Aviation and space

Inslee’s sales pitch to Boeing: Choose Washington for new jet

Four years ago, tax breaks worth an estimated $8.7 billion helped land the 777X in Everett.

First NASA astronaut to fly untethered in space dies at 80

Bruce McCandless soared with a hefty spacewalker’s jetpack.

Boeing plans to be less transparent about employment levels

The company has decided to disclose jobs data just once a year. Past data are no longer available.

Boeing lands first international order for KC-46 tanker

It won a $279 million contract to supply the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.

Watch out, Everett: Spokane wants Boeing’s 797 assembly line

Greater Spokane Incorporated and Spokane International Airport say they are forming a task force.

Was Boeing’s investment announcement timed to please Trump?

Firms try to help Trump sell unpopular tax bill by crediting their spending to tax bill savings.

Boeing confirms talks to combine with Embraer of Brazil

A deal with the largest regional-jet maker would help Boeing compete with Bombardier and Airbus.

SpaceX unveils new Falcon Heavy rocket before January launch

Falcon Heavy features three Falcon 9 boosters with a second-stage on the middle one.

Delta’s farewell tour for the Boeing 747 stops in Everett

It is the last domestic airline to retire the iconic plane. Boeing and Delta employees autographed it.

US admits it studies UFOs, so about those Area 51 theories …

What are we to make of 70 years of bizarre stories about a secret government base in Nevada?

Atlanta blackout snarls air travel a week before Christmas

The airline should be “largely if not completely” back to normal by Tuesday.

Boeing says Bombardier dumping puts 737 planes in jeopardy

“If you don’t level the playing field now, it will be too late.”

Warplane that led the Normandy invasion found and restored

Workers tested out “That’s All, Brother’s” engines for the first time in a decade Thursday.

Pentagon spent $22 million on UFO research, reports say

Much of the money spent on the endeavor went to a longtime friend of former Sen. Harry Reid.

SpaceX 1st: Recycled rocket soars with recycled capsule

It was NASA’s first use of a reused Falcon rocket and the second of a previously flown Dragon capsule.

Under cloud of ethics probes, Airbus CEO Enders to step down

He leaves in 2019 after 14 years. Meanwhile, aircraft division CEO Fabrice Bregier leaves in February.

Scientists discover a miniature version of our solar system

Using artificial intelligence, they find a star 2,545 light years away with eight planets.

Snohomish County’s campaign to land the 797 takes off

Executive Dave Somers announced the formation of a task force to urge Boeing to build the plane here.

Drone’s ease piercing of NY ‘no-fly’ zone underscores risks

An Army Black Hawk helicopter suffered damage to one of its rotor blades, but was able to land safely.

Space capsule with 3 astronauts returns to Earth

They spent nearly 6 months aboard the International Space Station.