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Presidential elections

Trump played to base that Republicans ignored

The Donald Trump rampage — still hard to believe, after nearly a year — is a symptom of something deeper and more profound: the Republican Party's slide into complete incoherence.Rarely has a major party's establishment been so out of touch with its voting base.

Date: 05/03/2016 | Opinion Columnists

GOP nomination likely to come down to California primary

Donald Trump had to squeeze through a hole in a fence to speak at the California Republican Convention on Friday. He said it felt like "crossing the border." Meanwhile, his supporters swaggered into the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport banquet hall as if they owned the...

Date: 05/03/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Campaign rumbles into Indiana with underdogs struggling

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — The 2016 presidential campaign rumbled through Indiana Sunday focused on Tuesday’s critical primary, even as front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump itched to fully engage in the one-on-one battle they cast as inevitable.

Date: 05/02/2016 | Nation & World

Trump should thank his lucky XY chromosomes

One of the most effective political ads of the season features women repeating the many derogatory statements Donald Trump has made about the fairer sex.No editorial comment is needed when a candidate's own words stand alone to expose his flaws, and thus to...

Date: 05/02/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Trump gets outside help for potential GOP convention battle

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has a Plan B if he’s faced with a contested convention, and it involves the sort of outside groups that he’s called “corrupt.”

Date: 05/01/2016 | Nation & World

Campaign rumbles into Indiana with underdogs struggling

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — The 2016 presidential campaign rumbled through Indiana Sunday focused on Tuesday’s critical primary, even as front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump itched to fully engage in the one-on-one battle they cast as inevitable.

Date: 05/01/2016 | Nation & World

As path narrows, Sanders asks party insiders to back his bid

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders acknowledged Sunday that his “uphill climb” to the Democratic nomination depends on persuading superdelegates, the elected officials, lobbyists and other party insiders who are free to back either candidate.

Date: 05/01/2016 | Nation & World

Trump appeal

Viewpoints: Two views of GOP frontrunner's base of support

Date: 05/01/2016 | Commentary

Trump playing the ‘man’s card’ intentionally

"I wasn't playing the woman's card," Donald Trump said Thursday when asked about his claim that Hillary Clinton was playing such a card and that if she were a man, she would get only 5 percent of the vote.For once, I agree with Trump: He wasn't playing the...

Date: 05/01/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Regardless of party, primary gives everyone a say

The goal of Washington's elections community is civic engagement of our electorate. We work to make voting and participating in the political process accessible, accurate and secure. It has been sad to hear the stories of so many caucus participants who say "never...

Date: 05/01/2016 | Commentary

Warren would help Clinton woo progressives

Running mates? It's not even May, and already we're talking running mates? Then let me toss Elizabeth Warren's name into the mix.I'm making several assumptions here — in a year when assuming anything is dangerous. First, I believe Ted Cruz's desperate gamble of adding...

Date: 05/01/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Trump cribs his isolationism from Obama

Foreign policy does not determine American elections. Indeed, of all Western countries, we are the least interested in the subject. The reason is simple: We haven't had to be. Our instinctive isolationism derives from our geographic exceptionalism. As Bismarck once explained (it is...

Date: 04/29/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Trump outlines ‘unpredictable’ foreign policy

Mr. Trump came to Washington to meet the establishment he has demonized the past 10 months. It was not love at first sight.His campaign left nothing to chance for his coming out as a general-election candidate Wednesday, the day after primary wins in five states made him the...

Date: 04/29/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Is a boycott your business's business?

Boycott North Carolina. It has a new law allowing businesses to deny civil rights to gays, lesbians and transgender people.

Date: 04/29/2016 | Web Monkey

Speaker Boehner won’t vote for ‘Lucifer in the flesh’ Ted Cruz

Former Speaker John A. Boehner told a crowd at Stanford University that he would vote for Donald Trump for president if he’s the GOP nominee, but not for Sen. Ted Cruz.

