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State elections

State Sen. Karen Fraser announces run for lieutenant governor

OLYMPIA — Washington state Sen. Karen Fraser says she’s running for lieutenant governor.

Date: 10/06/2015 | Northwest

More than thoughts, prayers

"Our thoughts and prayers are not enough."Too often, as he did Thursday following the mass shooting that claimed nine innocent lives in Roseburg, Oregon,...

Date: 10/04/2015 | Editorials

Get ready for November vote

Three minutes and you're done.That's the message the Secretary of State's office has sent out to 218,000 potential voters in Washington who appear eligible to vote but haven't registered yet, including 21,077 in Snohomish County and another 2,338 in Island County.

Date: 10/01/2015 | Editorials

A carbon cap, but what then?

Among those who are concerned about the effects of climate change and want to see steps taken to slow it, most are supportive of placing a cap on carbon emissions.Carbon dioxide, while only a small fraction of a percentage of our atmosphere, is increasing. That increase in...

Date: 09/16/2015 | Editorials

Republican jumps into race against U.S. Sen. Patty Murray

OLYMPIA — Former Washington state Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance announced Tuesday that he’s running against Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, who is seeking a fifth term.

Date: 09/08/2015 | Northwest

What public funding requires

Yes, the timing could have been better. The state Supreme Court's 6-3 ruling that found unconstitutional the citizen initiative that allowed for the establishment of charter schools came late Friday...

Date: 09/08/2015 | Editorials

State's top-two primary leaving many without a voice

If you are a Republican wanting to vote in the upcoming general election for Snohomish County offices, don't bother. There are no Republican candidates for whom to vote. That is the sad outcome of an initiative that the voters in our state approved in 2004. With this initiative, the...

Date: 08/12/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Trump spices up thoughts of state primary

Whether The Donald gets a chance to make good on his campaign’s Make America Great Again motto won’t be known for a seeming eternity.

Date: 08/06/2015 | Local News

Don’t pre-empt people’s voice

Washington state's initiative process isn't perfect. At their best, initiatives are as close as we come to direct democracy, resulting in state law that, whether you agree or disagree, represents the will of voters. Initiative 594, which required background checks for most...

Date: 08/05/2015 | Editorials

Eyman optimistic about getting initiative on November ballots

Initiative sponsor Tim Eyman says he’s optimistic about getting enough signatures to qualify his latest measure for the Nov. 3 ballot.

Date: 06/29/2015 | South County Politics

Washingtonians react

The same-sex marriage ruling resonates here

Date: 06/26/2015 | Local News

I-594’s foes fail to show harm

You can't challenge the constitutionality of a law that hasn't harmed you. Or in other words: No harm, no foul.That was the ruling of U.S. District Judge Benjamin Settle in Tacoma, who last week threw out a...

Date: 05/11/2015 | Editorials

Presidential primary issue resolved: Just don’t hold one

You know the quadrennial quandary in this state over how to make the presidential primary meaningful?There’s an answer for 2016: It won’t be, so it’s going to be canceled.

Date: 04/22/2015 | Local News

Get voters’ OK on I-1351 change

The state Senate wants to know if you'll reconsider Initiative 1351 and accept meeting just part of it.As House and Senate continue picking over each other's budgets, both are seeking room in the budget for I-1351, the mandate supported by 51 percent of the voters to reduce...

Date: 04/08/2015 | Editorials

State auditor doesn’t have much choice: Tough it out or quit

No one but Troy Xavier Kelley knows how long he will be the state auditor of Washington.But for those who roam the corridors of power on the Capitol campus in Olympia, the first-term Democrat can’t leave soon enough.

Date: 03/26/2015 | Local News

Federal judge adopts ACLU plan for Yakima redistricting

YAKIMA — A federal judge has adopted a plan by the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington for boosting the voice of Latinos in Yakima elections.

Date: 02/17/2015 | Northwest

More focus sought on costs of initiatives

OLYMPIA — Rare is the year in Washington state when voters don't weigh in on a ballot measure. Same-sex marriage, the legalization of first medical, then recreational, marijuana and statewide minimum wage increases were all decided by a vote the people.Of the more than...

Date: 02/15/2015 | Northwest

If gun rights supporters don’t like I-594 change it; don’t break it

What does our state have in common with Georgia? As of a couple of weeks ago, this: Both legislatures now have special limitations on guns at their personal places of work, while keeping them unrestricted pretty much everywhere else. Speaking of hypocritical, I saw a cartoon featuring a...

