Round 2 with the loquacious Marshawn Lynch

  • Thu Jan 9th, 2014 5:34pm
  • Sports

By John Boyle

Marshawn Lynch, who until recently was a man of no words when it came to the media, is now a man of few words, but to avoid further fines from the league, he spoke following practice for the second time in as many weeks. As was the case last week, Lynch was brief in his answers, though this week’s session lasted a bit longer thanks to some rapid-fire questions, as well as the presence of fullback Michael Robinson, who stood next to Lynch in the locker room with his arm around the running back.

So here you have it 3 minutes, 45 seconds with Lynch (warning, the music Lynch has playing at his locker may contain explicit language).

How do you feel about fans trying to raise money to pay your fine? “I appreciate it.”

Do you prefer Applebee’s or Sizzler (A reference to this video he did as a rookie with ESPN)? “McDonalds.”

What will Percy Harvin do for the offense? “Open up a lot of stuff.”

What do you think of Michael Robinson? “That’s my dog.”

What did you think of the Yahoo! Sports animated video of you and Steven Hauschka? “It was funny.”

Was it an accurate portrayal of you? “It’s all right.”

Will you and Hauschka be making a live-action version of it? “(On the) Real Rob Report.”

A seismograph is being installed at CenturyLink Field to monitor seismic activity, will it be needed? “I hope so.”

What do you think of your offensive line? “I love them.”

How ‘bout your quarterback? “I love him.”

And the receivers? “I love them.”

What made you decide to do the Beacon Plumbing ads? (Lynch didn’t answer; instead Robinson rubbed his fingers together, making a gesture for money).

How many takes did the commercial take? “Three.”

Is this a fun interview for you? “Yep.”

And you want to do it every week? “Yep.”

How did the appeal of your fine go? “It went in my favor.”

Did you speak during the appeal? “That’s confidential.”

Thoughts on fans trying to raise money for the fine? “I appreciated it. It’s big time.”

What do you guys need to do to get the run game on track? “Just stay together as a team.”

Is there anything that needs to be done to fix it? “Naw.”

Thoughts on Michael Robinson? “He’s special.”

Why is he special? “Because of his head.” Robinson then interjected, saying, “That’s messed up,” to which Lynch responded, “It’s true.”

What went well last time against the Saints? “Well I mean last time, we were pretty successful. So we just hope for the same outcome.”

Does the running game need to be better than last time vs. New Orleans (when Lynch had only 45 yards? “We’re here to win games.”

What do you remember from your famous 67-yard touchdown run against New Orleans three years ago? “It was loud.”

Anything else? “It was really loud.”

Thoughts on the playoffs? “I mean it’s good for everybody; for the team, for this city. So hopefully we can just keep it going.”

On the support of his fans? “It’s huge. I can’t stress how huge it is.”

Do you feel responsible to get the offense going? “No. We all are accountable for our job. I just do my job and everything else takes care of itself.”

What did the bye do for you? “Rest.”

How much better do you feel because of that rest? “Going into a game, you always feel beat up. But, I feel pretty good.”

“Thank y’all, appreciate it.”