Date: 04/28/2016 | Nation & World

State’s Republicans are mum on Trump

Donald Trump is marching toward the Republican presidential nomination and Washington is one of his next stops.

Date: 04/28/2016 | The Petri Dish

Trump is the rhetorical charlatan Plato warned us about

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — When it comes to rhetoric, Plato was right and Aristotle — not so much.Distilled, Aristotle thought rhetoric good for democracy, though his definition of "by the people" was closer to our Founding Fathers' intent of only certain...

Date: 04/28/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Bernie will back Clinton, just as she backed Obama

Eight years ago, I spent an election night in a basement gymnasium in Manhattan, watching Hillary Clinton and her campaign advisers take up residence in a parallel universe.It was June 3, 2008, and Barack Obama had just clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, making...

Date: 04/28/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Cruz chooses Fiorina to serve as running mate

INDIANAPOLIS — The Associated Press has learned that Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz has tapped former technology executive Carly Fiorina to run as his vice presidential nominee.The Texas senator plans to formally unveil his running mate Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis.

Date: 04/27/2016 | Nation & World

Clinton’s next campaign is bringing Sanders’ voters into her coalition

On the brink of the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton and her advisers now must bring Bernie Sanders’ millions of supporters into the fold for the general election - with or without Sanders.

Date: 04/27/2016 | Nation & World

Trump routs rivals in Northeast; Clinton carries 4 states

PHILADELPHIA — In a front-runner’s rout, Republican Donald Trump roared to victory Tuesday in five contests across the Northeast and confidently declared himself the GOP’s “presumptive nominee.” Hillary Clinton was dominant in four Democratic races and now is 90 percent of the way to the number she...

Date: 04/27/2016 | Nation & World

Anti-Trump alliance came too late to give Kasich any hope

John Kasich, at a campaign stop in Rockville, Maryland, on Monday, explained why Republican voters aren't buying what he's selling."I'm trying to peddle hope," said the Ohio governor. "Hope in the short term doesn't get you a lot of attention, because...

Date: 04/27/2016 | Opinion Columnists

The Cruz-Kasich merger and four other things to watch in Tuesday’s primaries

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. — Some are calling Tuesday’s batch of elections the “Acela primary,” after the high-speed train route that runs through all five states holding contests: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island. There’s good reason the name hasn’t caught on, however; these...

Date: 04/26/2016 | Nation & World

Toned-down Trump a threat to Democrats who pick by race, gender

Both parties sort voters by color and gender. Though there's nothing new about promoting solidarity on the basis of genetics, it can get old really fast.One sees some utility in this brand of politicking, especially for Democrats. The party of Donald Trump has done its...

Date: 04/26/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Never Trump? Never mind latest ploy by Cruz, Kasich

Don't call it strategy, call it strategery: Ted Cruz and John Kasich are going to cooperate to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination. Also, I don't know, maybe a hurricane will dishevel Trump's comb-over and reveal his bald pate, causing such mortification that he quits the race.

Date: 04/26/2016 | Opinion Columnists

After deal with Cruz, Kasich coming to Oregon to campaign

PORTLAND, Ore. — Presidential contender John Kasich is coming to Oregon this week, wasting no time in courting voters here after he and rival Ted Cruz announced they were teaming up in three states to try and torpedo front-runner Donald Trump’s drive to seal the GOP nomination before the Republican...

Date: 04/25/2016 | Northwest

Trump hiring another veteran operative to fight for delegates

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump is hiring his third campaign manager of a former rival, adding another veteran political operative to help fight for the delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

Date: 04/25/2016 | Nation & World

Sanders campaign is ‘moving a generation to the left’

After Bernie Sanders’ defeat in New York last week, his chances of winning the Democratic nomination are dwindling. Yet, even if he loses this campaign, a poll published Monday suggests that Sanders might have already won a contest that will prove crucially important in America’s political...

Date: 04/25/2016 | Nation & World

Clinton campaign pivots to ‘love and kindness’ in new ad

Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a new 60-second ad Monday focused on one of Clinton’s frequent refrains on the campaign trail: “Love and Kindness.”The ad will air in three states with primaries on Tuesday, but the message is very much aimed at a general election audience.

