Reader poll: guarantee

  • Mon Feb 17th, 2014 10:27am
  • Sports

Nick Patterson

It’s well known that the Silvertips have a guarantee issued to season ticket holders of finishing no worse than sixth in the Western Conference this season. If the season ended today the Tips would be paying off. Here’s the current situation:

6. Vancouver, 66 points

7. Everett, 64

8. Tri-City, 60

9. Prince George, 58

Remaining games:

VANCOUVER (11): @Leth, @RD, @Edm, @Kel, Kel, Kam, @Por, @Sea, Vic, Kel, @Kel.

EVERETT (13): Sea, @TC, Por, PA, TC, @Sea, Kel, @TC, @Sea, @Spo, @Vic, Vic, @Por.

TRI-CITY (13): @Kel, PA, Evt, Kel, @Evt, @Spo, Por, Evt, @Kel, @Por, @Spo, Spo, Sea.

PRINCE GEORGE (10): @Por, Kel, Kel, @Kel, Vic, Vic, Spo, Spo, @Kam, Kam.

So …