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Social media

Why the media won't say Donald Trump is lying

Just north of the campus of Ohio State is a bar called The Library. It does not take a college student long to recognize the utility of that name; a parent calls and asks where you are and you can simply say, "The Library," letting your factual answer ameliorate any concerns...

Date: 11/25/2015 | Nation & World

Google hides Star Wars Easter eggs all over the place

While many people are counting down to this week's holiday (or maybe to Black Friday), there's a whole fandom out there that is probably most interested in what's happening Dec. 18: the premiere of the new "Star Wars" movie."The Force Awakens" is only...

Date: 11/24/2015 | Business Wire

Police investigating possible hate crime at Portland college

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland police are investigating a possible hate crime at Lewis and Clark College.

Date: 11/23/2015 | Northwest

Facebook will now help you win your breakup

Breaking up has never been harder than it is in the Internet age. And in recognition of this tragic and undisputed fact, Facebook, on Thursday, began testing a new tool to make it easier.

Date: 11/20/2015 | Nation & World

Choose-your-own adventure — on Twitter

A very fun choose-your-own adventure game — playable entirely on Twitter — went live earlier this month, complete with pixel art, secret hints, and lots of surprising ways to die.The game's called...

Date: 11/15/2015 | Life

Five myths about the baby boomer generation

There are 75.4 million baby boomers in the United States, people from 51 to 69 years old. They are the largest generation in American history, raised during the economic prosperity that followed World War II. Media and marketers have treated the generation as one enormous, monolithic group since...

Date: 11/07/2015 | Nation & World

Extensive sexting at high school leads to suspensions

DENVER — Officials investigating an apparently extensive case of sexting at a southern Colorado high school are urging parents to check their children’s phones for explicit selfies and talk to them about the risk of the photos becoming public.

Date: 11/07/2015 | Nation & World

Anonymous KKK ‘leak’ targets world of white power

After days of inaccuracies, confusing reports, and false starts, Anonymous’s much-hyped “Operation KKK” finally released a list of - if not the promised 1,000 - hundreds of names and social media accounts, many of which appear to have clear connections to the Ku Klux Klan, or other white supremacy...

Date: 11/05/2015 | Nation & World

Facebook reports strong quarterly earnings

Boosted by a surge in advertising, Facebook posted strong third-quarter financial earnings that beat analysts’ estimates, the company said Wednesday.

Date: 11/05/2015 | Business Wire

Facebook testing emojis to change how users ‘like’ posts

Move over, long-rumored dislike button: We now have more details on how Facebook is thinking about expanding its “likes,” and it looks as if the service is considering allowing users to express a range of emotional responses to posts on the site — through emojis.

Date: 10/18/2015 | Life

67 new emoji may soon show up on your phone

You’ll be able to call someone a liar, shrug, and call in sick to work without typing a single word, if a proposed set of emojis from the international body that governs them gets final approval next year.

Date: 10/18/2015 | Life

Weathering a storm

I made a simple joke and was struck by Twitter lightning

Date: 10/18/2015 | Life

Don’t count grammar fans among Trump’s supporters

The smart folk at Grammarly — an online grammar checker — examined Facebook posts written by supporters of the 2016 presidential candidates in a savvy bid to garner free press. It helped that the grammar site's findings confirmed the left's most treasured conceit —...

Date: 10/09/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Facebook jumps into home repair services

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is the latest technology company that wants to connect you with a handyman who can install a ceiling fan or fix a leaky toilet, following, Google and a slew of startups seeking ways to make money from the $300 billion home-improvement market.

Date: 10/08/2015 | Business Wire

Dark corners of social media encourage bloodshed

The first details about the mass killer at the community college in Roseburg, Oregon, were that he was a young man, lonely and full of hate. Of course he was. They all are.Lonely young men full of hate have been with us since there were lonely young men. The modern...

Date: 10/06/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Prison phone smugglers dangerous, indictment says

ATLANTA — They brokered drug deals, ran telephone scams and ordered a hit on a government witness — crimes that fetch long stints in prison. Except these criminals were already in prison.

Date: 09/25/2015 | Nation & World

Yakima man who met girls on Facebook pleads guilty to child rape charges

YAKIMA — A Yakima man accused of having sex with underage girls after befriending them on a social media site pleaded guilty to four counts of third-degree child rape.The Yakima Herald reported that Austin Bates entered the plea Friday in Yakima County Superior Court.