Date: 04/25/2016 | Nation & World

Isn’t it obvious by now? Black votes matter

CHARLESTON, S.C. — African-Americans in the South can't get a break when it comes to voting, as history can't deny.After all they've endured through slavery, Jim Crow and the fight for civil rights, their voices are still treated dismissively by tone-deaf politicians...

Date: 04/25/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Clinton, Trump steam ahead as rivals show signs of fading

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump surged Sunday toward another round of pivotal presidential primaries as their party leaders faced new questions about internal divisions that could complicate their nominees’ general election chances.

Date: 04/24/2016 | Nation & World

Deadline here for presidential primary voter registration

Time is running out if you want to register to vote in next month’s presidential primary.Monday is the last day to register online or by mail for the May 24 election. It is also the deadline to update an existing registration.

Date: 04/24/2016 | Local News

How to remove big money from politics

It has become a truism to say that the American political system is suffering from dysfunction. But weirdly, even the insurgent candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, don't talk much about how they would fix it. This is a populist insurgency without a clear manifesto.

Date: 04/22/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Trump presses GOP leaders to embrace him as certain nominee

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Donald Trump’s chief lieutenants pushed skeptical Republican leaders Thursday to embrace him as their likely presidential nominee, declaring he can deliver big electoral gains this fall despite his contentious ways.

Date: 04/21/2016 | Nation & World

To go or not to go: Republicans face Trump convention dilemma

At least four top Republican senators say they’ve decided to skip July’s party nominating convention in Cleveland to campaign in their home states. Several others say they haven’t decided whether they’ll make the trip, and at least one will boycott the event if Donald Trump emerges as the...

Date: 04/20/2016 | Nation & World

Clinton on track to capture Democratic nomination

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton is closing in on the Democratic nomination.With Clinton’s double-digit win in New York and more than two dozen new superdelegates joining her camp, rival Bernie Sanders now faces a far steeper path.

Date: 04/20/2016 | Nation & World

Independent Party gets clarity on presidential nominations

PORTLAND, Ore. — Gearing up for its first state-run primary election next month, the Independent Party of Oregon got some clarity this week about how it’ll be allowed to pick a presidential nominee.

Date: 04/19/2016 | Northwest

Viewer’s Guide: Trump looks for big NY win; size counts

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump loves to reminisce about his long ride down the escalator in Trump Tower in June to announce his campaign for president. He’ll be back there to celebrate an expected New York victory Tuesday night. And this time size really matters: The margin of Trump’s win will be hugely...

Date: 04/19/2016 | Nation & World

We all lie, scientists say, but politicians even more so

WASHINGTON — This is the season of lies.We watch with fascination as candidates for the world’s most powerful job trade falsehoods and allegations of dishonesty.

Date: 04/17/2016 | Nation & World

Will the White House become an assisted-living center?

How did we wind up with these old people running for president? In 1960, the first election I voted in, Richard Nixon was 47 and John Kennedy was 43 and now, 56 years later, the candidates are mostly my age. Young people are flocking to Bernie Sanders who, given two terms in...

Date: 04/17/2016 | Commentary

Sanders arrives in Rome to attend Vatican conference

VATICAN CITY — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders issued a global call to action at the Vatican Friday to address “immoral and unsustainable” wealth inequality and poverty and warn of the consequences to future generations if solutions are not found.

Date: 04/15/2016 | Nation & World

What Bill gained, Hillary seeks to reverse

How far they've come. And I'm not talking about the GOP, whose front-runner representing 37 percent of the Republican electorate has repudiated post-Reagan orthodoxy on trade, entitlement reform, limited government and Pax Americana (and possibly abortion, but who knows?). I'm talking...

Date: 04/15/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Timing of Benghazi panel’s report aimed at Clinton

Is Trey Gowdy planning a July surprise?The chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi went to ground after he and his colleagues grilled Hillary Clinton in October. They haven't had a single hearing since then (and had only three public hearings before that one), though...

