Parker: There, in the distance, it looks like a blue wave

Midterm elections are months off, but races in some red state primaries are raising speculation.

Ignatius: Trump is Wile E. Coyote in a Road Runner world

Pick a foreign policy issue and Trump gets hit with his own anvil as the Road Runner darts away.

Harrop: To fix many of our problems, only a human will do

Online prompts and automated voices save companies money, but they anger and frustrate customers.

Robinson: Stormy Daniels may have beat Trump at his own game

With an arbitration hearing out in the open, Trump can’t deny a deal with the former porn star.

Milbank: Trump’s tariffs aren’t going to bring back steel jobs

Those jobs have been lost to technology and decreased demand for steel during the last 25 years.

Schwab: 19 things that really ought to upset us

If you find them upsetting, whether you’re red or blue, now would be a good time to speak up.

The latest test for college students: Are you employable?

What is needed is not more outsider tests but more classroom tests and higher academic quality.

When a $4,000 dress becomes a symbol of frugality

As an actress, there’s an expectation that Tiffany Haddish has to look the Hollywood part.

China banned the letter ‘n.’ If Trump did the same he’d avoid all this upleasatess.

By Dana Milbank Watching former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg perform his televised exercise in self-destructive and Trump-destructive behavior this week, I wondered: Is there nothing… Continue reading

Thiessen: Down syndrome shouldn’t be death sentence in womb

Unlike European nations, states are moving to block abortions sought because of a Down diagnosis.

Milbank: Now we know what will move GOP to oppose Trump

It wasn’t insulting allies. Or firing an FBI chief. Or defending white supremacists. No, it’s tariffs.

Parker: Before we arm teachers, let’s make schools more secure

Florida’s legislature did something, but it’s plan to put guns in teachers’ hands is badly flawed.

Thiessen: In keeping one promise, Trump will break others

Trump’s blanket tariffs on steel and aluminum may help those workers but hurt millions of others.

It’s not fun to do a ‘paycheck checkup’ — but do it anyway

Use an IRS calculator to find out if your withholdings match your actual tax obligation.

Harrop: Stormy Daniels knows ‘Art of the Deal’ as well as Trump

Whether she’s read the book or not, she knows how to maximize her options and use leverage.

Robinson: Trump is temporary, but he’s doing lasting damage

Restoring public faith will take time after Trump’s attacks on the rule of law and financial probity.

Burke: Indeed, throw Trump a parade — to Nov. 6 ballot box

A better way to celebrate Veterans Day would be to spend the parade money on our veterans.

Milbnak: Trump’s chaotic leadership drives his people to exits

Trump’s approval rating doesn’t change; not so the reputations of those who agreed to work with him.

Saunders: Trump now seeing the downside of nepotism

Trump wanted to shake up Washington; instead giving jobs to family have shaken his administration.

Harrop: Trump’s bluster on trade could lose markets for us

Having forfeited our leadership role in Asia and Europe, we’re now seeing our neighbors pull away.