Tuesday Seahawks links

  • Tue Feb 4th, 2014 3:18pm
  • Sports

By John Boyle

…Because morning links weren’t happening after getting home from the airport at 2 a.m.

In today’s Herald, a look at Malcolm Smith’s Super Bowl MVP award and how it symbolizes the grit that helped the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

From the blog just a little bit ago, I came up with a not-at-all-serious plan to make Wednesday’s Super Bowl parade an educational event.

And speaking of Wednesday’s parade, here’s a bit more info on the parade from the team website.

If you slept through it, were on a plane like me, or just didn’t see it, Russell Wilson was on Letterman Tuesday night. Below is a clip from his appearance, and here’s a link to the entire show. He comes on after the second commercial break, thought the Top 10 right before the second commercial is worth watching too.

A cool interview with Richard Sherman hours after the Super Bowl victory over at TheMMQB.com.

Also at TheMMQB.com, Peter King leads off his mailbag with Russell Wilson, whose very good performance was somewhat overlooked because the play of the defense.

ESPN.com says as good as Seattle’s 2013 defense was (yes, was, we’re in past-tense now talking about this team), it still doesn’t match up with the 2000 Ravens.

CBSSports.com’s Pete Prisco’s final Power Rankings asks whether the Seahawks are built to last.

ESPN’s Rick Reilly with a video essay on the Seahawks’ Super Bowl win.

At SeattleSportsNet.com, a blog you should check out for sports, humor, “Saved by the Bell” references, and, fair warning, some foul language from time to time, here’s a look at what a Super Bowl title means from a fan’s perspective. It’s easily the best thing you’ll read about the Super Bowl that leads with a pantless man. And don’t worry, the story is save, though if you’re at work/bothered by nudity, don’t click on the Deadspin.com post he links to in the article.