Date: 04/15/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Voting begins in Washington's May 24 presidential primary

EVERETT — As they battle for delegates in Washington, GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich already may have picked up a vote or two in the state's presidential primary.

Date: 04/13/2016 | Local News

GOP chief looks for comfort in a fortune cookie

Reince Priebus, the beleaguered and balding Republican National Committee chairman, was asked a few days ago about his mane."How much gray hair do you think you're going to have by December?" CNN's Jake Tapper inquired."Gray is fine," the...

Date: 04/13/2016 | Opinion Columnists

The nation liked Ike; should GOP draft a military leader?

As Republicans head toward what could be a stalemated convention, they might recall how the party healed itself in 1952 in what was known as the "winter of discontent." The Republicans drafted a military leader, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, as their presidential candidate.

Date: 04/13/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Sanders backers suppressing their own votes

If the polls hold, scoring tickets to "Hamilton" will be as good as it's going to get for Bernie Sanders in New York. But let us first linger in Wisconsin, where Democrats and independents gave Sanders what looked like a decisive win.It seems that 15 percent of...

Date: 04/12/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Would Sanders rather make a run for pope?

Imagine emerging from a rocky political week only to announce, as Bernie Sanders did, that, oh, by the way, the Vatican called. Actually, it was the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, but close enough, I suppose.Hillary Clinton thought bubble: He's Jewish for crying out...

Date: 04/11/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Infighting now hurts Democrats later

The Democratic nominee for president will be running against a political novice who is widely despised, or a senator so unpopular that only two of his colleagues support him, or a governor far too moderate for his party's hard-line base, or someone else chosen at a bitterly contested...

Date: 04/10/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Harm comes in believing promises of Sanders, Trump and Cruz

Free trade agreements "have been disastrous" for America, the candidate said, and have sent jobs to Mexico and China. "I will stop it by renegotiating all of the trade agreements that we have."It sounded like just another threat from Donald Trump to...

Date: 04/10/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Bernie Sanders to attend Vatican conference before New York primary

WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Friday he will attend a Vatican City conference on social, economic and environmental issues next week, making the symbolic overseas trip ahead of a pivotal New York primary against Hillary Clinton.

Date: 04/08/2016 | Nation & World

Should abuses of free speech cause us to question that right?

Donald Trump tests the limits of campaign speech. He makes false statements and refuses to correct them. He attacks other religions and ethnic groups, inflaming domestic tension and foreign terrorist rage. He pledges to overhaul long-standing U.S. commitments in ways that frighten...

Date: 04/08/2016 | Opinion Columnists

GOP pick or not, Trump’s a loser this fall

The voters have spoken: Never Trump.Wisconsin Republicans sent the nation a clear message Tuesday night in the drubbing they dealt the bilious billionaire. Republicans, and Americans, are better than Donald Trump.The message goes well beyond the 13-point primary...

Date: 04/08/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Derailing Trump won’t stop the GOP’s train wreck

Yes, the big Wisconsin story is Ted Cruz's crushing 13-point victory. And yes, it greatly improves his chances of denying Donald Trump a first-ballot convention victory, which may turn out to be Trump's only path to the nomination.Nonetheless, the most stunning result of...

Date: 04/08/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively

WASHINGTON — For Americans of nearly every race, gender, political persuasion and location, disdain for Donald Trump runs deep, saddling the Republican front-runner with unprecedented unpopularity as he tries to overcome recent campaign setbacks.

Date: 04/07/2016 | Nation & World

Analysis: Why Bernie Sanders finally unloaded on Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders likes to think of himself as a different (and better) kind of politician. One of the manifestations of that image is that he has largely avoided any negative, personal attacks on Hillary Clinton during the Democratic presidential primary (no matter what the Clinton campaign...

