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Health treatment

Give kids healthy start to school year

The days are getting shorter and summer activities are winding down. School supply lists are appearing in stores and your in-boxes. Kids (hopefully) are finishing their summer reading lists. Back to School time is just around the corner, though it may feel like Memorial Day was just a...

Date: 08/26/2015 | Commentary

Gig Harbor doctor’s license suspended for invasive procedures

SEATTLE — The Washington State Medical Commission has suspended a Pierce County doctor after Virginia revoked his license for allowing military medical students to conduct invasive procedures on each other, and inject each other with drugs, sometimes in combination with...

Date: 08/25/2015 | Northwest

Health-related classes and events in Snohomish County

AUGUST 17LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTERThis American Cancer Society class is designed for women undergoing cancer treatment. It focuses on skin care, cosmetics, hair care and hair loss. The class will meet Aug. 17, 6-8 p.m., at Swedish...

Date: 08/15/2015 | Life

Hydration is key when working out in the heat

Trainer Lori Patterson holds all her boot camp classes outdoors. In the summer, the days are hot, the workouts intense and her advice simple.Drink plenty of water.

Date: 08/15/2015 | Life

Tips on talking with someone who has cancer

There are times in our lives when we know exactly what to say.When someone gets married or has a baby or graduates from college, we say, “Congratulations.” When we meet someone new, we say, “Nice to meet you.” When someone loses a loved one, we say, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Date: 08/15/2015 | Life

Children who are out of shape are more likely to suffer sports injuries

The opportunities and varieties of athletic activities for our youth, from select leagues to recreational sports, have increased significantly. However, more than 80 percent of adolescents still do not perform enough regular physical activity to satisfy the minimum amount recommended by the...

Date: 08/15/2015 | Life

How to grill meat the smarter, safer way

Who doesn't love food grilled outside on a barbecue? So delicious. But have you ever heard that it can be bad to eat grilled food?It turns out that cooking meats using high-heat sources, including using an open flame, leads to the production of heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and...

Date: 08/15/2015 | Life

Open wide for the lowdown on your teeth

There’s more to your teeth than keeping them pearly and white.To make the most out of your trip to the dentist, schedule both a cleaning and a checkup.“One is maintaining your hygiene, and one is maintaining the integrity of your teeth,” said Dr. Ann Liou, a prosthodontist in Edmonds.

Date: 08/15/2015 | Life

Lifetime of dental health begins early

Taking care of your baby’s teeth begins before a first tooth ever appears. There are many things you can do as a parent to help assure that your child will have a healthy and beautiful smile for years to come.It starts with you

Date: 08/15/2015 | Life

Plain soap may be safest way to wash

Soap may seem to be keeping germs at bay, but in many homes, it’s doing harm.The potential culprit is antibacterial soap that contains triclosan.Why is it harmful?

Date: 08/15/2015 | Life

Three fire districts launch compassionate collaboration

CLEARVIEW — The most important qualification for the job was compassion.Along with compassion, they needed someone personable, who would advocate for patients, said Larry Huff, the Lake Stevens deputy fire chief.Lake Stevens is joining Fire District 7 in...

Date: 08/05/2015 | Local News

Classes and events

JULY 26 Hoop it up The Providence Institute for a Healthier Community is looking for 600 or more participants to gather before the Everett AquaSox home game on Sunday to break the world record for "Largest Hula Hoop Workout." Hula hoops will...

Date: 07/25/2015 | Life

New guidelines suggest use of clot-grabbing device in some strokes

New guidelines issued for the treatment of strokes recommend that doctors use a device that can grab and remove blood clots, along with a clot-dissolving drug, when certain people suffer life-threatening blockages of blood to their brains.

Date: 07/25/2015 | Life

Two types of superfoods to supercharge your health

It seems like every week you read about a new nutrient-rich superfood. The health promises that ads make are so appealing and believable.But before giving you my ideas for the best new superfoods, let's ask the basic question: what makes a superfood "super"?...

Date: 07/25/2015 | Life

Holland selected to head neurosurgery at Providence

Dr. Martin C. Holland has joined Providence Regional Medical Center Everett to serve as chief of neurosurgery and the neuroscience program.

