

Date: 12/13/2015 | Commentary

Recognize success industries are having in cutting CO2

It is true this year's drought and wildfire season wreaked havoc on the state, a point that Gov. Jay Inslee makes while promoting his government-centric carbon emissions reduction plan. But the governor's labeling of those who disagree with the details of his plan as "fear...

Date: 12/13/2015 | Commentary

Paris celebrates historic global warming pact

LE BOURGET, France — Nearly 200 nations adopted the first global pact to fight climate change on Saturday, calling on the world to collectively cut and then eliminate greenhouse gas pollution but imposing no sanctions on countries that don't.

Date: 12/12/2015 | Nation & World

Key points of the landmark climate agreement

LE BOURGET, France — U.N. climate talks reached a milestone Saturday when more than 190 countries adopted the first accord asking all countries to join the fight against global warming.

Date: 12/12/2015 | Nation & World

Gov. Inslee signs climate change agreements in Paris

OLYMPIA — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has signed onto agreements with other nations to fight climate change while attending a global summit in Paris.

Date: 12/07/2015 | Northwest

China, with awful safety record, plans 110 nuclear plants

It had been about a month since chemical explosions blasted and burned through the port of Tianjin, killing 173. Pictures of rescue workers in hazmat suits became some of the signature images of the disaster. And despite incredible censorship, it was clear to most that unsafe chemical storage —...

Date: 12/05/2015 | Nation & World

Heed boarding call for clean energy train

As the Paris climate talks begin, the die is already cast: The world is going to move toward cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy. The question for U.S. policymakers is whether the world's biggest economy gets left behind.President Obama is trying his best to ensure...

Date: 12/01/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Earth wilder, warmer since last climate deal made

PARIS — This time, it’s a hotter, waterier, wilder Earth that world leaders are trying to save.

Date: 11/29/2015 | Nation & World

Climate protests take place around the world on eve of Paris summit

LONDON — From Melbourne to Mexico City, tens of thousands of people worldwide hit the streets over the weekend to press world leaders to push for a bold international agreement at the upcoming climate summit in Paris.

Date: 11/29/2015 | Nation & World

Obama: U.S. leadership helping global fight on climate change

PARIS — President Barack Obama said Sunday that American leadership was helping make gains in the global fight against climate change as he tried to reassure world leaders assembling for a historic conference in Paris that the U.S. can deliver on its own commitments.

Date: 11/29/2015 | Nation & World

Climate talks a win for Obama, but planet remains in danger

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama travels to the Paris climate summit Sunday for what could be the crowning diplomatic achievement of his presidency, yet one that climate experts say will still leave the planet on a path toward dangerous levels of global warming.

Date: 11/29/2015 | Nation & World

Climate change triggers new fears of diseases

DALLAS — Winter was oddly mild in northern Texas in 2012, a year that saw few snowflakes and barely any ice. When the cold failed to show up, the spring mosquitoes arrived in droves, carrying disease.The insects multiplied during an unusually muggy May, when...

Date: 11/28/2015 | Nation & World

German giant Allianz slashes coal investments

BERLIN — Germany’s Allianz SE, one of the world’s largest financial asset managers, said Tuesday it would over the next six months decrease investments in companies using coal and boost funding on those focused on wind power.

Date: 11/26/2015 | Business Wire

Yet another study debunks the global warming ‘pause’

Even as Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, continues to investigate a high profile study from federal scientists debunking the idea of a global warming slowdown or “pause,” a new study reaches the same conclusion — in a different yet...

Date: 11/25/2015 | Nation & World

Judge denies Seattle kids protection from climate change

SEATTLE — A judge has denied an appeal by eight young activists who petitioned Washington state to adopt stricter science-based regulations to protect them against climate change.

Date: 11/20/2015 | Northwest

Absurdly hot October as Earth sets 8th heat record

WASHINGTON — Even in a record-breaking hot year for Earth, October stood out as absurdly warm.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that last month globally was 58.86 degrees (14.98 degrees Celsius). That's the hottest October on record by a third of...

Date: 11/19/2015 | Nation & World

UW report details effects of climate change in Puget Sound

SEATTLE — The Puget Sound region is projected to face more intense flooding, rising sea levels, heavier downpours and thinner winter snowpack as temperatures continue to warm in coming decades, according to a report released Tuesday by the University of Washington.

Date: 11/17/2015 | Northwest

Decision followed a lot of work, protests

"This is huge. A head of state has never rejected a major fossil fuel project because of its climate impacts before. The president's decision sets the standard for what climate action looks like: standing up to the fossil fuel industry, and keeping fossil fuels in the...

Date: 11/17/2015 | Commentary

NASA can track oceans from space. What they see is troubling

There has been growing concern, of late, that one predicted consequence of a changing climate — the slowing of the great “overturning” circulation in the Atlantic Ocean — is already starting to happen.