Date: 02/14/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Help voters inform decisions

In criticizing new legislation that would alert voters if an initiative on the ballot could result in either budget cuts or a tax increase, initiative promoter and Mukilteo resident Tim Eyman likened the proposal...

Date: 02/13/2015 | Editorials

A few tweaks to election laws

The Legislature is considering a few pieces of legislation regarding elections, some more helpful than others.Senate Bill 5153 would bring some badly needed transparency to campaign donations, creating a new class of political action committee. As

Date: 01/27/2015 | Editorials

If we can afford tax breaks for Boeing we can afford I-1351

When is a law not a law? That seems to be the question taken up by The Herald's editorial board, education "reform" groups like Stand for Children, the Seattle Times, state legislators and now the governor. It is an odd question to ask, as it is directed at...

Date: 12/17/2014 | Opinion Columnists

Rally may be counterproductive, gun rights advocates say

Chris Erickson describes himself as "your typical gun owner who wants to be left alone."But state Initiative 594 "woke me up to the fact...

Date: 12/11/2014 | Local News

Judge declines to halt GMO ballot measure certification in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. — Backers of Oregon’s measure to require labeling of genetically modified foods have lost a court fight they hoped would help them garner enough votes to pass the measure in an ongoing recount of ballots.

Date: 12/09/2014 | Northwest

Certified election returns from Nov. 4 election

Snohomish County officials certified results Nov. 25, from the Nov. 4 general election.The secretary of State’s office certified statewide, congressional and legislative results Wednesday.

Date: 12/04/2014 | South County Politics

I-594 won’t burden gun owners

Initiative 594, which passed in November with 59 percent approval from Washington's voters, becomes law Thursday.Fears by opponents that the expansion of the background check law will turn lawful gun...

Date: 12/02/2014 | Editorials

Suspend I-1351 for state's sake

There's a reason why it takes two-thirds majorities in both the state House and Senate to amend a voter-approved initiative: Initiatives, even those that pass by relatively slim margins, represent the will of the voters, and that direction is not something that lawmakers should take...

Date: 11/23/2014 | Editorials

Oregon GMO measure may be headed for recount

PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon ballot measure that would require labels for genetically engineered foods may be heading for an automatic recount.

Date: 11/20/2014 | Northwest

Voter support clear for wage, leave legislation

The just-concluded elections helped to resolve nothing in our state. We will have a small Republican majority in the state Senate and a small Democratic majority in the state House. They won't agree on much of anything.Perhaps the Legislature can take a few hints...

Date: 11/19/2014 | Opinion Columnists

24-year-old taking seat in Washington state House

SUMNER, Wash. — Melanie Stambaugh’s campaign has ended, but her campaign enthusiasm has not.The 24-year-old Republican from Puyallup says she’s ready to prove herself when she’s sworn in as the state’s youngest legislator.

Date: 11/18/2014 | Northwest

Oregon immigration vote is a warning for Obama

PORTLAND, Ore. — The fate of a little-noticed ballot measure in strongly Democratic Oregon serves as a warning to President Barack Obama and his party about the political perils of immigration policy.

Date: 11/17/2014 | Northwest

Washington state’s vote on I-594 has NRA worried

Every once in a while something good happens, something that restores one's faith in humanity. So put your hands together for the voters of Washington state.In the midst of the Republican midterm tsunami, 59 percent of them made history. They said "yes" to a...

Date: 11/12/2014 | Commentary

State’s voters sent a message of pragmatism

The midterm electorate delivered a sensible message last week. Inevitably, it's been cast in partisan terms. Republicans made historically significant gains, taking control of the U.S. Senate and increasing their margins in the U.S. House of Representatives. Across the nation they added...

Date: 11/12/2014 | Opinion Columnists

Washington class size initiative barely passing

OLYMPIA — The last mail-in ballots to be counted in Washington should decide whether a class size initiative passes.They’ll also determine the extent of Republican gains in both the state Senate and House.

Date: 11/10/2014 | Northwest

Never mind D.C.; good things are getting done at the state level

The Republican takeover of the Senate majority really shouldn't matter much to progressives. Even when Democrats have the majority, precious little gets done in a body that lets a minority of members obstruct.But never mind. A modern, future-oriented agenda has been...

Date: 11/06/2014 | Opinion Columnists

Oregon voters narrowly reject GMO labeling measure

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon voters have narrowly rejected the labeling of genetically modified foods following the most expensive ballot-measure campaign in state history.Residents voted 49.5 to 50.5 against the measure, which would have required manufacturers, retailers...