Date: 07/25/2015 | Life

3-D mammography improves breast cancer detection

When it comes to beating breast cancer, early detection is crucial. Survival rates for women with breast cancer range from 90 percent when the cancer is found early, to as low as 10 percent when it is found in a later stage.

Date: 07/25/2015 | Life

The brave new world of office desks

Sure, standing at your desk all day can be a bit of a pain, but spending the 9-to-5 leaning back or hunched over is terrible for you.

Date: 07/25/2015 | Life

Protect your eyes from damaging UV rays

Regular eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance regardless of one’s age or physical health. For doctors of optometry, an eye examination involves treating a patient for his or her medical and preventive needs.

Date: 07/25/2015 | Life

10 tips for the young athlete

Dr. Michael Rohrenbach is a family medicine physician at Harbour Pointe Clinic and team physician for the Everett AquaSox Baseball Club. As school-age kids participate in summer sports leagues or prepare for school sports in the fall, he offers these 10 tips for young athletes:

Date: 07/25/2015 | Life

University of Washington to study children with autism

SEATTLE — University of Washington researchers are recruiting Seattle-area children with autism as part of a four-year study to identify biological markers.

Date: 07/22/2015 | Northwest

CPAP machines just one option to treat sleep disorder

In my opinion, Ms. Guthrie who wrote the July 4 article "Undetected sleep apnea can lead to host of health problems," didn't do her research very well.She wrote "If sleep apnea is...

Date: 07/11/2015 | Commentary

Watson’s next feat? Taking on cancer

HOUSTON — Candida Vitale and the other fellows at MD Anderson’s leukemia treatment center had known each other for only a few months, but they already were very tight. The nine of them shared a small office and were always hanging out on weekends.

Date: 06/27/2015 | Nation & World

Massage therapist, accused of sexual misconduct, has license suspended

EVERETT — The state Department of Health has suspended the license of a massage therapist accused of sexual misconduct.Danzel Phipps can’t practice in Washington until the Health Department’s investigation is resolved, according to a press release issued on Thursday.

Date: 06/25/2015 | Local News

How some states address overuse of ERs

On a recent Saturday morning, I drove a good friend from her health club to an emergency room at a nearby hospital. Her symptoms — not remembering what she had just done and repeating herself — spoke of a potentially serious condition. The emergency medical technicians...

Date: 06/23/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Cancer drugs’ value gauged

The pushback against soaring cancer drug prices is gaining steam. A leading doctors group on Monday proposed a formula to help patients decide if a medicine is worth it — what it will cost them and how much good it is likely to do.

Date: 06/22/2015 | Nation & World

Recognize medical cannabis

In 2014, Congress quietly ended the federal government's prohibition on medical cannabis with a provision buried in the 1,603-page federal spending bill, The Los Angeles Times reported at the time. The...

Date: 06/19/2015 | Editorials

Oregon man hurt by leftover acupuncture needle seeks $3M

PORTLAND, Ore. — A lawsuit seeking more than $3 million has been filed on behalf of a Portland man who says an acupuncturist left two needles in his skin, and one of them later broke off and became embedded in his groin.

Date: 06/15/2015 | Northwest

Promoting health; lifting barriers

Promotoras link the Latino community with the medical world

Date: 06/13/2015 | Local News

Rampant heroin use turns jail into county's largest 'detox center'

EVERETT — Heroin use is so rampant among people being booked into the Snohomish County Jail that Monday, more than 90 percent of the 52 inmates locked up in the medical unit were dangerously ill with...

Date: 06/11/2015 | Local News

Oregon doctors perform novel procedure to replace pregnant woman’s heart valve

PORTLAND, Ore. — Cardiologists with the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute have successfully used a novel procedure to replace a woman’s damaged heart valve while she was pregnant, minimizing the risk to her and her baby.

Date: 06/08/2015 | Northwest

State must increase funding for treatment of mentally ill

The treatment of mentally ill patients has undergone radical changes in the past 150 years, and not always for the better. Unfortunately, public health treatment remains grossly underfunded; consequently care is fragmented and places a huge social burden on American communities.

Date: 06/07/2015 | Commentary

Move to digital medical files will need time

I rarely do follow-up columns. I'm averaging one every 10 years. And while my last such exercise resulted in a written apology from the White House (for accusing me of making up facts over its removal of Churchill's bust), today's is not a complaint. It's merely a recognition that the...