Date: 11/06/2015 | Nation & World

GOP-led Congress moves to block Obama’s Clean Power Plan

WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans are moving to block President Barack Obama’s plan to force steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants.

Date: 10/26/2015 | Nation & World

Persian Gulf could become too hot for humans to tolerate

WASHINGTON — If carbon dioxide emissions continue at their current pace, by the end of century parts of the Persian Gulf will sometimes be just too hot for the human body to tolerate, a new study says.

Date: 10/26/2015 | Nation & World

Why hurricanes like Patricia are expected on warmer planet

First there was Supertyphoon Haiyan — which peaked out at 170-knot or 196 mile-per-hour winds in 2013 as it slammed the Philippines. And now there is Patricia, forecast to soon hit Mexico, with currently estimated maximum sustained wind speeds of 175 knots or, that's right, over...

Date: 10/24/2015 | Nation & World

Oil firm CEOs pledge support for climate deal

STOCKHOLM — The chief executives of 10 of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies have pledged support for an “effective” deal to fight global warming at a Paris conference next month.

Date: 10/16/2015 | Nation & World

Driving a Volkswagen can make you feel dirty

As kids in the 1980s, we played a game called Slug Bug.

Date: 10/09/2015 | Web Monkey

California gets aggressive climate change law

LOS ANGELES — California Gov. Jerry Brown signed an ambitious climate change bill Wednesday, aiming to increase the state's use of renewable electricity to 50 percent and make existing buildings twice as energy-efficient by 2030."The goal is clear, and California...

Date: 10/07/2015 | Business Wire

Scientists worry about cold ‘blob’ in Atlantic Ocean

It is, for our home planet, an extremely warm year.Indeed, last week we learned from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that the first eight months of 2015 were the hottest such stretch yet recorded for the globe's surface land and oceans, based on...

Date: 09/25/2015 | Nation & World

Pope Francis makes appeals to Congress

NEW YORK — Pope Francis plunged into the melting pot of New York on Thursday after reminding the country of its immigrant origins in the first papal speech before Congress. At an evening prayer service in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, he thanked American nuns for their strength and courage in a deeply...

Date: 09/25/2015 | Nation & World

Global record for heat broken for 5th straight year

WASHINGTON — Earth's record-breaking heat is sounding an awful lot like a broken record.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday that August, this past summer...

Date: 09/18/2015 | Nation & World

Global record for heat broken for 5th straight year

WASHINGTON — Earth’s record-breaking heat is sounding an awful lot like a broken record.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday that August, this past summer and the first eight months of 2015 all smashed global records for heat.

Date: 09/17/2015 | Nation & World

A carbon cap, but what then?

Among those who are concerned about the effects of climate change and want to see steps taken to slow it, most are supportive of placing a cap on carbon emissions.Carbon dioxide, while only a small fraction of a percentage of our atmosphere, is increasing. That increase in...

Date: 09/16/2015 | Editorials

More coastal nuisance flooding likely

WASHINGTON — Federal scientists said Wednesday they expect nuisance flooding to increase in many places along the nation’s coasts in coming months.

Date: 09/10/2015 | Nation & World

It’s in our best interests to save past and future

Why should people care about the past or the future? That may sound like a perverse question, but it's at the center of two recent stories — one involving the Islamic State's destruction of antiquities at Palmyra in Syria, and the other a presidential warning about damage to the...

Date: 09/03/2015 | Opinion Columnists

The need for more icebreakers

President Obama's renaming of Alaska's Mount McKinley to Denali earlier this week was just an icebreaker. But it wasn't the only one on the president's mind.The...

Date: 09/02/2015 | Editorials

In Alaska, Obama depicts stark future without climate action

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Submerged countries, abandoned cities and floods of refugees await the world barring urgent action on climate change, President Barack Obama warned Monday, painting a doomsday scenario as he opened a historic visit to Alaska.

Date: 08/31/2015 | Nation & World

In Alaska, Obama will focus on climate change

WASHINGTON — With melting glaciers and rising seas as his backdrop, President Barack Obama will visit Alaska this week to press for urgent global action to combat climate change, even as he carefully calibrates his message in a state heavily dependent on oil.Obama will...

Date: 08/30/2015 | Nation & World

A climate solution GOP can advance

The Republican talking point on climate change is evolving, thankfully, from "I'm not a scientist" to "Let's solve it through innovation." That's good news for the nation and generations of Americans to come. After all, the first step to solving a problem is to...

Date: 08/30/2015 | Commentary

Shell pauses Arctic offshore drilling for high wind, water

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Strong winds and high waves that pounded the northern coast of Alaska have led Royal Dutch Shell PLC to temporarily stop exploratory oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

Date: 08/29/2015 | Business Wire

Scientists, tribe study shrinking Washington state glaciers

MOUNT BAKER — Glaciers on Mount Baker and other mountains in Washington state’s North Cascades are thinning and retreating. Seven have disappeared over the past three decades, and the overall volume of glaciers in the range have lost about one-fifth of their volume.

