Aviation and space

Trudeau snubs Boeing, unveils plan to buy used Aussie jets

Trudeau will be assessing the impact fighter jet contracts have on his country’s economy.

Boeing raises dividend 20%, continues stock buyback program

The manufacturer said it has repurchased $9.2 billion worth of its shares this year.

Trump wants to send man back to moon, on to Mars

The president has taken several steps to refocus NASA’s mission on space exploration.

Lockheed-Martin dominates global arms sales, Boeing is 2nd

The combined sales of U.S.-based companies totaled $217 billion.

Engine trouble hits Air New Zealand’s 787 Dreamliners

A Rolls-Royce engine was shut down and was afterward found to be seriously damaged.

Within an hour, 2 planes crash-land at Paine Field

One simply landed hard and went off the end of a runway. Another crash involved unextended landing gear.

The Marine Corps’ version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is designed to land vertically like a helicopter. (Lockheed Martin)

F-35 fighter costs, $1 trillion over 60 years, draw scrutiny

Pentagon’s ability to repair F-35 parts at military depots is six years behind schedule.

The Marine Corps’ version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is designed to land vertically like a helicopter. (Lockheed Martin)

Incidents of severe disturbances on commercial flights climb

The number of cases in which the cabin crew had to restrain a passenger rose to 169 last year.

US airlines are on a pilot-hiring spree

Major U.S. airlines have hired more than 3,000 pilots in each of the past three years.

Super big black hole from early universe farthest ever found

Light from its quasar has been traveling our way for more than 13 billion years.

New magazine gives loft to region’s aerospace manufacturers

Because each Boeing 737 has roughly 600,000 parts, and each Boeing 777 has about 3 million parts.

Supersonic travel creeps ahead as Japan Air backs US startup

Boom is planning to build a 45-to-55 seat aircraft that cruises at Mach 2.2.

Now hiring: Younger factory workers, at Boeing and elsewhere

The company and its training partners are fighting perceptions of a dying manufacturing industry.

Secretive aerospace firm to test rocket engines in Bremerton

The site has control rooms, a generator and a concrete pad with protective blast walls.

Amazon drone would dismantle itself in sky, rain down parts

The drone’s systems would allow it to control where the parts fall.

Defense secretary says he won’t accept flawed Boeing tankers

The most serious of recent flaws is multiple instances of the retractable boom scraping aircraft.

What North Korean photos say about new ballistic missile

It might not have the power to go past the West Coast if loaded with a real nuclear warhead.

Zuckerberg’s sister says she was harassed on Alaska flight

Randi Zuckerberg said the airline crew made light of a man making lewd comments to her.

Glitch has American Airlines lacking pilots during holidays

The pilots’ union said about 15,000 flights were scheduled without a captain, a co-pilot or both.

New Lufthansa 777s feature 7-foot beds for business fliers

Passengers will be able to choose between six different setups in the business cabin.