Date: 06/05/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Advance in treatment of late-stage melanoma confirmed in large-scale study

CHICAGO — Treating advanced melanoma patients with two of the new drugs that help their immune systems fight cancer is more effective than using either drug alone, researchers showed in a study released Sunday that expands physicians’ arsenal against the lethal disease and, potentially, other...

Date: 05/31/2015 | Nation & World

4 Oregon residents sickened after using phone app to ID wild mushrooms

LA PINE, Ore. — A sheriff’s officer says four central Oregon residents were rushed to a hospital after they used a phone app to identify wild mushrooms but ended up consuming mushrooms that were poisonous.

Date: 05/30/2015 | Northwest

Opposition to medical marijuana in Senate softens

The Senate Appropriations Committee did something last week the Senate has never done; it passed a marijuana reform measure. It was the narrowest of proposals, an amendment co-authored by Sens. Steve Daines, R-Montana, and Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, to a military spending bill that would...

Date: 05/28/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Does the allure of float tanks to ease mind and body hold water?

ST. LOUIS — When I would tell people that I was going to try this new place where you float in a tank in total darkness and complete silence for 90 minutes, I would get two reactions: That sounds blissful, or that sounds torturous.

Date: 05/26/2015 | Life

Honor promise to help retirement of home care workers

Tens of thousands of home care workers in Washington state who do the demanding and critical work of care for seniors and people with disabilities do not have any retirement benefit. A fiscally responsible agreement was negotiated last year that funded a modest retirement contribution...

Date: 05/23/2015 | Commentary

License suspended for Bellingham nurse after patient death

BELLINGHAM — The Washington state Department of Health has suspended the license of a nurse after a resident died in her care at a Bellingham nursing home.A report from the Health Department said the investigation of Tina Brightwell began when a whistleblower contacted authorities.

Date: 05/15/2015 | Northwest

A mother's strength

Emily Fletcher's courage shines through medical challenges

Date: 05/10/2015 | Local News

Dude yoga: two guys ditch their fear and try yoga

There will be no lack of opportunities to do stereotypical Guy Things next week — playing golf, watching the NBA playoffs, discussing the fallout from the NFL draft and/or, of course, figuring out what to grill.But how many guys have tried yoga, despite its explosion in popularity?

Date: 05/05/2015 | Life

Whooping cough on the rise in Washington

SEATTLE — Whooping cough is at an epidemic level in Washington state, with nearly 400 reported cases so far this year.

Date: 04/29/2015 | Northwest

Gingrich wants health research funds doubled

Newt Gingrich recently recalled the bipartisan deal that doubled the budget for the National Institutes of Health — with fondness. This was about 20 years ago, when Bill Clinton was president, and Republicans under Gingrich had just taken over Congress.Never a member...

Date: 04/28/2015 | Opinion Columnists


Everett man meets his bone marrow donor

Date: 04/25/2015 | Local News

How to recognize when drinking becomes a problem

Joe has been increasing his alcohol use for several years, and now he's drinking an entire bottle of wine or more, four to five nights a week. He doesn't think he's impaired; after all he's built up a high tolerance. But his family is angry and embarrassed. Joe doesn't drink at work, so...

Date: 04/21/2015 | Life

New cardiac law inspired by Mill Creek’s Nick of Time Foundation

OLYMPIA — A newly signed law aims to ensure young athletes and their coaches are better able to recognize and respond when someone is felled by sudden cardiac arrest.

Date: 04/20/2015 | Local News

Vaccine best way to halt pertussis’ spread

As you have likely seen in the news, we are seeing an explosion of whooping cough (pertussis) cases statewide. Here in Snohomish County, there have been 40 confirmed cases since January and most of those have happened in the last few weeks. To put that into perspective, there were only...

Date: 04/20/2015 | Commentary

County Council defers decision on marijuana — again

After listening to more than two hours of public testimony about proposed amendments to the rules for marijuana enterprises, the Snohomish County Council on Wednesday decided again to...

