Harrop: Trump deregulation — sadly — is not for the birds

Weakening the Migratory Bird Act is likely to increase losses to species already in decline.

Schwab: April Fools’ Day may last all year if we don’t wise up

Gullibility’s cure is to maintain skepticism, to retain the means to separate truth from fiction.

Feds should bring back the savings bond program

A savings plan for those at the bottom of the economic order would be a benefit to everybody.

IRS audits: If you cheat, get ready for big trouble

There are just days left until the tax-filing deadline.

Ignatius: Stories of soldiers in Syria speak to why we’re there

Before Trump pulls U.S. troops out of Syria he should consider the good they’re doing there.

Milbank: Trump’s the greatest president; take his word for it

Trump has painted his presidency with more superlatives than will fit on a Father’s Day coffee cup.

Thiessen: Trump shouldn’t repeat mistake of his predecessor

Leaving a vacuum in Iraq for ISIS to fill was Obama’s mistake. Leaving Syria now would be Trump’s.

Commentary: Keep the Second Amendment and strengthen gun laws

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens’ call to repeal the Second Amendment is a gift to the NRA.

Ignatius: If Trump fires Mueller, courts might keep up probe

The D.C. district court’s chief judge could follow the template John Sirica used during Watergate.

Parker: The dilemma when fake news attacks ‘fake news’

Sinclair Broadcasting’s mandatory commentary raises doubts over the wall between news and opinion.

Health care costs can’t just increase forever

An economy cannot survive and thrive when one sector — health care — devours so many resources.

Milbank: Amazon could put Trump in its pocket for $242.7M

The president suggest The Washington Post register as a lobbyist. Here’s what I can do for Amazon.

Thiessen: Trump could pressure Democrats with new DACA deal

Trump’s on the hook for DACA’s failure, unless he offers a deal to get his border wall funding.

When you shouldn’t say ‘I do’ to being a wedding guest

When somebody says “destination wedding,” hang on tight to your wallet.

Harrop: Why should boycott stop with Igraham? What about Fox?

Fox News commentators are within their rights, just as consumers are in organizing boycotts.

Robinson: Trump hoping you won’t notice wall isn’t being built

The president’s tweets — and the lies within — are only meant to distract from his policy failures.

Burke: Don’t take our advice; take that of our new Agony Uncle

Wondering how to manage in the Trump era? Advice columnist David Dennson is here to help.

Saunders: What’s behind the vacancies in Trump administration?

Yes, the Democrats are slow-walking confirmation of nominees, but Trump deserves some blame.

Parker: Trials over wildfire packed with fiery accusations

A fire lookout worker peeing on his own foot was only the first instance of misconduct in lawsuits.

Robinson: Can a doctor without admin skills fix what ails VA?

Dr. Ronny Jackson knows how to flatter Trump. But can he run an agency serving 9 million veterans?