Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner on his first day back

  • Mon Aug 25th, 2014 2:04pm
  • Sports

By John Boyle

Middle linebacker Bobby Wagner was back on the practice field for the first time since injuring his hamstring a week into camp. Here’s what he had to say after his first day back:

(On what was he able to see and notice while he was out that he didn’t when he was in there) I got to watch everybody a little bit more so I got to pay more attention to all the linebackers. I felt like they did a great job, Brock [Coyle] did a great job stepping in. I really try to better my game as well. See if I can pick up something on the offensive side that I wouldn’t normally pick up because I was on the field trying to see a lot of stuff, just been trying to use this time to become a better player.

(On how nice it felt to be a player today) It was great. I got tired of watching everybody have fun. So it was good to have fun too.

(On him being involved in the pregame warmups on Friday, does he feel like he can handle it) Yeah, I was supposed to run. They cleared me on Friday or the day before the game so I was like, if y’all are going to let me do that, then I might as well just go out there and warm up. Let me see how the warm up felt so I can get closer to getting back today.

(On how much does he need to get back into practice to where he feels like he is ready to go) I feel fine. I’ve been doing as much conditioning as I possibly can. When I got out there I didn’t feel tired at all and that’s why we do all the running in the off season and getting in shape, I feel like I’m still in pretty good shape.

(On him taking the time to help Brock Coyle learn the position) Definitely, I’ve talked to him a lot and I can relate to him small school guy. We have just been talking, try to teach him what I learned my rookie year and stuff I didn’t see my rookie year and stuff like that. I feel like he has done a great job learning the position and getting out there making plays and showing his value to the team.

(On what he sees as an observer of the offence) They just execute. They are consistent, doing a great job running the ball especially the last game. That first drive definitely looked pretty easy with Marshawn [Lynch] back. We are just getting everything back so once we get that first game we can get that ball rolling. I’m excited to see everybody on the team on the field at the same time.

(On how difficult the offense is to defend out here at practice every day) They are very difficult. You know you have Percy [Harvin], Marshawn [Lynch], you have Russell [Wilson], you’ve got Doug [Baldwin]. You know you have a lot of guys out there talented, fast — to go against an offense like that you definitely have to be on your A-game.

(On if it’s important for him to get any live game action before the regular season starts) Yeah, I would like to get out there before to get a feel for the game but at the same time it’s still the game we have been playing for a long time so I think I will be fine.

(On if they give Early Thomas a hard time for getting chased down by the punter) Of course, he talks about how fast he is and a punter caught him. The punter did run like a four-four forty or something like that so you have to give him a hard time when the punter catches you.

(On how Earl Thomas took it them giving him a hard time) He didn’t take it well, he’s Earl.

(If Wagner is okay with Thomas returning punts) I’m okay with him doing it. It’s what he wants to do, if that’s going to make him happy then let him do it.