Big Brees-y does it and Super fallout

  • Mon Feb 8th, 2010 11:15am
  • Sports

The Closer


A look at the top sports stories in today’s Herald:

Super Saints march on Miami

Four years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans, the Saints brought a dose of redemption to the French Quarter. Keyed by a gutsy onside kick call and an pick-six, Drew Brees and Co. came from behind to beat Peyton Manning and the Colts 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV. The city of New Orleans may have rebuilt itself after Katrina, but tonight’s parties mixed with Mardi Gras next week may mean FEMA will have to be called in again. And by the way, it looks like ESPN was right all along.

Manning plays scapegoat

The conquering hero Peyton Manning played the role of goat in Sunday’s Super Bowl. The Colts quarterback tossed an interception to Tracy Porter, who returned it 74 yards for the touchdown that all but sealed it. At least Peyton can call up little brother, Eli, for a shoulder to cry on and a good dose of understanding.

Cool Brees

Drew Brees completed 29 of his final 32 passes in a performance that tied a Super Bowl record and won him MVP honors. Chargers GM A.J. Smith, who picked Philip Rivers over Drew Brees and let Brees go to New Orleans back in 2005, may not be on Bourbon Street, but he’s definitely on the street with a bottle of bourbon.

On the borderline

The United States and Canada are expected to vie for medal supremacy in the upcoming Vancouver Games. The Closer knows we can win a few medals in skiing and speedskating, but how and the heck are we going to compete in curling, beer drinking and moose shooting.


All the news you missed while you were calculating all that money you lost on the Super Bowl:

Local families headed north

A number of people from Snohomish County are heading north during the upcoming Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler. Most are going up just to experience the skeptical of the Winter Olympics. In other words, they want to wait in lines, sit in traffic and pay a lot of money for mittens.

Home Dawgs roll on Devils

The UW men’s basketball team continues to play well at home, beating Arizona State 79-56 on Saturday night. Now if they could just get that electric collar off and roam a bit outside the yard they might have something. As they leave for the Bay Area this week, The Closer thinks maybe they could take a cue from Mel … (“Pray that he’s out there … somewhere”)

Bedard back with the M’s

The tempermental left-hander re-signed with Seattle over the weekend, leaving The Closer to wonder: If the M’s bring in Jarrod Washburn next, can we call the starting rotation “Felix and the Four Southpaws” Sounds like an R&B group from the ’50s … or a kids show with mischevious cats.

Hall passes

It was smooth sailing for receiver Jerry Rice and running back Emmitt Smith in their first Hall of Fame vote, with both former players getting in. Boy you mean the NFL’s leading receptions and touchdowns leader, and rushing leader are going into the Hall of Fame. What’s next? Brett Favre in the Hall. Oh wait he’d have to retire first.

Come one, come all

After a snowstorm crippled the D.C. area over the weekend, the University of Maryland invited students to attend its men’s basketball game against North Carolina for free. More than 3,000 showed up and helped propel the Terps to a big win. Giving away college game tickets? That’s like giving away a breakfast at Denny’s to a college student. Oh that’s right …


Bonds chased by Dodgers fans

According to an eyewitness account, Dodgers fans forced Barry Bonds to flee a Roscoe Chicken &Waffles in L.A. recently. Barry must have been there for the “Cream” Chicken and Waffles with “Clear” Syrup.

Not a Saint fans? Go home

A high schooler in Maurepas, La., was sent home last week after he wore his Joseph Addai jersey to school on the same day the school invited kids to wear their Saints jerseys. The Closer remembers wearing his Joe Namath pantyhose to catholic school before Super Bowl III. But the nuns refused to send him home for it, which was probably the worse punishment..


The Closer takes a look at the best commercials from yesterday’s big game:

5. Man’s Last Stand: The Closer can completely associate with these guys. But instead of a Charger, The Closer roars around town in his ‘97 Carolla. Rock on!

4. Round Mound of Beef: Charles Barkley pitched the Taco Bell’s $5 box with a “Fox in Socks” rap. But all The Closer could think was that Chuck should really avoid the “Taco Bell Diet.”

3. Because You’re a Man: A boy becomes a man over the span of a commercial and his reward … he can use Dove soap. Not a great pay off, but The Closer enjoyed the three creepy kids in the bath.

2. Love story, Google-style: The simplest ideas are usually the best. The Closer once fell in love over the Internet, but it ended with a maxed out credit card and a trip to Paris … Texas.

1. Kids toys joyride: A sock monkey on a skidoo and a teddy bear in a hot tub. It doesn’t get much better than that. What car was the commercial for? Who cares … well besides the car company.