Date: 04/07/2016 | Nation & World

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders clash over qualifications, background

NEW YORK — The race for the Democratic nomination took a decidedly negative turn, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders exchanging a series of barbs over each other’s qualifications for the presidency.

Date: 04/07/2016 | Nation & World

3 questions intended to challenge candidates to be honest

Six years ago Brian Baird walked away from Congress, resettled in Edmonds and refocused on family.But the moderate Democrat didn't stop thinking about the devolution of dialogue in that political...

Date: 04/06/2016 | The Petri Dish

GOP senators’ wait risks a nominee more liberal than Garland

Merrick Garland is an "oppo" researcher's nightmare.Those who oppose President Obama's Supreme Court nominee have been digging for dirt to justify opposition by 52 of the 54 Senate Republicans to granting him a hearing. But about the worst thing anybody has come...

Date: 04/07/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Clean energy advances validate U.S. investment

So much of America's future is at stake in the 2016 presidential election. But let's focus for a moment on just one area — energy and the environment — where the Obama administration has made startling progress that could be reversed if either of the GOP front-runners...

Date: 04/07/2016 | Opinion Columnists

In Trump, Hogan scandals, women are merely anonymous sex objects

If you've been following Hulk Hogan's successful suit against Gawker or Donald Trump's rumble with a gossip writer, you may have come across some missing people. Both stories lean on "love" triangles in which one of the sides, the woman, is of so little consequence she's...

Date: 04/07/2016 | Opinion Columnists

No blows in Sanders’ pillow fight with Clinton

The 19th century had the Lincoln-Douglas debates. The 20th century brought Kennedy-Nixon. And now we have just experienced a forensic masterpiece to define our times: the Clinton-Sanders Debate Debate.This particular rhetorical showdown was not a back-and-forth about issues,...

Date: 04/06/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Ryan for president? Stranger things already happening

The spectacular strangeness of this presidential election may require a new display in Ripley's Odditorium of believe-it-or-nots.Among the exhibits, curators might place the History of Conventional Wisdom, wherein the page titled "Populists Never Win in America"...

Date: 04/06/2016 | Opinion Columnists

As bad as Trump's week was, he's far from finished

Not so fast, everybody. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Wisconsin will not be the end of Donald Trump. It will not even be the beginning of the end. But it might be the end of the beginning.To be sure, Trump had a terrible, horrible, atrocious week. But imagine the...

Date: 04/05/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Bernie’s better off sticking to the high road

Bernie Sanders started his campaign stumping for his ideals without savaging the likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. That was an attractive combination.Now that he's done a lot better than anticipated (though way down in delegates), his people are wondering whether...

Date: 04/05/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Prediction projects offer takes on Wisconsin primary

NEW YORK — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on their way to the magic delegate numbers they need to clinch their respective party’s presidential nomination (1,237 for Republicans and 2,383 for Democrats), but a few roadblocks remain. The biggest of these, arguably, is Wisconsin, where primary...

Date: 04/04/2016 | Nation & World

Trump brings out the bigot in some backers

In a Republican debate last month, Donald Trump was asked whether his claim that "Islam hates us" means all 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide hate the United States."I mean a lot of ‘em," Trump replied, as some in the crowd — Trump supporters,...

Date: 04/04/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Why Clinton, Democrats can’t rest easy

If not for a certain Manhattan billionaire, Bernie Sanders' surprising strength and Hillary Clinton's relative weakness would be the big political story of the year.Democrats are fortunate that bloody insurrection is roiling the Republican Party. Clinton — the likely...

Date: 04/03/2016 | Opinion Columnists

What Trump could have said about abortion

Donald Trump is learning how hard it is to pretend to be something he's not.Case in point: Since deciding to run for president — and maybe before, but who knows? — Trump has insisted he is pro-life. America learned otherwise with his recent remarks that a woman...

Date: 04/03/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Megyn Kelly calls out Bill O’Reilly in Trump feud

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly is taking notes on who she feels hasn’t supported her in her feud with Donald Trump, and colleague Bill O’Reilly and CNN are both on her list.