Date: 11/05/2014 | Northwest

Background checks OK’d; rival measure rejected

SEATTLE — Washington state voters have approved expanding background checks on gun sales and transfers and have rejected a measure that would have prevented any expansion beyond a federal standard.

Date: 11/05/2014 | Northwest

Incumbent state Supreme Court justices win

OLYMPIA — Four incumbent state Supreme Court justices have been re-elected.

Date: 11/04/2014 | Northwest

No clear decision yet in hot education issue

SEATTLE — Early returns Tuesday showed no clear decision yet on an initiative that would limit class sizes in Washington state.

Date: 11/04/2014 | Local News

In tight race, Newhouse ahead of fellow Republican Didier

SPOKANE — Republican Dan Newhouse was narrowly leading fellow GOP candidate Clint Didier in Washington's 4th Congressional District, a race which marked the first time in state history that two members of the same party appeared on the fall ballot for a U.S. House seat.

Date: 11/04/2014 | Local News

Stricter gun laws

Voters pass expanded background checks for sales, transfers

Date: 11/04/2014 | Local News

Voters to decide on initiatives, dozens of races

OLYMPIA — Two competing gun initiatives top this week’s election, when voters will also weigh in on congressional and legislative contests across Washington state.

Date: 11/02/2014 | Northwest

Billionaires contribute big bucks to Initiative 594

OLYMPIA — Back in 1997, those pushing a ballot measure that would have required handgun trigger locks got help from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and one of the company's rising execs,

Date: 11/02/2014 | Local News

Legislator to reintroduce firearms-safety bill in Olympia

OLYMPIA — The deadly shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School is unlikely to change the course of next week's vote on two gun-related initiatives, but it will spawn a renewed effort to enact a firearms-safety law next...

Date: 10/30/2014 | Local News

Herald endorsements

Opinions on election races from the Herald Editorial Board

Date: 10/26/2014 | Editorials

Firearm background checks should be state responsibility

The idea for creating the National Instant Check System, was originated by the National Rifle Association to prevent institution of a national waiting period for firearm purchases. From a gun-rights perspective, it was perhaps the...

Date: 10/24/2014 | Commentary

Yes, I-1351 costs money, but our kids are worth it

It's election time and we all have received our ballots. Now we get to ponder our choices, look over the voter's pamphlet, read or just recycle the literature/propaganda/disinformation that comes in the mail, and fill in the ovals for the candidates and issues which we support.

Date: 10/23/2014 | Opinion Columnists

Romney visits Idaho to campaign for Otter, Risch

BOISE, Idaho — Mitt Romney swung by Idaho to campaign for Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter and U.S. Sen. Jim Risch, but first he attracted a herd of supporters as the three Republicans ordered hamburgers.

Date: 10/22/2014 | Northwest

Gabby Giffords weighs in on I-594

SEATTLE — Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was wounded three years ago in Tucson, spoke in Seattle Wednesday as part of a cross-country tour to promote gun control.

Date: 10/22/2014 | Northwest

Initiative is not the path to better schools

It's hard to argue against lower class sizes, which is what Initiative 1351 says it would provide.The latest figure finds Washington ranks 47th for classroom size in the U.S., a ranking disputed...

Date: 10/22/2014 | Editorials

Retain Stephens and Johnson on high court

Back in the mid-'70s, you could count on the Owl Party to at least provide some entertainment value in the state voter's guide.The Owl Party, born in an Olympia nightclub, ran a slate of tongue-in-cheek candidates for state offices, promising "Out With Logic, On With...

Date: 10/19/2014 | Editorials

Billionaire’s group gives to Washington political action committee

OLYMPIA — A political action group formed by California billionaire Tom Steyer has given $750,000 to a Washington state environmental political action committee.

Date: 10/14/2014 | Northwest

NRA donates $150K more in fight against I-594

OLYMPIA — The National Rifle Association has donated an additional $150,000 to its political action committee in Washington to fight a measure seeking universal background checks on gun sales and transfers.

Date: 10/14/2014 | Northwest

Poll: Class size initiative leading by nearly 3:1

SEATTLE — A poll released Tuesday shows more than 60 percent of likely voters plan to vote for a class size initiative on the November ballot.

Date: 10/14/2014 | Northwest

Dueling initiatives

Gun measures with opposing aims present voters with a choice

Date: 10/12/2014 | Local News

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