Robinson: Trump’s immigration plan is all about race

The White House is seeking to discourage immigration from non-white nations.

Saunders: Trump needs to deal firmly with both Mid-East sides

The White House is playing hard-ball with Palestinians and needs to do the same with Israel.

Milbank: What do Republicans see in Trump as a role model?

So strong is the pull of tribalism that we’ve reached a point where partisanship outweighs morality.

Saunders: In speech to Knesset, Pence earns Israelis’ praise

The vice president won admiration from Israel’s left and right for his authenticity.

Simoneaux: This is what it means to miss New Orleans

When beignets and cafe au lait call, it’s hard for a retiree not to consider a move back home.

Parker: For an innocent man, Trump seems desperate to conceal

“Fake news,” has become the car alarm of Trump’s administration — meaningless and loud.

Petri: Some totally groundless takes on the Oscar nominees

I saw “Get Out” and “The Last Jedi.” But here’s what I know from trailers, posters and from friends.

Robinson: Who cares about Trump’s $130,000 hush-money payment?

Evangelical leaders may be forgiving of Trump’s porn-star payoff. Perhaps not Mueller and Melania.

Schwab: If shutdown blame isn’t clear, it will be if DACA ends

If immigration needs fixing, let’s do it. Right after health care, climate change and more.

The economic implications of Starbucks’ no-cash experiment

Cash is expensive to handle, messy and counting it is error-prone.

Bitcoin investing is sexy. But is the risk worth the thrill?

Already this year, bitcoin has seen heart-stopping drops, prompting more consumer warnings.

Ignatius: Former spy chiefs drawn into a political mess

The former intelligence officials risk their credibility when they challenge Trump’s statements.

Milbank: At last it can be revealed; inside FBI’s secret cabal

Inside the Society to Harass and Impeach Trump with Hearsay, Outrageous Lies and Extralegal Schemes.

Harrop: Some things to remember out of a forgettable shutdown

The shutdown should have clarified some things for Democrats, especially regarding their message.

Milbank: Bad news for Trump: Women are marching and running

A record number of women are running for office this year, and polls show them opposed to Trump.

Parker: Is Trump culpable for threats from the deranged?

Trump’s targeting of the media could inspire threats and worse from those familiar with his rhetoric.

Don’t take economic forecasts to the bank — or the casino

Air travel delays could spur a rebirth of passenger rail service.

Ignatius: With ISIS gone in Syria, regional grievances return

Long-standing grievances set aside while a U.S.-led coalition defeated the caliphate have returned.

Milbank: Senate uses bipartisanship to fill vacuum Trump left

Democrats aren’t abandoning the Dreamers; they know they have to work with Republicans in Congress.

Want to save more money? Try these three financial fasts

You can try the food fast, a clothing fast, or the 21-day financial fast.