Zoran Rajcic promoted

  • Tue Jul 17th, 2012 12:08pm
  • Sports

Nick Patterson

Everett assistant general manager Zoran Rajcic has been promoted within the Silvertips’ parent company, CSH International, Inc. Rajcic is now the executive vice president of both the Silvertips and CSH. So congratulations to Zoran, who has done yeoman’s work for the Tips since before the team began play in 2003. His duties now extend beyond Everett to include all of CSH’s other sports teams, but hopefully those won’t take him away too often. It’d get awfully lonely in the press box if that seat to my right is frequently empty.

Rajcic’s promotion prompted a cascade of other promotions. Director of marketing/corporate sales Mike MacCulloch, who along with Rajcic is the other remaining front-office employee from day one, will now handle all corporate sales after sharing those duties with Rajcic. Kevin Danford, who spent the previous six years as one of Everett’s account executives, has been promoted to director of ticket sales. And Joel Anderson sheds the intern label and becomes a full-time account executive.