Date: 09/20/2015 | Northwest

Facebook doesn’t need a ‘dislike’ button — here’s why

Facebook is finally working on a feature that users have wanted for years: a “dislike” button that will let us react to posts that aren’t strictly positive.

Date: 09/20/2015 | Life

Social media lit up by firefighters’ pics of the West ablaze

Firefighter Stephanie Preheim had only just arrived at the storage facility she was assigned to protect from a massive wildfire near the tourist town of Chelan when the winds shifted, pushing the blaze back her way.

Date: 09/08/2015 | Northwest

Stephen Colbert, Jeb Bush are in social media feud over tickets

NEW YORK — It’s still a few days before Stephen Colbert debuts as the new host of “The Late Show” but he’s already got his first comedy feud going on social media with Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush.

Date: 09/04/2015 | Nation & World

Assumptions galore about adultery website

To the thousands who've been outed as users of the Ashley Madison adultery website: You deserve sympathy. Your greatest sin was trusting a website to protect your identity — especially one that would have rated a 10 as a juicy target for hackers.The second sin, for...

Date: 09/01/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Keeping public records public

You would have thought that for something that has been widely used for more than 25 years, we would have figured out how government officials could keep public, political and personal email and other electronic communication separate.Maybe we're too busy deleting spam.

Date: 08/30/2015 | Editorials

Facebook hit billion-user milestone Monday

NEW YORK — A billion people logged in to Facebook on a single day this week, marking the first time that many members used the world's largest online social network in a 24-hour period. The number amounts to one-seventh of the Earth's population.Monday's milestone was...

Date: 08/28/2015 | Nation & World

Adultery website CEO steps down after reported affairs

The chief executive of dating website Ashley Madison is resigning, parent company Avid Life Media Inc. said Friday, after a hack that revealed millions of user names meant to be kept secret.Noel Biderman founded the site in 2002 to make it easier for married people to find...

Date: 08/28/2015 | Business Wire

Town approves deal for Facebook data center

PRINEVILLE, Ore. — Facebook has been approved for a new data center in Prineville that is expected to save the social-networking company tens of millions of dollars.

Date: 08/28/2015 | Business Wire

Muppet personal ads found on Ashley Madison

Now that hackers have released data on Ashley Madison's customers, the news of Kermit and Miss Piggy's breakup is less surprising. They and other Muppets have had profiles on the popular dating site for months. A sampling:I've had it with the "dreaming" and all...

Date: 08/21/2015 | Off the Wire

Adulterers note: 36 million AshleyMadison users exposed

Hackers claiming to have stolen data from, a website that facilitates hook-ups between would-be adulterers, have released information they say includes details of more than 36 million user accounts.The data dump...

Date: 08/19/2015 | Business Wire

Blogs and social media are great ways to find your voice

Many years ago when I was a new mom and my days were filled with co-op preschool and deep discussions with my little guy about bulldozers, there were posters in downtown Edmonds featuring prominent residents reading books. I don't remember who was in this literacy campaign, but I do...

Date: 08/16/2015 | I Brake for Moms

U.S. tech workers fall in love with wacky job titles

San Jose Mercury NewsSAN JOSE, Calif. — It is a corporate feel-good movement sweeping the nation: titlemania.

Date: 08/11/2015 | Business Wire

Some of us not used to tweeting our own horns

"So, Mom," he says. "Did you tweet that you were going on ‘Meet the Press'?"No."Did you tweet that you were going on ‘Hardball'?"No.So goes a recent conversation with my adult son, who...

Date: 07/09/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Facebook ramps up minority hiring

Facebook nearly doubled the number of its black and Hispanic employees last year, but those groups are still starkly underrepresented at the tech giant. In 2014, black and Hispanic employees made up 5.4 percent of all workers, up from 4.4 percent in 2013.

Date: 07/03/2015 | Business Wire

Social media iPhone prank ties up local 911 call centers

EVERETT — Snohomish County’s 911 centers are asking people to refrain from a social media prank that was tying up dispatchers on Thursday morning.At least a dozen of the 911 prank calls had been reported by SNOPAC, the dispatch center based in Everett, by noon, director Kurt Mills said.

Date: 07/02/2015 | Sirens

Church fires not usually caused by arson

GREELEYVILLE, S.C. (AP) — As investigators probe church fires including the blaze that destroyed a rural black church targeted by the Ku Klux Klan 20 years ago, the question is spreading through social media: #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches?

