Aviation and space

Boeing a ‘subsidy junkie,’ Brits say in Bombardier spat

“No aircraft these days comes to market without support from government,” Labour spokesman says.

Honeywell to increase its focus on aerospace; plans spinoffs

Two divisions of the firm will be turned into stand-alone publicly traded companies.

Private-jet glut spurs ‘insane’ bargains for aspiring buyers

The glut of new planes is one reason pre-owned prices were down 16 percent in August from a year earlier.

US Commerce Department slaps more duties on Bombardier

The 80 percent duty comes on top of duties of nearly 220 percent announced last month.

Boeing takes another step into the pilotless plane market

Boeing chiefs say the deal is a move to align itself with future trends in aviation technology.

Boeing-backed startup sees hybrid-electric flights in 5 years

The all-electric buses tooling around Seattle are more of a model than Elon Musk’s electric cars.

‘Almost inconceivable’: Unsolved disappearance of a Boeing 777

A final report calls failure to find Flight 370 “societally unacceptable in the modern aviation era.”

After winning Trump’s ear, Boeing is victorious in trade spat

But not everything has gone Boeing’s way. The Export-Import Bank still isn’t open for business.

Analysts pan Boeing’s push for tariffs on Canadian jetliner

“You are giving your real competitors an excuse to say, ‘If the U.S. can do this, we can do it.’”

Boeing also gets government help, critics of tariff say

Meanwhile, the Commerce Department plans to impose a 219 percent tariff on Canadian-made jetliners.

With air service coming, first responders plan for a crash

They do drills at Paine Field every three years. With airlines coming soon, this one was different.

US to impose tariffs on Canadian jet maker, backing Boeing

The Commerce Department suggested the tariffs could be as high as 219 percent.

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island celebrates 75 years

“It went from a Model T Ford to a deluxe Cadillac.”

Boeing creates a Renton office to oversee its new airplane

Experts expect the company to make a formal 797 launch decision no later than next year.

Special delivery of ‘beautiful bird’ at Boeing in Everett

Qatar Airways gets its first 747-8 freighter and orders four 777-300s.

Boeing planes designed for Alaska to make final flights

The special Boeing 737-400s carry cargo in the middle of the plane and 72 passengers in the rear.

Report: Iran group hacks aviation, petrochemical industries

Hackers use fake domain names so it looks like messages are from Boeing Co. or defense contractors.

First Boeing KC-46 delivery to Air Force slides into 2018

Certification milestones have been missed, and problems have emerged in flight test, a source says.

Trudeau: Canada could stop dealing with Boeing over dispute

Boeing had petitioned the U.S. to investigate government subsidies of Bombardier’s CSeries aircraft.

Study: Small consumer drones unlikely to cause head injury

Risks of a head injury are greater if a drone falls on a person than if it runs into them flying.