High praise for Okung

  • Mon Oct 18th, 2010 11:43pm
  • Sports

By John Boyle Herald Writer

RENTON — The thinking after Sunday’s win in Chicago is that Russell Okung must have played pretty well in his second NFL game.

Watching a football game live, it’s almost impossible to thoroughly evaluate line play, but based on the production of Chicago’s defensive line — or lack thereof — the immediate conclusion was that Okung must have held his own against five-time Pro Bowl defensive end Julius Peppers.

“Must have been a great job by Russell Okung,” Carroll said Sunday afternoon.

Like the casual fan, Carroll wasn’t sure just how well Okung had done, but a day after the game, having poured over game film, Carroll came to the same conclusion.

“He did really well,” Carroll said Monday. “He played a very good football game. He got tossed around a little bit early, then he settled in and played very consistent in pass protection, did a nice job against the run. … He came through in a big way.”

Considering that Okung, the No. 6 pick in this year’s draft, came into Sunday’s game with just two quarters of regular-season experience under his belt, playing well against anyone would have been a noteworthy accomplishment. But standing up to Peppers? That should certainly serve as a confidence booster for the young tackle.

“He should be feeling like he’s been against the best guy in the league and he can handle himself,” Carroll said. “I don’t think Russell ever doubted that, but you never really know until you do it. … That’s a good accomplishment for a young kid, without a question.”

Injury update

Carroll said that cornerback Kelly Jennings and defensive end/linebacker Dexter Davis, both of whom have hamstring injuries, were sore Monday, and said both are questionable for this week.

The prognosis on punter Jon Ryan was slightly better. Ryan, who was the victim of a brutal block on Devin Hester’s punt return touchdown, had X-rays taken on his ribs, and no fractures were found.

“We think Jon’s going to be all right,” Carroll said. “The docs think he’s going to be able to make it this week.”

No surprise with Williams’ big game

When Mike Williams, a former first-round pick who spent two years out of football, had a career game Sunday, plenty of people around the league were surprised with the performance. Carroll, however, who coached Williams at USC, wasn’t shocked to see Williams catch 10 passes for 123 yards.

“Mike’s capable of playing like this,” Carroll said. “This is the way I’ve known him over the years. So to me this is like, ‘OK, this is what he should be doing.’”

Carroll and Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton was in Everett Monday to campaign for Sen. Patty Murray, but he also found time to reunite with Carroll. Carroll explained that the two met awhile back in Southern California, and stay in touch.

“They called this morning and said that he was going to be available so we just jumped together and hung out for a little while,” Carroll said. “It was a great honor, a great honor. He’s an amazing guy. He’s got so much to do right now. He has such a big job trying to get the word out; it’s really exciting just to have the chance to see him in action.”

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