Date: 07/02/2015 | Nation & World

White House lifts photo ban during tours

WASHINGTON — For more than four decades a White House tour was a hushed affair, where visitors moved at timed intervals through the executive residence, their cameras in their pockets, taking in portraits of past presidents, the antique furniture and the color of the drapes.

Date: 07/02/2015 | Nation & World

Taco Bell bones up on youth lingo

NEW YORK — Taco Bell executives are studying a strange new vocabulary emerging on this side of the border — the lingo of its young customers.CEO Brian Niccol said the company features a "Millennial Word of the Week" at its headquarters as a reminder...

Date: 06/11/2015 | Business Wire

Guidelines outline suggested online behavior for Monroe officials

MONROE — The mayor and City Council members are now "strongly discouraged" from friending each other or liking the posts of fellow politicians on Facebook.That's part of a new

Date: 06/06/2015 | Local News

Online encryption hinders U.S. terror monitors

WASHINGTON — The growing use of encrypted communications and private messaging by supporters of the Islamic State group is complicating efforts to monitor terror suspects and extremists, U.S. law enforcement officials said Wednesday.Appearing before the House Homeland...

Date: 06/04/2015 | Nation & World

When popping the question to Obama, anything goes

WASHINGTON — Give people a chance to pop a question to POTUS, and they'll take the invitation and run with it.President Barack Obama took to Twitter on Thursday for his first Q-and-A since setting up his @POTUS handle last week.The suggested subject from...

Date: 05/28/2015 | Nation & World

Senate policy may reduce partisan squabbling on social media

TACOMA — A new Senate policy is attempting to reduce lawmakers’ partisan squabbling on social media sites such as Twitter.

Date: 05/21/2015 | Northwest

Little recourse against faceless commenters

Three female professors at Eastern Michigan University were shocked to learn that some young scholars in their lecture hall had been on their cellphones attacking them with lewd public posts, complete with imagery. It was all done anonymously, courtesy of an unusually obnoxious social media app...

Date: 05/12/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Not easy to tell experts from frauds online

There's been some tense back-and-forth over the Canadian mother who said she had stopped opposing vaccinations after all seven of her kids came down with whooping cough. Some say we should loudly thank Tara Hills for publicly disowning her anti-vax campaign. Others — me, for...

Date: 04/24/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Sheriff’s office joins the social media neighborhood

STANWOOD — For Miriam Lancaster, the website has been a seamless way to connect with others living around Lake Ketchum north of Stanwood."It's just as though we are talking to a neighbor over the fence, even at midnight," she said.Many Snohomish...

Date: 04/20/2015 | Local News

Teens glued to Internet, study finds

Think teenagers are always glued to their phones? A new research report says you're right.A survey of more than 1,000 teens found 92 percent of them go online daily and 24 percent of them go online "almost constantly."The preferred method was...

Date: 04/10/2015 | Nation & World

When you can't be on trails, find fellow hikers online

About a year ago, Lee Jacobson noticed a Facebook group for hikers. It had members from all over the world. He liked the idea, but thought it would be even better with a local focus. So, he told a friend, Michael Restivo, that he wanted to create a local Facebook page and...

Date: 04/03/2015 | Explore NW

Students alerted officials to school sex assaults

LOS ANGELES – It was students who alerted Los Angeles Unified School District officials about possible sexual abuse among their peers at Venice High School, a senior district official told the Los Angeles Times on Saturday.

Date: 03/14/2015 | Nation & World

More chapters may have used racist chant

National leaders of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and University of Texas officials are investigating whether the racist chant used in Oklahoma has been sung by members of other chapters.The University of Texas said in a statement that it is trying to find out if...

Date: 03/12/2015 | Nation & World

Idaho fugitive caught on Facebook

CALDWELL, Idaho — An Idaho fugitive was caught Saturday after he made a post on Facebook inviting friends to join him at batting practice in Boise.

Date: 03/08/2015 | Northwest

Facebook adds new gender option

Facebook users who don’t fit any of the 58 gender identity options offered by the social media giant are now being given a rather big 59th option: fill in the blank.

Date: 02/27/2015 | Nation & World

Twitter has become our humorless conscience

Denizens of social media were rankled during Sunday night's Academy Awards telecast when actor Sean Penn made a crack about Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and green cards.Or so we are told by the minders of buzz.Penn, just before announcing...

