Super Bowl: Postcard from New York No. 2

  • Tue Jan 28th, 2014 9:46pm
  • Sports

By John Boyle Herald Writer

So you know how I mentioned New Jersey is a little sensitive about the New York Super Bowl thing?

Well let’s just say our bus ride from Manhattan to Newark for Super Bowl media day included a short propaganda, er, promotional video extolling the virtues of Newark.

Kidding aside, however, I must point out that the many, many people it takes to put on an event like Super Bowl media day were all very friendly and helpful, so good on you, New Jersey.

As for media day, it is very much the circus you’ve probably heard about many times before. Only this time, the circus was more crowded, because unlike past years when the event is held in the stadium where the game will be played, for obvious reasons this was moved indoors to the Prudential Center, the home of the NHL’s New Jersey Devils.

On the plus side, having media day at the Prudential Center meant that the media buffet was served in an auxiliary arena attached to the building. So I can now cross off of my bucket list — “eat scrambled eggs and sausage in a hockey penalty box” — which is nice.

For those unfamiliar with Super Bowl media day, it’s less about serious media asking football questions — though a little bit of that does go on — and more about absurd questions coming from sometimes absurdly-costumed “media” ranging from Waldo to Thomas Jefferson to some sort of super hero outfit.

Really, if it were warmer outside, this event would be tailor-made for Times Square, where the night before on our way to dinner we ran into Spider Man as well as Oscar the Grouch standing in a phone booth.

On a personal note, one of my highlights of media day was approaching Chris Clemons, knowing the Seahawks defensive end couldn’t run away.

Clemons is a great quote when he wants to be, and always talks after games. But in the locker room before or after practice, he’ll do everything possible to avoid talking, which usually means making an excuse that requires him retreating to a part of the facility where media cannot follow.

Well on this day, Chris, you were stuck.