Date: 04/02/2016 | Entertainment

Foreign policy and the Other Final Four

After dozens of contests featuring cliffhangers, buzzer- beaters and a ton of flagrant fouls, we're down to the Final Four: Sanders, Clinton, Cruz and Trump. (If Kasich pulls a miracle, he'll get his own column.) The world wants to know: What are their foreign policies?

Date: 04/01/2016 | Opinion Columnists

‘Dangerous Donald’ fits Trump to a T

Whatever else one may think about Donald Trump, he has a gift for labeling opponents.Jeb Bush? "Low energy."Ted Cruz? "Lyin' Ted." (Trump directs supporters to drop the "g.")Marco Rubio? "Liddle Marco."...

Date: 04/01/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Anti-abortion movement unified in swift rebuke of Donald Trump

NEW YORK — Donald Trump's remark that women getting abortions were they to be banned should be punished drew swift, unified condemnation from the anti-abortion movement — evidence of the distinctive role it plays at a time when many right-of-center constituencies are...

Date: 03/31/2016 | Nation & World

Clinton's plan to fix Obamacare won't fix problems

The Clinton campaign is finally owning up to what most Americans learned the hard way. The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable. In fact, its costs are "crushing" people who have to buy health insurance. Hillary Clinton vows to fix the problem, but...

Date: 03/31/2016 | Commentary

Trump may have a point on U.S. support of NATO, Saudis

It seems strange that so few of my fellow TV binge-watchers have submitted to the fascinating Norwegian political thriller, "Occupied." Friends, this is eight hours of your life you won't mind not getting back.In the story, an idealistic Norwegian prime minister...

Date: 03/31/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Sanders backers urge state's superdelegates to support him

Backers of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders aren't just fired up about taking on America's corporate titans.They're now targeting Washington's "superdelegates" with an aggressive online campaign to get them to pledge their delegate vote to Sanders...

Date: 03/30/2016 | Local News

GOP fertilized the ground for Trump's rise

Republicans deny their party is racist. Suppressing minority voting, they'd argue, for example, is just common sense.But if the party isn't, pretty much all American racists who vote will vote Republican, and they're stepping to Donald Trump like geese. To the KKK, neo-Nazis...

Date: 03/30/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Donald Trump rescinds pledge to back GOP nominee

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Donald Trump, turning his focus to Wisconsin even as another controversy cast a shadow over his campaign, said Tuesday he will no longer honor his pledge to support the eventual Republican pick for president. And his two...

Date: 03/29/2016 | Nation & World

Media didn’t ‘create’ Trump; his followers did

One of the more absurd things being said about the Donald Trump phenomenon is that the media created it. For the record, we didn't.First of all, there is no "we." The news media operate in what should be every conservative ideologue's dream environment: an...

Date: 03/29/2016 | Opinion Columnists

State Party: Democratic caucus attendance topped 230,000

OLYMPIA — Washington Democrats estimate that attendance at last weekend’s caucuses was slightly more than 230,000.

Date: 03/28/2016 | Northwest

Wisconsin-based ‘Cheesehead Revolution’ challenged by Trump

MADISON, Wis. — A trio of Wisconsin Republicans looking to inject the party with their own youthful, aggressive brand of conservatism ushered in the “Cheesehead Revolution.” Their aim was to position the GOP for success in the 2016 presidential election.Then came Donald Trump.

Date: 03/28/2016 | Nation & World

Eating one’s words is a dish best served cold

Here's some food for thought. Or, rather, here are some thoughts for food.Six months ago, I made a reckless vow. With Donald Trump dominating in the polls, I said I'd eat a column — 18 column inches of toxic newsprint, wood-pulp, ink and all — if he won the...

Date: 03/28/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Hawaii gives Sanders weekend sweep; Clinton retains delegate lead

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders scored three wins in Western caucus contests Saturday, giving a powerful psychological boost to his supporters but doing little to move him closer to securing the Democratic nomination.

