Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson at it again, and other Seahawks links

  • Wed Jul 30th, 2014 2:22pm
  • Sports

By John Boyle

Note: if you saw this headline and no story this morning, my apologies. Technical difficulties and whatnot. Anyway…

If you didn’t hear already, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson signed a big new contract last night. He even tweeted the details (or as is usually the case when athletes or their agents report the details of a contract, the inflated details) of the deal, which at least on the surface appears to be a bit bigger than the contract Richard Sherman signed earlier this offseason.

Sherman, who of course believes he is better than Peterson and for that matter every cornerback in the league, decided to Retweet this stat not long after Peterson broke his happy news.

Pretty tame by Sherman’s standards, but still enough for Peterson to respond with a “Yu Mad Bro!!!” (In case you forgot, Sherman made “U mad bro?” famous when he Tweeted that with a picture of Tom Brady following a Seahawks win over the Patriots.

Sherman quickly responded to Peterson’s Tweet, posting what amounts to the 21st-century way of saying, “scoreboard!”

In general I’ve grown pretty tired of every cornerback saying he’s the best, followed by Sherman reacting (with the stats to back him up, by the way), but this was pretty well played by both sides.

We’ll see where this goes, but in the meantime, a few morning afternoon links…

From today’s Herald, a look at one receiver from the University of Washington who’s trying to make the team (Kevin Smith), and the one who already traveled that road to become a breakout player last season (Jermaine Kearse).

Also in today’s paper, a notebook leading off with Marshawn Lynch’s continued holdout, a story on what appears to be a serious and very unfortunate injury suffered by Anthony McCoy Tuesday.

And speaking of Peterson’s Cardinals, they had some strong words about the Seahawks and the NFC West in general in this USA Today article.

Also not a fan of the Seahawks? The Denver Post’s Mike Klis, who seems to want all those young whippersnappers to get off his lawn.