Date: 04/15/2015 | Local News

Help for asthma sufferers

Innovative treatment at Providence can reduce attacks

Date: 04/08/2015 | Business

Oregon House backs right to try experimental drugs

SALEM, Ore. — The House voted Tuesday to make Oregon the latest state seeking to give dying patients an opportunity to try experimental medical treatments that haven’t been approved by government regulators.

Date: 04/07/2015 | Northwest

Sports risk assessment crucial for families

As a parent whose kids participate in sports, I was struck by the recent story of a young and accomplished football player who abruptly ended his career for fear of hurting his brain. Chris Borland, a linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, said the research he had done into the game’s possible...

Date: 04/07/2015 | Life

Study: Breast cancer overtreatment costs US $4B a year

WASHINGTON — Sharpening a medical debate about the costs and benefits of cancer screening, a new report estimates that the U.S. spends $4 billion a year on unnecessary medical costs due to mammograms that generate false alarms, and on treatment of certain breast tumors unlikely to cause...

Date: 04/06/2015 | Nation & World

Nine spring cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

Dust the baseboards. Check! Tackle the pantry. Check! And the bookshelves, and the — achoo! Spring cleaning stirring up allergens?It's a double-edged sword. While tidy surfaces bring relief, cleaning them releases allergens into the air. How do you overcome this...

Date: 04/02/2015 | Home and Garden

Measles vaccinations up in state

SEATTLE — State Department of Health data shows that measles vaccinations in Washington are up about 27 percent this winter, compared to last winter.

Date: 04/01/2015 | Northwest

The Angelina effect

Angelina Jolie, mother of six, whipped the Internet into a frenzy last week after announcing her decision to have her ovaries removed in an elective surgery meant to prevent cancer.

Date: 03/31/2015 | Life

New back pain treatments keep patients on the move

After he had battled lower back pain for three months with hot showers, analgesic heat rubs and heating pads, it finally happened. Chris Roth awoke one morning barely able to move.

Date: 03/31/2015 | Life

Ken Burns turns his eye to cancer in six-part documentary

PASADENA, Calif. — There's a mystery to cancer, in large part because of fear, that PBS tries to unravel in next week's six-hour documentary "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies.""We're not really honest with each other," filmmaker Ken Burns...

Date: 03/29/2015 | Entertainment

Woman sues scope maker over ‘superbug’ she says she caught at Harborview

SEATTLE — A Washington state woman who says she developed a “superbug” infection at a Seattle hospital has filed a lawsuit against the maker of medical scopes linked to similar infections across the U.S.

Date: 03/27/2015 | Northwest

King County nurse suspended after boy, 3, dies in his care

SEATTLE — The Washington state Health Department says a King County licensed practical nurse has been suspended by the state Nursing Commission after a 3-year-old boy died in his care.

Date: 03/27/2015 | Northwest

Sunnyside family needs second kidney donor

SUNNYSIDE — By all rights, Emily Golladay earned a lifetime of mom cred when she donated a kidney to her daughter Laynee six years go.But now the girl’s twin sister, Kammie, needs a kidney transplant, too.“I didn’t have another one to spare,” Golladay said.

Date: 03/23/2015 | Northwest

HPV vaccine is a simple step against cancer

In just the last six months, a measles outbreak at Disneyland spread fear into communities across the country. Deadly meningococcal disease at the University of Oregon claimed a young life and launched a campaign for immediate mass immunizations on campus. These occurrences and...

Date: 03/21/2015 | Commentary

One-time tokers need to lighten up on marijuana laws

Give thanks for the little things, they say. A bill that would stop the feds from going after medical marijuana users in states that permit such activity is something for which we should give thanks. But it is little.Let's not criticize the sponsoring senators — Rand...

Date: 03/20/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Support grows for national medical marijuana law

Last year, Congress passed an amendment that barred the Department of Justice from using federal dollars to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries in states that have legalized them. Last week, three senators proposed a measure to clean up the federal-state medical marijuana mess once...

Date: 03/19/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Puyallup Tribe buys cancer treatment center

TACOMA — The Puyallup Tribe has purchased a cancer treatment center and the western Washington tribe says it will be moving the operation to Fife.