Date: 03/27/2016 | Nation & World

‘War on women’ charge now sticks, thanks to Trump

When a presidential election devolves into a hydrant-watering contest between leading contenders about the relative attractiveness of their respective wives, not only does America look ridiculous but we diminish our moral standing to denounce other cultures' marginalization of women.

Date: 03/27/2016 | Opinion Columnists

President Trump might follow path of Gov. Arnold

They're both iconic figures in American culture who are known by their first names. California's former governor is Arnold. The GOP presidential front-runner is The Donald. We Californians who lived through Arnold's two terms in the governor's office have watched The Donald's...

Date: 03/27/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Small hands? Be concerned about the size of Trump's intellect

Donald Trump's ignorance of government policy, both foreign and domestic, is breathtaking. The Republican Party is likely to nominate for president a man who appears to know next to nothing about the issues that would confront him in the job.Such a sweeping condemnation may...

Date: 03/27/2016 | Opinion Columnists

A landslide victory

Bernie Sanders wins state Democratic caucuses

Date: 03/26/2016 | Local News

Massive turnout expected for Democratic caucuses

Tens of thousands of Democrats will gather in Snohomish County and around the state Saturday to cast their lots for their party's presidential nominee.Officials of the Democratic Party are bracing for...

Date: 03/25/2016 | Local News

Democrats announce change of caucus sites

Democrats in the 1st Legislative District have announced changes in the sites of many precinct presidential caucuses for Brier, Bothell and other parts of the district.

Date: 03/25/2016 | South County Politics

Seattle feels the Bern

Big rally today highlights the city's affinity for lefty politics

Date: 03/25/2016 | Northwest

On a path to improving lives

Formerly homeless Everett teen believes politics is the answer

Date: 03/25/2016 | Julie Muhlstein

Ryan, as a GOP leader, doesn’t have the luxury of neutrality

Before House Speaker Paul Ryan's "Address on the State of American Politics" Wednesday, an aide went to the microphone to instruct the crowd."You don't have to save your applause to the end," said the aide, Caleb Smith. "If he says something you...

Date: 03/25/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Reaction to Belgium shows one candidate with right bearing

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to a small room — 135 attendees, not counting journalists — at Stanford University on Wednesday about the need for the United States' "nimble and far-reaching" response to the Islamic State group, "an...

Date: 03/25/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Bernie Sanders campaigns in Spokane on Thursday

SPOKANE — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he is the strongest candidate to beat Republican Donald Trump as he campaigned in Spokane ahead of Saturday’s Democratic caucuses.

Date: 03/24/2016 | Northwest

Washington Democrats ready for weekend presidential caucuses

OLYMPIA — Tens of thousands of Democrats in Washington state will meet at schools, libraries and community centers at statewide caucuses this weekend to voice their preference for their party’s presidential nominee.

Date: 03/24/2016 | Northwest

Clinton, Trump trade wins with rivals in Western states

WASHINGTON — Under a fresh cloud of overseas violence, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton traded wins with their chief rivals on Tuesday and attacked each other’s worldviews as the 2016 presidential contest turned into a clash of would-be commanders in chief.

Date: 03/23/2016 | Nation & World

Republicans will be asked: What did you do to stop Trump?

Now that Donald Trump has spoken before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel lobbying group, Americans have learned the following:Trump can read a teleprompter; he finally got someone to write him a decent speech, which he was able to deliver...

Date: 03/23/2016 | Opinion Columnists

Clinton campaigns in Everett

Presidential candidate pledges pursuit of jobs creation

Date: 03/22/2016 | Local News

Party preference at primary will be public record, not at caucuses

If you vote in the presidential primary May 24 your party choice will be a matter of public record. That’s not true for caucuses.

Date: 03/22/2016 | South County Politics

Bill Clinton campaigning in Spokane, Vancouver

SPOKANE — Former President Bill Clinton told a crowd in Spokane that his wife, Hillary Clinton, would expand access to college education if she was elected president.

Date: 03/21/2016 | Northwest

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