Date: 08/28/2015 | Northwest

Few Catholics know of pope’s climate views

NEW YORK — A new survey has found fewer than half of U.S. Roman Catholics said they knew of Pope Francis' bombshell encyclical on curbing climate change — and only a fraction of those heard about it from the pulpit — in the month after he released the document with an...

Date: 08/20/2015 | Nation & World

Obama’s proposals for climate change face stiff legal challenges this fall

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s climate change plan will be challenged in in the courts this fall, when lawyers for at least 15 states join the coal and power industries to block the carbon-reducing rules before they take effect.

Date: 08/16/2015 | Nation & World

Obama to visit Alaska’s Arctic region in bid to fight climate change

CHILMARK, Mass. — President Barack Obama will become the first sitting commander in chief to visit the Alaskan Arctic, the White House announced Thursday, the latest in a string of stops this summer that have been presidential firsts.

Date: 08/15/2015 | Northwest

Moving on for clean air, water

Having hit a wall of opposition in the Legislature this session, Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee remains committed to moving forward in some fashion with his initiatives for cleaner air and water.Inslee, who favors baseball metaphors, struck out three times with proposed...

Date: 08/13/2015 | Editorials

Coal isn’t the energy source for 21st century

Time to drop this "war on coal" talk. Time to ignore the hollering by coal country politicians over President Obama's beefed-up plan to combat global warming.No, the Clean Power Plan will not ruin their local economies, because coal has already done that,...

Date: 08/06/2015 | Opinion Columnists

2016 election matters for one reason: climate change

The vast majority of scientists who have devoted their professional lives to studying the Earth's climate believe human-induced warming is an urgent problem requiring bold action. Republican candidates for president insist they know better.With one possible exception —...

Date: 08/06/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Inslee’s carbon cap won’t happen soon

OLYMPIA — It may take Gov. Jay Inslee longer to circumvent lawmakers and impose a cap on carbon emissions than he’s expecting.

Date: 08/04/2015 | Local News

Obama unveils plan to curb power plant emissions

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama sought to clamp down Monday on power plant emissions with a federal plan that — if successful — would attempt to slow global warming by dramatically shifting the way Americans get and use electricity.

Date: 08/03/2015 | Nation & World

Half of Columbia River sockeye salmon dying due to hot water

BOISE, Idaho — More than a quarter million sockeye salmon returning from the ocean to spawn are either dead or dying in the Columbia River and its tributaries due to warming water temperatures.

Date: 07/27/2015 | Northwest

Oregon tribes preparing for climate change impact on First Foods

ELGIN, Ore. — Against the backdrop of a region-wide drought, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation are bracing for the potentially harmful long-term effects of climate change.

Date: 07/26/2015 | Northwest

Swallowing this 'pill' is too costly

Gov. Jay Inslee is said to be weighing whether to take the dare and swallow what's been dubbed the "poison pill" that Republicans inserted into the $16.2 billion transportation package to dissuade him from moving forward with one of his key environmental proposals.

Date: 07/26/2015 | Editorials

Our green governor stymied on his environmental policies

These days Jay Inslee might be America’s most frustrated governor. And we may soon find out how much more frustration — and stomachache — he can take.

Date: 07/23/2015 | Local News

Drought raises concern over return of humpies

Millions of pink salmon are bound for Washington rivers and streams this year. Biologists are worried that when they return, they might find the water too warm and shallow for spawning and cause more problems for fish already struggling

Date: 07/19/2015 | Local News

Gov. Inslee to give speech at climate summit in Canada

OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee will be briefly heading to Canada this week to speak at the Climate Summit of the Americas.

Date: 07/06/2015 | Northwest

Flying climate-friendly skies

Viewpoints: Can technology cut airliners' carbon emissions?

Date: 06/28/2015 | Commentary

Wildfires blister Alaska with increased frequency, intensity

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska residents endure the nation’s harshest winters for the reward of beautiful summer days with sunshine that lingers until midnight.

Date: 06/24/2015 | Northwest

More reasons to limit carbon

The justifications for taking real and effective steps to slow climate change and limit the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases we pump into the atmosphere continue to mount.Recent studies and events now add to the warnings and recommendations about the threat to our...

Date: 06/24/2015 | Editorials

Top doctors’ prescription for feverish planet: Cut out coal

WASHINGTON — Some top international doctors and public health experts have issued an urgent prescription for a feverish planet Earth: Get off coal as soon as possible.

Date: 06/22/2015 | Nation & World

Pope’s climate stance political not spiritual

Pope Francis released an encyclical Thursday on climate change — a draft of which was leaked to the Italian magazine l'Espresso on Monday. The New York Times reports that the encyclical is "eagerly awaited, especially by scientists and environmentalists" —...

Date: 06/21/2015 | Opinion Columnists

'Our common home'

Viewpoints: Pope Francis calls for action on climate change

Date: 06/21/2015 | Commentary

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