All-Wesco 2012: Softball

Spring 2011-12 All-Wesco teams, as selected by league coaches:

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Wesco North, First Team

P Veronica Ladines, Arlington, Jr.

P Alyssa Egan, Monroe, Jr.

C Lynsey Amundson, Arlington, Jr.

1B Katelyn McDonald, Arlington, So.

2B Sissy Bates-Mundell, Snohomish, Sr.

3B Katlyn Purvis, Snohomish, So.

SS Shawna Hochstetler, Stanwood, Sr.

OF Trysten Melhart, Snohomish, So.

OF Anna Pisac, Snohomish, Jr.

OF Casey Zachry, Marysville Pilchuck, Jr.

UTL Hayley Fields, Arlington, Jr.

Wesco South, First Team

P Makinlee Sellevold, Cascade, So.

P Angie McFall, Kamiak, Jr.

C Dewey Davis, Jackson, Sr.

1B Erin Bueser, Jackson, Sr.

2B Paige Miller, Cascade, So.

3B Anna Matulovich, Edmonds-Woodway, Jr.

SS Megan Miller, Cascade, Sr.

SS Kristyna Phan, Kamiak, So.

OF Courtnie Gallardo, Cascade, So.

OF Mackenzie Melby, Cascade, Sr.

OF Bryanna Weller, Mariner, Sr.

UTL Megan Cooley, Jackson, Sr.

DP Sydney Daniel, Edmonds-Woodway, Sr.

Wesco 3A, First Team

P Callie Bircher, Glacier Peak, So.

P Alyssa Reuble, Meadowdale, Jr.

C Shannon Haukap, Meadowdale, Sr.

1B Alexie Levin, Everett, Sr.

2B Olivia Juarez, Everett, Sr.

3B Chloe Kesterson, Everett, Sr.

SS Lauren Kesterson, Everett, Sr.

OF Alexis Michael, Glacier Peak, Jr.

OF Keilanna Harper, Everett, Jr.

OF Jazzy Edwards, Lynnwood, So.

OF Callie Anderson, Shorecrest, So.

DP Meagan Crabtree, Lynnwood, So.

UTL Maddy Kristjanson, Mountlake Terrace, So.

Wesco North, Second Team

P Monica Clow, Marysville Pilchuck, Sr.

P Bailey Seek, Snohomish, So.

C Jessica Christensen, Marysville Pilchuck, Sr.

1B Kyleigh Hanson, Snohomish, Sr.

2B Brittney Bovard, Arlington, Sr.

3B Kathleen Sundet, Monroe, So.

SS Haley Fritz, Marysville Pilchuck, Jr.

OF Kaitlyn Botten, Arlington, Sr.

OF Kristen Musgrove, Stanwood, Sr.

OF Marissa Rathert, Arlington, So.

UTL Devan Larsen, Monroe, Sr.

Wesco South, Second Team

P Katelynn Lafferty, Edmonds-Woodway, Jr.

P Jessica Roy, Jackson, Jr.

CCassady Orstad, Edmonds-Woodway, Jr.

1B Sage Andersen, Cascade, So.

2B Lauren Nguyen, Edmonds-Woodway, Jr.

3B Emily Ginestra, Kamiak, Jr.

OF Lindsay Haub, Kamiak, So.

OF Chloe McIntosh, Cascade, So.

OF Shelby Merk, Kamiak, Jr.

UTL Michelle Montgomery, Kamiak, Sr.

DP Kayla Ellis, Jackson, Fr.

DP Aubrey Peterson, Cascade, Fr.

Wesco 3A, Second Team

P Jessica Gott, Lynnwood, So.

P Rene Bos, Mountlake Terrace, So.

C Kaitlyn Davis, Glacier Peak, Sr.

1B Chantel Conrad, Glacier Peak, Jr.

2B Desiree Graham, Lynnwood, Fr.

2B Minna Ward, Mountlake Terrace, Sr.

3B Lindsey Milner, Meadowdale, Sr.

SS Erica Gott, Lynnwood, So.

SS Annie Reynolds, Glacier Peak, Sr.

OF Cherise Shaver, Everett, Jr.

OF Lauren Thompson, Shorewood, Jr.

OF Jesse Printz, Mountlake Terrace, Sr.

UTL Jeanna Berg, Shorecrest, Jr.

DP Amanda Hartley, Shorecrest, Jr.

DP Arisa Gomez, Shorecrest, So.

