Will consumer watchdog become lapdog for financial industry?

We can count on President Trump to fill the vacancy with someone friendly to the financial industry.

Will: In Illinois, battle looms over bankrupting ‘blue model’

Democratic control of its Legislature has led to population drain, budget overruns and tax hikes.

Schwab: At home and abroad, Trump sets low bar for ‘great’

His Asian trip made the U.S. a bit player on the world stage. And the play’s not any better at home.

Gerson: When lies become routine, corruption follows

We are witnessing what happens when conservatives become untethered from morality and religion.

Harrop: Dems shouldn’t fret over another Hillary investigation

Launching a new witch hunt against Clinton is a sure sign that the heat’s been turned up on Trump.

Ignatius: Saudi prince tries to limit damage from brash moves

The crown prince, known as MBS, is fighting corruption, but taking big chances to combat it.

Milbank: Truth is now out — ‘Bernie Bernstein’ broke all scandals

From Watergate to Roy Moore, Bernie robocalled random numbers, offering payouts for false claims.

Milbank: A brief history of Donald Trump Jr.’s dumb decisions

If Dad were to claim his campaign staff were too dense to conspire, he need only point to his son.

Don’t get paralyzed by open enrollment — just do it

Like doing your taxes or getting a colonoscopy, it’s no fun. But you’ve just got to push through.

Milbank: Believe me, Trump will take your word on it

A not-made-up dossier shows Trump is just as trusting of others’ assurances as he is of Putin’s.

Parker: McConnell’s four heartening words: I believe the women

It’s news when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell puts decency above politics.

Consumer advocates plan to converge on Congress

Don’t expect the Republican representatives or senators to see the light.

Harrop: Selling our wildlife birthright for a paltry return

To pay for tax cuts, Congress wants to sell drilling rights to ANWR for less than $150 million.

Robinson: Trump’s Asia tour a farce when it wasn’t a disaster

Someday we will learn why Trump becomes as deferential as a puppy dog whenever he’s around Putin.

Saunders: Corporations should benefit most from tax cuts

It’s simple fairness for tax cuts to benefit those paying the most taxes. And it will promote jobs.

Burke: Not fighting tech advances, just being a little picky

I’m all in with Alexa, but after 43 years, the ATM still isn’t quite right.

Milbank: Mary, Joseph and the allegations against Roy Moore

A literal interpretation of the Bible is one thing; suiting it to your own whims is another.

Harrop: Democrats learning how to win — don’t repel the voters

Virginia’s Ralph Northam won because he left room for those who have voted for Republicans.

Ignatius: Lebanon leader a pawn in Saudis’ proxy war with Iran

The prime minister’s forced detention in Riyadh raises questions about Saudi leadership.

Keillor: Pity those who weren’t born about 75 years ago

Young adults work two and three jobs to stay afloat, as a tax plan rolls out that rewards the rich.