Sunday Seahawks links

  • Sun Jan 26th, 2014 11:57am
  • Sports

By John Boyle

Let the countdown begin, the Super Bowl is now only a week away.

And while we wait, let’s contemplate what might have been had Peyton Manning decided to get on a plane with Pete Carroll and John Schneider two years ago. That’s the topic of today’s column in the Herald.

Also in today’s paper, a look at how Denver’s defense has been playing better of late, and also a column from the L.A. Times on how this game is perceived by some as a battle of good vs. evil.

From the News Tribune, a story looking back at the Seahawks’ last Super Bowl appearance. with 10 things to watch on Denver’s offense.

The L.A. Times with a look at how Pete Carroll and the Seahawks formed a relationship with hip-hop sensation Macklemore.

The New York Times went to Compton to find out what makes Richard Sherman who he is.

The New York Daily news catches up with Marshawn Lynch’s mom and other people in his life.

At, the Star-Ledger with a funny guide for visitors coming to New York and New Jersey for the Super Bowl.