Date: 02/26/2015 | Opinion Columnists

Facebook’s newest features give users options after death

Facebook has announced that it will grant users more control over what happens to their Facebook pages after they die. Starting Thursday, users saw a new option pop up in their security settings that will let them choose whether they want to pass their information and account management...

Date: 02/15/2015 | Life

Matchmaker serves Wall Street’s demanding singles

Lory Kelsey’s eyes grow wide like a child with a secret. She can feel it. She’s on the verge of a love match.

Date: 02/14/2015 | Nation & World

Couples who flaunt relationships on Facebook actually are happy

Here’s some bummer news well-suited to the year’s most bummer holiday: All those obnoxiously couple-y Facebook couples, forever flaunting their “ussies” and “in a relationship” statuses, may actually be as blessed and happy as they say.

Date: 02/12/2015 | Nation & World

Hillary Clinton’s campaign well under way

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton, who won't yet say whether she is running for president, is assembling a massive campaign team-in-waiting that outstrips anything on a Republican side that remains factionalized and focused on knocking off one another.At this point, without...

Date: 02/07/2015 | Nation & World

Facebook tries to wipe out fake news

On Tuesday, Facebook dealt a blow to the fake-news industry that could, in all likelihood, wipe it out: Starting this week, the site will cut down on the number of fake news stories that circulate in its News Feed — and add a warning on hoax stories indicating that they're...

Date: 01/22/2015 | Nation & World

Amber Alerts coming to Facebook

NEW YORK — Facebook users in the U.S. will soon receive Amber Alerts to help find missing children who may be located near them.

Date: 01/13/2015 | Business Wire

U.S. economy grows as the world slows

NEW YORK — This year showed how sheltered the U.S. economy is from geopolitical and health crises around the world. The global economy sputtered, but the U.S. powered ahead. Employers are finally hiring enough to lower unemployment. A plunge in gas prices and a rising stock market...

Date: 01/01/2015 | Business Wire

A few things to work on in 2015

With the new year begun, it's customary to make a few resolutions. Typically, the custom applies to resolutions for oneself, but we'll make an exception here and recommend a few resolutions for others.Resolved: Those running for office should stop making...

Date: 01/01/2015 | Editorials

Ex-Seattle student convicted of cyberstalking deported

SEATTLE — U.S. officials have deported a former University of Washington student from India who was convicted of cyberstalking for making threats on social media.

Date: 12/26/2014 | Northwest

Maybe letters to Santa are better in crayon

"I sent my Christmas list to you in Google Docs. Can you help me edit it and then email it to Santa?"Sigh. The days of scrawled letters to Santa with crayons, smiley faces and Unabomber-like scribbles with serial numbers and price lists and naked greed mellowed...

Date: 12/25/2014 | Commentary

Yakima official suspended for derisive text messages

YAKIMA — The text messages that got the city’s Engineering and Utilities director suspended included derisive comments about other city officials and labor leaders, according to the messages made public through a public records request.

Date: 12/22/2014 | Northwest

Instagram says it’s bigger than Twitter

Instagram now has more than 300 million users worldwide, making it bigger than Twitter.The popular photo-sharing app announced its latest user figures in a blog post from chief executive Kevin Systrom on Wednesday, saying users share more than 70 million photos and videos every day.

Date: 12/11/2014 | Business Wire

Tweets cause alarm among Jackson High School parents

MILL CREEK — A series of disturbing posts on Twitter that made reference to Jackson High School in Mill Creek has led to confusion among parents and the Everett School District.

Date: 12/10/2014 | Sirens

Cell phone use leaves students uptight

AKRON, Ohio — Frittering away hours on your smartphone playing games and using social media may seem like harmless fun.But a new Kent State University study suggests it's actually making you more uptight and stressed out — not to mention it's keeping you from...

Date: 12/07/2014 | Nation & World

Aide’s Facebook post was news because it fit media’s bias

Thanksgiving week, GOP House aide Elizabeth Lauten posted an admonishment of first daughters Sasha and Malia Obama on her Facebook page: "I get you're both in those awful teen years, but you're a part of the First Family, try showing a little class," it began. And:...

Date: 12/05/2014 | Opinion Columnists

Cosby’s trial by social media raises concerns for all

By now, most Americans probably have formed an opinion about what comedian Bill Cosby did or didn't do sexually to or with at least 16 women beginning in the 1960s.According to several women who have accused him of sexual predations, Cosby's usual modus operandi was to drug...

Date: 11/28/2014 | Opinion Columnists

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