Start out your new year with these money mantras

I’m overly obsessed and stressed about having enough money for retirement.

Harrop: The 7 habits of highly effective Trump resisters

To succeed, Trump’s opponents must develop some effective strategies and drop counterproductive ones.

Ignatius: Trump’s right to remind Iran that world is watching

Protesters in Iran appear more broadly based that those in 2009, and maybe harder to quell.

Milbank: Trump as likely to insult allies as he is enemies

Hours into 2018, the president continued with the same puzzling tweets he’d let fly all last year.

Parker: Carlson a fitting leader for Miss America pageant

Gretchen Carlson was among those inspiring #MeToo; now she’s chairwoman for the pageant.

Rampell: We may be in throes of our own ‘Cultural Revolution’

Similarities to China’s upheaval include demonization of education and political calls for purges.

Robinson: The worrying rhetoric of Trump and his generals

The administration’s absolutist language rules out realistic options for containment of North Korea.

Gerson: Harding biopic, ‘I, Tonya,’ shows story’s complexities

The movie about Harding and her rival points to the danger of imposing a simple narrative on events.

Milbank: Romney must challenge Hatch for Senate seat in Utah

Romney wouldn’t necessarily vote differently than Hatch, but he wouldn’t be the Trump toady Hatch is.

Dionne: The priority for 2018? Containing Trump at ballot box

The GOP’s mid-term slogan in 1946 was “Had enough? Vote Republican.” It’s one Democrats can adapt.

Simoneux: A resolution to recognize the resolve in others

Let’s remember things aren’t as bad as they can seem and that there are many good people out there.

Will: Rights imperiled when courts decline to enter fray

Wisconsin’s supreme court needs to protect a college professor’s freedom of speech.

Ignatius: In dividing America, Trump leaves us vulnerable

America is so divided politically at home that we are becoming vulnerable to our adversaries abroad.

Schwab: Silence is golden but not on Sid’s list of resolutions

Because I don’t want my grandkids to think I was among the silent as democracy crumbled around us.

Start off the new year looking at your taxes

You won’t see the GOP’s tax overhaul’s impact on your tax return until 2019.

Harrop: Social Security and Medicare aren’t the problem

Efforts to make unnecessary cuts to the programs have started with the vilification of boomers.

Will: We don’t need coerced reminders that smoking kills

The ads, paid for by the tobacco industry, tell us what we know: It’s a harmful waste of money.

UPS delivery woes are a symptom of growth in America

The level of optimism, consumer confidence and positive attitude are all good signs.

Dionne: A prayer for democracy and the strength to live it

Let’s do more than pray. “Here on earth,” as John F. Kennedy said, “God’s work must truly be our own.”

Milbank: Some other icons Trump can make ‘great’ again

Some are born great; some achieve greatness, but all are having greatness rammed down our throats.