Date: 03/15/2015 | Northwest

WebMD videos focus on the future

WebMD, the venerable source of online health-care information, is launching its first original video content. Beginning last week, “WebMD’s Future of Health with Robin Roberts” is available at

Date: 03/15/2015 | Life

Finally, support

The Arc offers relief for mom struggling to help her son

Date: 03/15/2015 | Life

State must restore Medicaid payment rate

Washington's Legislature needs to seize an opportunity this year to ensure continued access to health care for hundreds of thousands of low-income residents by extending reasonable Medicaid reimbursement rates.Health care reform through the Affordable Care Act was designed...

Date: 03/09/2015 | Commentary

Passage of Joel’s Law only a start to fixing the problem

Since 1974 the Involuntary Treatment Act has been law in Washington state. It allows holding someone against their will if they are a danger to themselves or others. Its purpose is to provide evaluation and short-term treatment for the mentally ill. However, the definition...

Date: 03/08/2015 | Commentary

Snohomish Health District to close little-used immunization clinic

EVERETT — The Snohomish Health District will close its immunization clinic after June 30 because the services are so widely available elsewhere."Health-care...

Date: 03/07/2015 | Local News

Shirt makes any workout an extra challenge

Former world boxing champ Keith Holmes knew when he came up with the idea for a "resistance shirt," it could be a knockout.Resistance bands are helpful for training, but people have trouble adjusting them and they don't always seem sanitary.So Holmes...

Date: 03/01/2015 | Life

Making cancer a fair fight

Viewpoints: Stop looking for one 'cure'

Date: 03/01/2015 | Commentary

Briefs: Learn Spanish for the health care workplace

Learn Spanish for the health care workplaceLearn essential Spanish vocabulary and phrases common in the health care workplace in order to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients on a basic level. This workshop is 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 3 and 4 at...

Date: 02/27/2015 | Bizblog

A realistic take on raw food

Book: “Choosing Raw: Making Raw Foods Part of the Way You Eat”Author: Gena Hamshaw

Date: 02/25/2015 | The Dish

Police seek those treated at Oak Harbor practice

OAK HARBOR — Police are looking for people who were treated at Whidbey Natural Alternative Medicine after searching the business with a court-approved warrant Tuesday.

Date: 02/18/2015 | Local News

A smarter, healthier you

Controlling your environment goes a long way toward controlling, and improving, your health. And the market is exploding with new offerings designed to help you do just that.

Date: 02/17/2015 | Life

'A walking miracle'

With a donated heart, Everett man has a new lease on life

Date: 02/13/2015 | Local News

Take care with marijuana laws

Despite a year to research and ponder how to make legal cannabis — medical, recreational and industrial (hemp) — workable in this state, the Legislature is already in the middle of another mess.

Date: 02/11/2015 | Editorials

Alaska bill would let terminally ill make decision to die

JUNEAU, Alaska — An Anchorage lawmaker introduced legislation Monday that would give terminally ill patients the right to decide to end their lives with the help of a physician.

Date: 02/09/2015 | Northwest

Inslee supports effort to limit vaccine exemptions

OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee said Friday that he supports a bill that would remove philosophical opposition as an acceptable reason for parents to not vaccinate their school-age children, calling it one strategy in the state’s efforts to increase vaccination rates.

Date: 02/06/2015 | Local News

Bill would drop vaccination exemptions based on 'personal belief'

When state Rep. June Robinson of Everett thought of the issues she wanted to focus on in this year's session, rewriting rules for vaccinations wasn't one of them.But outbreaks of flu and measles changed her mind.On Wednesday, she

Date: 02/06/2015 | Local News

Police looking for Bellingham family in dispute with state

BELLINGHAM — Police are looking for a couple and their three young children who disappeared last week during a dispute with Child Protective Services, the agency said.Detectives are trying to track the family to support the agency, said Lt. Bob Vander Yacht.

Date: 02/02/2015 | Northwest

Christie: Parents should have choice in vaccinations

CAMBRIDGE, England — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a likely Republican candidate for president, said Monday that parents should have some choice on whether to vaccinate their children.

Date: 02/02/2015 | Nation & World

Sheriff's lieutenant traveled to Liberia to help with Ebola outbreak

EVERETT — They started with rubber gloves: how to put them on, how to take them off.Snohomish County sheriff's Lt. Scott Parker, 47, was part of a four-member team of Americans who went to Liberia in October to help with the Ebola outbreak. The team trained nearly a...