Wesco North, Honorable Mention

P Sierra Card, Lake Stevens, Jr.

P Emma Seymer, Stanwood, Jr.

P Rayne Sylvester, Lake Stevens, So.

C Rachael Delamare, Monroe, So.

C Morgan Greenlee, Snohomish, Fr.

C Kailee Hood, Stanwood, So.

C Amie Browder, Lake Stevens, Fr.

C Hayden Fields, Arlington, Jr.

C Tehya Harney, Lake Stevens, Fr.

1B Savannah Fortney, Lake Stevens, Jr.

1B Michaela Johnson, Monroe, Fr.

2B Cassidy Fifield, Lake Stevens, Fr.

2B Kelly Hanson, Monroe, Sr.

2B Jordyn Nickolson, Marysville Pilchuck, Jr.

2B Jessica Scruggs, Lake Stevens, Jr.

3B Amie Browder, Lake Stevens, Fr.

3B Hayden Fields, Arlington, Jr.

3B Sierra Card, Lake Stevens, Jr.

3B Abi Otto, Marysville Pilchuck, Fr.

SS Rachel Backlund, Arlington, Sr.

SS Rayne Sylvester, Lake Stevens, So.

SS Jenny Winston, Snohomish, So.

SS Brittney Bovard, Arlington, Sr.

SS Cassidy Fifield, Lake Stevens, Fr.

SS Jessica Scruggs, Lake Stevens, Jr.

OF Kiley Ochoa, Monroe, Fr.

UTL Hayden Fields, Arlington, Jr.

Wesco South, Honorable Mention

P Mackenzie Melby, Cascade, Sr.

P Aubrey Peterson, Cascade, Fr.

C Sidney Drury, Kamiak, Sr.

C Kelsey Laush, Mariner, Sr.

2B Juliana Faulconer, Jackson, So.

SS Samone Jackson, Edmonds-Woodway, Fr.

3B Megan Miller, Cascade, Sr.

3B Courtnie Gallardo, Cascade, So.

3B Mackinlee Sellevold, Cascade, So.

OF Kaylie Whitmore, Edmonds-Woodway, Jr.

OF Sydney Forseth, Edmonds-Woodway, Jr.

OF Sarah Casel, Jackson, So.

UTL Kelsey Laush, Mariner, Sr.

Wesco 3A, Honorable Mention

P Alexie Levin, Everett, Sr.

P Alexis Dittoe, Everett, So.

P Emily Hunt, Oak Harbor, Sr.

P Amanda Eshelman, Shorecrest, Jr.

P Maddy Kristjanson, Mountlake Terrace, So.

P Kaylee Lawson, Glacier Peak, Sr.

P Monica Eik, Shorewood, Sr.

C Celine Ulrich, Shorewood, Sr.

C Shawna Steele, Oak Harbor, Jr.

C Katie Eno, Lynnwood, Jr.

C Olivia Nolan, Shorecrest, Fr.

C Minna Ward, Mountlake Terrace, Sr.

C Kayla Deditius, Everett, Jr.

1B Alexis Dittoe, Everett, So.

1B Jailian Wright, Marysville Getchell, Sr.

1B Rene Bos, Mountlake Terrace, So.

1B Jesse Printz, Mountlake Terrace, Sr.

1B Emily Hunt, Oak Harbor, Sr.

2B Hannah Wilcox, Mountlake Terrace, Fr.

2B Ashley Swan, Shorewood, Jr.

3B Olivia Wenzel, Glacier Peak, Jr.

3B Jeralyn Pasoquen, Shorecrest, Fr.

3B Hannah Baisch, Mountlake Terrace, So.

SS Shawna Steele, Oak Harbor, Jr.

SS Savannah Duce, Marysville Getchell, So.

SS Anisa Gomez, Shorecrest, So.

SS Maddy Kristjanson, Mountlake Terrace, So.

SS Minna Ward, Mountlake Terrace, Sr.

OF Elaine Lytle, Glacier Peak, Sr.

OF Dani Norsby, Shorewood, Sr.

OF Marissa Fakkema, Oak Harbor, Sr.

OF Morgan Young, Oak Harbor, Jr.

OF Jordyn Berg, Lynnwood, Sr.

OF Tatum Hall, Meadowdale, Sr.

OF Kaitlin Dessin, Mountlake Terrace, Sr.

OF Amanda Shartner, Mountlake Terrace, Sr.

UTL Melissa Eik, Shorewood, So.

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