Aviation and space

Pentagon awards Boeing $6.5B more for missile defenses

It’s for “a new missile field with 20 additional silos” at Fort Greely, Alaska.

Studies anticipated 12 flights a day, but 24 are planned

The FAA will decide whether that change warrants another look at the impact of passenger service.

Boeing’s fading 747 program gets lifeline as UPS buys 14 more

The deal seems to ensure that the 747 will be in production into the 2020s.

Boeing is booming: Profit soars with help from US tax cut

The company’s stock price has more than doubled in a year and hit an all-time high on Wednesday.

Fighters, missiles push Lockheed Martin sales to new heights

After years of production delays and cost overruns, the F-35 program has stabilized in recent years.

Air Force One’s new Boeing refrigerators costs taxpayers $24M

The plane reportedly needs refrigerated storage space for about 3,000 meals.

Cancel that 292% tariff on Bombardier, which Boeing sought

The U.S. International Trade Commission sided with the Canadian jet maker over a deal with Delta.

Southwest to join Alaska and United serving Paine Field

The airline plans up to five daily flights from the new passenger terminal in Everett.

Airline stocks drift lower for a second straight day

Some worry airlines are adding so many flights and seats that they will spark fare wars.

Airbus workers strike for 6% raise and shift flexibility

Employers are offering a 2 percent raise and the right to negotiate more hours.

Ex-Boeing executive Ray Conner joins Alaska Air board

Alaska Air Group said his appointment affirms the company’s commitment to its Northwest roots.

Electroimpact cuts Mukilteo staff by 9 percent

“What we’re missing now is a monster anchor project,” the company’s VP said.

High-flying nuptials: Pope marries couple on papal plane

The two flight attendants tied the knot at 36,000 feet over Chile.

U.S. helicopter crash kills Zimbabwe opposition leader

The 6 people on board were flying to a New Mexico ranch that one of them owned. One person survived.

Emirates orders 20 more Airbus A380 jumbos, saving program

The Dubai carrier also has options to buy 16 more. The program seems safe until 2029.

How do you retrieve an errant Boeing 737 from a muddy slope?

Turkish authorities used cranes to lift a plane that skidded off a runway.

Glitches slow Boeing, SpaceX plans for human spaceflight

Boeing has an issue with its abort system that may cause the spacecraft to “tumble.”

Boeing opens new $17 million training center in Auburn

Workers and dignitaries marked the grand opening of the facility Monday.

Does a hypersonic US reconnaissance plane already exist?

A Skunk Works executive speaks of the top secret aircraft as if it is already in operation.

Airbus floats shutdown of A380 superjumbo

The aircraft is so big that some airports had to expand runways to accommodate the 550-seat plane.