Date: 01/28/2015 | Local News

Ex-Everett firefighter loses paramedic license over sex case

EVERETT — A retired Everett firefighter who was charged with a sex crime in 2014 now has had his paramedic license pulled.

Date: 01/27/2015 | Sirens

Secret to weight loss

Our Light for Life blogger has the all time best way to do it

Date: 01/21/2015 | Light for Life

State must budget more for long-term care

The release of Gov. Jay Inslee's proposed two-year budget brought some grim news for many of our state's most-vulnerable residents lost in the budgetary shuffle.While budget components for education, transportation and the climate each warranted their own days, full of a...

Date: 01/18/2015 | Commentary

Trying to survive the family festival of winter sickness

Every winter, croup hits my daughter with a force so hard that it knocks out our whole family. If you've dealt with croup, then you immediately understand. It's evil. But if you haven't, let's name my daughter's croup by its creator: Human Parainfluenza Virus (HPIV). Now doesn't that...

Date: 01/18/2015 | I Brake for Moms

Judge says law banning medical pot ads is unconstitutional

TACOMA — A state judge has found that a Washington law prohibiting doctors from mentioning medical marijuana in advertisements is unconstitutional.

Date: 01/13/2015 | Northwest

Teaming up

Chiropractors Russell, Wilson are partners in Everett

Date: 01/13/2015 | Whats Up With That?

Dorothy Thomas, “mother” of bone marrow transplant, dies at 92

SEATTLE — Dorothy “Dottie” Thomas, the research partner and wife of the Nobel laureate who pioneered the bone marrow transplant, has died in her Seattle-area home at 92.

Date: 01/10/2015 | Northwest

Smoking ban is a big success

Once in a while, voters in all 39 counties of the state agree on something clear-cut and specific, the law is implemented, and is effective. Crazy, we know. But it's important to remember we can get things done, for the greater good. Initiative 901 of 2005, which bans smoking in all...

Date: 01/09/2015 | Editorials

‘Anti-vaxxers’ prove well-off can be ignorant

California parents are refusing to vaccinate their kindergartners at twice the rate of seven years ago. So the Los Angeles Times reports. The result has been the return of measles and other serious diseases that can lead to paralysis, birth defects and death. The state is now suffering...

Date: 01/06/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Futuristic gadget improves focus, reduces stress

So Muse, the horseshoe-shaped, brain-sensing headband, goes across the forehead and behind the ears and measures brainwaves? Yep. Just like measuring your heart rate can help you boost the intensity of your workout, measuring brainwaves can help improve focus and reduce stress.

Date: 12/28/2014 | Life

New book details harsh toll of Alzheimer’s on caregivers

"I have spent close to two decades trying to decipher what's going on in my husband's head. His disease is my crossword puzzle," Meryl Comer writes in her book "Slow Dancing With a Stranger: Lost and Found in the Age of Alzheimer's." Comer has spent...

Date: 12/28/2014 | Life

Asthma and exercise can coexist

Asthma: It's that first breath that always seems the worst.The chest tightens and the airways spasm. A cough, a wheeze and an attack.Especially when it's exacerbated by the cold of winter, asthma is a discomfort for some and a medical issue for many.

Date: 12/28/2014 | Life

Is Fitbit a good fit?

Reviewer checks out the latest fitness gadget

Date: 12/28/2014 | Life

Stay healthy during flu season

Understanding germs is key

Date: 12/28/2014 | Life

Casey Kasem’s widow suing Gig Harbor hospital for medical records

TACOMA — The widow of radio legend Casey Kasem is suing a hospital for the medical records of the last weeks of his life.

Date: 12/24/2014 | Northwest

State must address funding for long-term care needs

We're not getting any younger.A little less than 14 percent of Washington state's population is 65 years or older. Four years ago, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that the dependency...

Date: 12/23/2014 | Editorials

Making meds palatable

Everett pharmacy helps the medicine go down

Date: 12/16/2014 | Life

Allow veterans access to medical marijuana

Government agencies and legislative bodies, which usually move at a slug-like pace, can act quickly, especially if no one is particularly seeking the change. The Department of Justice announced last week that Indian tribes can grow and sell marijuana on their lands as long as they...

Date: 12/16/2014 | Editorials

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